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How To Rotate Tires Properly?

If you don't know how to rotate tires properly, then this is the right place for you
This article lets you know all about how to rotate tires properly

To discuss the concept of how to rotate tires properly, let us first get the basic knowledge about tire rotation. Tire rotation is a method of moving the tires of an automobile from one position to another.

By doing so, the vehicle owners can make sure of even tire wear. Keep in mind that even tire wear is essential to enhance the productivity of the set of tires.

As most cars’ engine is at the front, the front tires bear more weight than the back ones. Furthermore, along with the engine, there are two additional reasons for front tires carrying more weight.

At the front side of the vehicle, there are steering brakes and a transaxle. As a result, tire rotation mostly takes place in the front tire wheels.

Is Tire Rotation Necessary?

The vehicle drivers or owners must perform routine maintenance tasks on their respective vehicles. The maintenance, especially of the tires, will prolong the functioning period of their vehicles. Do you need to balance your tires every time you rotate them?

How To Rotate Tires Properly?

As the tire rotation method is straightforward and less time consuming, it is better than you do it yourself. You can save a reasonable sum of money that would otherwise go out from your pocket if you hire a professional for it.

What Does Tire Rotation Mean?

If you hire a professional for tire rotation. you can save a good sum of money that would otherwise go out from your pocket

The tire rotation method is extremely simple and less time consuming,
Credit: flickr.com

Therefore, if you decide to conduct auto maintenance by yourself, you need to follow specific procedures, which means the right methodologies and instruments. So here are some tips and guidelines for you:

What To Prepare For The Tire Rotation

  • Jack
  • Jack Stand
  • Lug Wrench
  • lubricating oil in case of stuck nuts

How To Rotate Tires: Step By Step

With both knowledge and the right essentials in hand, the procedure barely takes 20 minutes.

With both knowledge and the right essentials in hand, the procedure barely takes 20 minutes.


From all the wheels, loosen the lug nuts first with a screwdriver: bear in mind that loosening does not mean completely taking the nuts out. You loosen them so that unscrewing them becomes a lot easier when you use the car jack to lift your vehicle.


Next comes the car jack. Use the car jack to lift one wheel. Then place the jack stands beneath it.

  • PRO TIP: Equip yourself with more than two jack stands. If you have only one jack stand, the car rotating procedure will take a longer time.
  • PRO TIP: With fewer jack stands, you need to invest a lot of time and effort in switching them in and out to raise or lower your car.
  • PRO TIP: The majority of the wise people use four jack stands to lift the wheels of their vehicles individually. However, at times, this move may not be the safest one. Nevertheless, this strategy saves a lot of time. And it helps the car rotating task to reach its completion in a relatively short time.


Once you succeed in removing the tires, rotating them carefully. It means that you need to rotate them in the exact sequence as the type of tires your vehicle has.

  • PRO TIP: Make this point a rule of your thumb. When you are finishing with rotating, use your hands to screw the lug nuts back to the tires. Using your hand most and screwdriver less is advisable.


Now comes the last step of releasing the jack stands. Lower your vehicle down by rotating the lever of jack stands.

A video about How to rotate tires properly:

Tire Rotation Diagram

Tire rotation is very important because the drivers perform routine maintenance tasks on their respective vehicles.

The Diagram showing the changing of front and rear wheels and the diagonal alignment of lug nuts.
Credit: tiretrack.com

Do You Need To Balance Your Tires Every Time You Rotate Them?

To balance your tires, you need to tighten the lug nuts firmly and systematically. For this step, you need to make use of a lug wrench and fix the nuts tightly.

Keep in mind that if you tighten the lug nuts diagonally, a star pattern comes into being, which further ensures tightening. If you do not tighten the nuts diagonally, uneven tightening can result, which may lead to twisting of the brake rotor.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Your Tires Rotated?

If you fail to rotate your vehicle’s tires regularly, they will wear out unevenly at a faster pace. To ensure that they last longer, rotate them at least every six months. The tires then will wear evenly and hence have an enhanced lifespan.

Furthermore, in many countries, approximately two-thirds of the automobiles are not road worthy. It is because they reflect sheer cases of neglect and maintenance regarding car rotation.

As a result, if you ignore tire rotation, car accidents, fatal collisions are sure to follow. Moreover, hydroplaning, noise, and vibrations in car mechanisms are frequently occurring within the car mechanisms.

Therefore, it is vital to know how to rotate tires properly. Tire rotation helps to maintain balance and reserve the stride of the tires. Most importantly, it helps to overcome worn out a jagged tear of all the tires.

How Often Should You Rotate New Tires?

As the tire rotation is necessary, many mechanics advise the drivers to perform it every 6000 miles. On a general note, tire rotation is an effortless task. All you need to do is request a tire rotation task from the dealership whenever you go for your vehicle’s oil changing.

Due to the difference in treadwear in the front and rear wheel, tire rotation is crucial. It is because the front wheel bears the most weight and are in stable working condition. The rear wheels, on the other hand, are mostly stationary and exempt from bearing much weight.

The two tires in the front are in a constant state of motion the minute the ignition starts. They need to guide, carve, and steer the vehicle from the massive traffic area, signals,, or a crowded thoroughfare. In this respect, the front tires receive the most stress.

Therefore, the front tires need to undergo frequent rotation. In simpler words, the front tires need to exchange with the back ones, and the back ones need to come in the place of front tires.

Along with enhancing the lifespan of car tires, the tire rotation serves another purpose. The process of car rotation ensures the safety of the tires. An expert car technician can check the air pressure while rotating the car tires. To make it simpler, tire rotation provides an exhaustive assessment of a tire.

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