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5 Best Izusu/GM Scan Tools Review and Comparison 2020 [Update]

You’re bound to get a gut-wrenching feeling whenever the Check Engine Light flashes on your GM’s dashboard. Is it a faulty catalytic converter? Perhaps a problem with the O2 sensor? Or maybe something as simple as a loose gas cap?

You’ll be glad to know that there are several options available for your purchase. Today we look at the 5 best GM scanner tools in the market 2020.

Let’s check out the top 3 recommendations right below.

What is the best Scanner for my Izusu/GM today?

Best Overall: iCarsoft i900

iCarsoft i900
iCarsoft i900
4.14.1 / 5
This OBD2 scan tool is best for technicians, whether you are a DIY person or own an auto shop.

Runner Up: Foxwell NT510 Elite

Foxwell NT510
Foxwell NT510 Elite
3.83.8 / 5
The Foxwell NT510 Elite is a professional-grade diagnostic tool meant for beginner and DIY technicians. Its comprehensive coverage makes it ideal for specialized diagnosis of GM cars.

Best Budget Buy: INNOVA 3123

4.24.2 / 5
The INNOVA 3123 is undoubtedly one of the least complicated GM scanners.

Still feeling spoilt for choice?

Read the detailed reviews NOW!!

Best Izusu/GM Scan Tool

If you have the right OBD scanner it will pinpoint every single fault in your car. One way of ensuring that the diagnosis is accurate and speedy is by using a dedicated scan tool.

All products included in this review are excellent. They are the top 5, so it doesn’t matter which one you pick it will serve you. Just make sure it has the features you essentially need.

1. iCarsoft i900 OBD2 All-System GM Diagnostic Tool

iCarsoft i900
iCarsoft i900
4.14.1 / 5
If you are an automotive technicians or an auto shop owner, iCarsoft i900 is excellent for you.

Whether you’re trying to turn off the Check Engine Light, retrieve trouble codes or run system tests, the iCarsoft i900 will deliver. The only condition is that the car should be an Izusu/GM model. Other than that you can rely on this OBD2 scan tool for pretty much any diagnostic task. It packs some pretty cool features. Here are the highlights.

OBD2 coverage: this GM scanner tool supports OBD2 vehicles manufactured by Izusu/GM. More specifically, it works on cars and lightweight trucks made from 1996 to date.

Full system diagnosis: the iCarsoft i900 supports several test modes. They include the popular ISO9141, CAN Bus, j1850 and KWP2000. That is why it has outstanding diagnostic capabilities.

In precise terms, it reads and clears trouble codes while providing live data stream. The code scanner covers all available electronic systems in the car such as SRS, ABS, engine, transmission, chassis, EPS, and alarm. That makes it perfect for resetting service lights and the Check Engine Light. Additionally, you can perform I/M readiness, O2 sensor, and Evap system tests.

Easy-to-use interface: this scanner is generally eye-catchy. The body and design are pretty elegant. Also, it features a 2.8-inch LCD screen for easy navigation through the menus. With a display of 240 x 320 resolution, everything comes in crispy clear fashion. You can view live data streams, freeze frame data, live PCM and vehicle information (VIN, CVN, and CID).

Lightweight: the device is made for easy portability and storage. It weighs 300g and measures 121 x 86 x 26 mm.

iCarsoft i900 GM scan tool is best for technicians, whether you are a DIY person or own an auto shop.
iCarsoft i900 GM scanner is perfect for resetting service lights and the Check Engine Light.


    • Offers comprehensive help in form of code definitions and repair advice.
    • Features comprehensive functionality that supports full system diagnosis.
    • Ergonomic and attractive design.
    • Sophisticated yet simple to use.
  • Works on all OBD2 GM vehicles.


  • Probably not the easiest scan tool to understand, especially for beginners.

If you are an automotive technicians or an auto shop owner, iCarsoft i900 is excellent for you.

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A video about iCarrsoft Review

2. Foxwell NT510 Elite OBDII Full system GM Diagnostic Scan Tool

Foxwell NT510
Foxwell NT510 Elite
3.83.8 / 5
The Foxwell NT510 Elite is trusted by thousands of advanced DIY-ers and professional technicians thanks to its special diagnosis and reliability.

For its price, it’s hard to imagine that the Foxwell NT510 Elite supports the actuation of components, system tests, and programming control modules. But it does all that and so much more. This device is a simple-to-use handheld unit that allows a comprehensive diagnosis of vehicle systems. By default, it doesn’t come with any software, so you have to create an account on Foxwell’s official website (http://www.foxwelltech.com/) and download one free software from there. Actually, you can download additional software to increase vehicle coverage beyond GM models.

Supports OBD2 GM cars: It is designed to diagnose GM cars and light trucks manufactured between 1996 and 2016. Those are OBD2 compatible vehicles. Having said that, you should also know that you can download and install diagnostic software for other vehicle models too. The Foxwell website has NT510 Elite software that makes it compatible with Buick/Chevrolet/Cadillac/GMC and many more.

Full system scanner: functionality is where this unit really excels in. It covers all electronic systems available in a car inclusding the engine (ECU), transmission and even chassis systems. Basically, you can use it to read and clear trouble codes for all those systems and thus reset service lights. Additionally, this GM OBD2 scanner supports oil reset, ABS module test, key fob function test, and fuel injector test.

Compact design: the Foxwell NT510 Elite is quite a compact device. It has a weight of 1.45 pounds and dimensions of 7.9 x 1.5 x 3.9 inches. That’s very easy to hold in your hand or store in a toolbox somewhere inside the car.

Impressive interface: first off, it has a very simple and self-explanatory keypad. It is menu-driven and finding your way around the menus shouldn’t be hard thanks to the 2.8-inch color display where you can view live sensor data either in text or graph format.


    • Comes with one year warranty and 18-month free software upgrade.
    • Multilingual. Supports English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Swedish and Hungarian.
    • Easy to navigate through diagnostic menus.
    • Supports the wide array of diagnostic functions.
  • Can work on non-GM vehicles if you choose to install their software.


    • Updates are only free for 18 months. After that, you have to pay the update.
  • While the scan tool works with Windows PCs, it is not compatible with Macs.

The Foxwell NT510 Elite is trusted by thousands of advanced DIY-ers and professional technicians thanks to its special diagnosis and reliability.

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A video about Foxwell NT510 OBD2 scanner review

3. INNOVA 3123 OBD1 GM Code Reader

4.24.2 / 5
If you are a beginner and ordinary car owner, INNOVA 3123 is ideal for you!

A simple and affordable GM code reader, the INNOVA 3123 allows you to reset your car’s Check Engine Light. It accesses onboard systems safely and reads codes. Once you know what each code means you can fix the associated problems and thus reset the service light.

OBD1 compatible: works on most OBD1 cars from General Motors, specifically those manufactured between 1982 and 1995. It actually supports the diagnosis of trucks as well. But the vehicle’s weight must not be more than one ton.

ECM and ABS diagnosis: as far as functionality goes, you can use the 3123 to retrieve engine, electronic transmission and ABS codes. When you connect the device, it will show a blinking light to indicate the diagnosis. Every detected fault will be displayed as a code.

Diagnostic helper: it is one thing to get the codes but understanding what they mean is quite another. Most ordinary car owners may find it hard to interpret a code and identify the fault in a car’s system. Luckily, the INNOVA 3123 gives code definitions and illustrations. You can choose to view them either in English, French or Spanish.

Compact size: the best scan tools are those that are portable and easy to store. The 3123 is all that. With a weight of 11.2 ounces and dimensions of 10 x 2 x 6 inches, this handheld scanner tucks away in a toolbox easily.


  • Rugged construction makes it durable.
  • Multilingual. Supports English, French, and Spanish.
  • Comes complete. You don’t need to buy anything else to use this device.
  • Package includes codebook to guide you in diagnosis and interpretation of codes.
  • Very affordable.


  • Doesn’t support diesel vehicles.
  • The strictly OBD1 device, therefore it can’t diagnose GM vehicles manufactured from 1996 onward.

If you are a beginner and ordinary car owner, INNOVA 3123 is ideal for you!

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3.53.5 / 5
Ordinary GM car owners. If you drive a GM model you will find it very helpful.

The VXDIAG VCX NANO is a vehicle-to-PC interface that offers access to a car’s systems. You can use this product to diagnose your car’s onboard systems and reset the Check Engine Light. It works on Windows PCs and supports XP and later versions of Windows. For the best performance, you may want to use the 32-bit version of either Windows 7 or Windows 10. Those two support several GDS software (more on that in a short while).

Extensive vehicle coverage: this is what sets the VCX NANO apart from other options. It is capable of diagnosing virtually all  Izusu/GM vehicles, including Delta and Epsilon models. Finding a scan tool that diagnoses those two types of vehicles comprehensively is usually very hard.

Supports GDS & GDS2…: so what exactly are these? Well, GDS stands for Global Diagnostic System. GDS & GDS2 are diagnostic software that installs on a specific PC and performs particular diagnostic functions. GDS2 is particularly more important when you have the VCX NANO scanner.

They also can read and clear codes, provide freeze frame data, perform vehicle identification (VIN and ECU part numbers), support resets and customization functions, and control/monitor output functions of certain systems like O2 sensors.

…and SAE-J2534-1 & SAE-J2534-2: the VCX NANO also supports SAE-J2534-1 and SAE-J2534-2. These are standards that allow a vehicle’s systems to communicate with a scan tool or PC used for diagnostics. Essentially, the two standards make it possible to diagnose emission systems in a car. So on top of all the systems that the GDS2 diagnoses, you can also run tests on emission systems if you have the SAE-J2534-1 and SAE-J2534-2.

Compatible with third-party applications: well, this is rather obvious considering GDS and SAE-J2534 are practical applications. Even so, it’s worth mentioning that the VCX NANO works alongside third-party diagnostic applications.

As mentioned already, those two also support GM TIS2WEB and Tech2Win among many others. Those two are particularly awesome because they enable you to diagnose the primary systems in a car, including ABS, engine, transmission, and airbag.


    • Comes with one year warranty.
    • VXDIAG offers new updates on this tool whenever they are available.
    • Compact design. Measures 7 x 5.2 x 1.7 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces.
    • Works very fast in diagnosis and reprogramming.
  • Supports the most important diagnostic standards and third-party applications like GDS, SAE-J2534, GM TIS2WEB and Tech2Win.


  • To receive firmware updates you’ll need to have a paid account in GM’s TIS2Web portal. It costs some pocket to open the account, so that’s an added cost that some people may not fancy.
  • Doesn’t work on Mac computers, only compatible with Windows PCs.

If you are an ordinary Izusu/GM car owner, you will find it very helpful.

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5. OTC 3111PRO Trilingual GM Enhanced OBD2 Scanner

3.93.9 / 5
Thanks to simple design, few functions, and vast built-in library, OTC 3111PRO is much loved by starters.

If you’re completely new to OBD tools then the OTC 3111PRO is the perfect scanner for you. It only makes sense to get a hang of vehicle diagnostics using this simple and specialized scan tool. While it covers several mainstream vehicle models, the device impresses more. So if you own a car that was manufactured by General Motors or Izusu you may want to consider making the OTC 3111PRO your go-to scanner.

It actually packs some very impressive features. Check them out below:

OBD2 compatible: this scan tool works on OBD2 cars and light trucks. These are 1996 and newer vehicles. It covers gas, diesel, and hybrid cars, which is a huge plus because scan tools rarely have that capability.Besides those manufactured by GM, you can also use it to diagnose 1996 to 2010 Ford and Chrysler as well as 1996 to 2009 Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai.

ABS and airbag diagnosis: the scanner reads and clears codes for anti-skid braking system (ABS) and supplemental restraint system (SRS or simply airbag). It retrieves problem codes for those two systems.

So will it turn off the service light? Yes, it will, but only if you’re dealing with the SRS or ABS light. The scanner will identify the problem and once it is fixed the service light will turn off.

Superior assistance: perhaps the best feature of them all, especially for beginners and ordinary car owners. It features a library of code definitions for those who don’t know code meanings. Additionally, it has over 4 million verified fixes that you can access with just one touch of a button. Even if you won’t be able to fix the problem yourself at least you will understand it thoroughly.

Vehicle identification: alongside diagnosis, the scan tool features an AutoID function that automatically identifies a vehicle. It provides the VIN and year/make/model of the car.

Live data: every piece of data is relayed in real time. Even better, the tool supports dual PID graphing. Meaning you can view two PIDs at the same time and compare them.

You have the option to record and playback the data. Alternatively, you can save everything on a PC for more analysis. The package includes a USB cable for that.


    • Well-sized and portable unit. Measures 12 x 4 x 3 inches and weighs 1.7 pounds.
    • Updates easily via PC.
    • Multilingual. Supports English, Spanish and French.
    • Provides option to save and view files on PC. You can print them out.
  • Easy to use. Doesn’t require any professional knowledge.


  • The limited scope is a major drawback. You can’t read codes for the engine or other systems beyond ABS and SRS.

Thanks to simple design, few functions, and vast built-in library, OTC 3111PRO is much loved by starters.

Check Price at Amazon

The Bottom Line

There you have it, a complete review of the top 5 choices. If you own a GM vehicle and are thinking of purchasing one of these for yourself feel free to pick from our list.

The scan tools come in different prices and with varying capabilities. Be rest assured that there’s one that will fit your needs almost perfectly.

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  1. Which scanner will read and diagnosis auto-ride suspension and disable AFM in fuel management system? Vehicle is 2011 Avalanche 5.3 liter flex fuel.

    1. I’m afraid that you have to take your chevy to the GM shop. I don’t know any scan tool can diagnose the auto-ride suspension.

      About the Disable AFM, you should check why you disabled it and how you disabled it. Did you install and AFM Delete Kit or an AFM Disabler?

  2. 2005 GMC Yukon with brake light and abs light on. Also service brake system and tire monitoring messages are showing. Last thing is tighten gas cap. Engine light was on but I reset when I put a new cap on. What is gonna be the best scanner for me?

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