10 Best Jump Starters 2021/2022 [Review]

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A jump starter, also known as a boost, is a way of starting a vehicle with a low external power source to the dead battery.

In this post, you will find the ten best Jump Starters in the market 2021.

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Editor's PicksProductOur Rating
Best OverallNOCO-GB409.5/10
Runner UpJump-N-Carry-JNC6609.5/10
Best Budget BuySTANLEY-FATMAX J7CS8.5/10
Best ValueNOCO GeniusBoost HD GB708.5/10
Also GreatJump-N-Carry-JNCAIR 1700A7.5/10

1. NOCO-GB40 1000A 12V lithium jump starter

NOCO-GB40 Lithium review
NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter
This is an extra portable and light-weight design. It is a compact and long-lasting lithium-ion-powered jump starter built for 12V batteries. Therefore, the device can jump start up to 20 times using the power of a single charge.

Besides, its spark-proof technology makes it possible and safe for anybody to use it easily.

Also, it comes with protection from reverse polarity.

NOCO GB40 model is compatible with gas engines of up to 6,000cc and diesel engines of up to 3,000cc.


  1. On a single charge, it offers up to 20 jumpstarts.
  2. Safety design with spark-proof technology and protection from reverse polarity.
  3. Compatible with gas engines of 6,000cc and diesel engines of 3,000cc.

Unique features

Extremely bright LED flashlight – In case you need light to alert other motorists of an emergency, this device has got you covered.

Optimum jumpstarting power – Its joule 3S’ labeling means the amount of power delivered in 3 seconds.

Offers spare power – With up to 20 jump starts per charge, it means there is some spare power each time you jumpstart.

USB device recharge – It contains in and out ports to charge almost all USB compatible devices. The IN port allows the device to be recharged from any USB-powered port.


  • Extra bright flashlight.
  • Improved safety features.
  • Optimum jump starting power.
  • USB device recharge.
  • It offers spare power.
  • Waterproof.


  • No carrier casing.
  • Relatively low battery capacity.

This product is recommended for every household to assist in light household duties like phone charging in power outages.

The NOCO-GB40 is the best jump starter for small car vehicle owners in mind due to its power compatibility.



A short video about Noco GB Lithium Jump Starter

2. DBPOWER 600A 18000mAh portable car jump starter

It works best when fully charged. When it goes below 25% of the battery charge, it might not jumpstart your vehicle.

Jumpstarting vehicles that exceed the maximum displacement that the device can handle will damage this device.


  1. Compatible with gas engines up to 6,500cc or diesel engines up to 5,200cc.
  2. Very compact and portable to fit in your glove box.
  3. It features an LCD screen to show the remaining power and a compass for directions.

Unique features

The device is portable- It can fit easily in a glove box or your bag and be easily carried around.

Smart jumper cables – This protects your jump starter from overheating, short circuits, and over-voltages.

Bright LED light and emergency light – You can use this device even when it is dark.

Apart from that, you can use it as a hazard indicator in case of a road accident or breakdown. You can also use it to call emergency services.


  • The DBPOWER is a very powerful device. This device using a single charge can jumpstart vehicles over 20 times.
  • You can also use this device as a power bank and charge your phone for weeks using this best jump starter.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty.
  • Portable and has a hard outer covering protecting this device from falls.


  • These devices’ clamps tend to break easily.

This best jump starter can be used by, basically, anyone.

It is compact in size and portable, making it ideal for carrying around wherever you are going.

Besides, it is a fast charger and can be used as a backup to charge mobile phones, tablets, and laptops for weeks.

3. STANLEY-FATMAX J7CS 700/350A 120PSI jump starter

STANLEY FATMAX J7CS Jump Starter: 700 Peak/350 Instant Amps, 120 PSI Air Compressor
The STANLEY FATMAX J7CS offers a convenient and portable way to jump-start your battery without needing another car.

It offers you enough power to jumpstart your car, tractor, boat, and even motorcycle.

Simple to operate as you just connect its clamps to your battery and start your engine.

This best jump starter is suitable for roadside emergencies and daily use. You will simply attach the plugs to the car battery.

If the plugs aren’t plugged correctly, an alarm will go off, alerting you to fix the plugs correctly before turning the unit on.


  1. A built-in air compressor with a backlit gauge.
  2. Compatible with your truck, tractor, boat, or even motorcycle.
  3. LED indicator and alarm for in case of reverse polarity.

Unique features

USB charging – This makes it possible to charge two devices simultaneously with the USB charger.

LED light – You can still use this device in the dark.

DC plug – An optional DC plug makes it possible to charge this best jump starter using your vehicle’s DC port.

STANLEY FATMAX J7CS offers a convenient and portable way to jump-start your battery without needing another car.
STANLEY FATMAX J7CS has an additional perfect fit nozzle that secures connections.

Air compressor – This best jump starter has an additional perfect fit nozzle that secures connections.

Therefore, this makes it possible to inflate anything that needs pumping up, like bicycle tires, sports equipment, or even car tires.


  • The bright LED light makes it possible to use this best jump starter even when it is dark.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can charge this best jump starter using the DC port of your vehicle.


  • The product may stop working after a while.

This product can be used by everyone who owns a car and can also be used at home.

Campers can also use this device for lighting purposes and charging their mobile phones.




A video about Stanley J7CS 350

4. Jump-N-Carry-JNC660 1700A 12V jump starter

Jump-N-Carry-JNC660 Portable review
Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter
The Jump-N-Carry JNC660 is not only known for its unmatched power reliability but also it comes with a peak Amp of 1,700 and cranking Amp of 425.

Its battery technology is Clore Performer. Aside from that, it comes with 46″ long welding cables and hot jaw clamps.


  1. Onboard voltmeter to provide battery charge status.
  2. It has a DC input to recharge its internal battery and 12V output to power your accessories.
  3. High-performance battery with extended cranking power.

Unique features

Reliable power output – The batteries are built with Clore Proformer technology specifically designed for jumpstarting functions.

It is, therefore, capable of delivering excellent cranking power, a longer cranking duration, and several jumps per charge.

Jump-N-Carry JNC660 makes jump starting highly efficient and convenient.

Executive performance – With its wide array of features, it makes jump starting highly efficient and convenient.

With 46″ long cables that ensure you reach the starting points of various vehicles.

Durable casing – Its heavy-duty carrying case is designed to withstand everyday shocks in the everyday professional field.

In-built voltmeter – Its built-in voltmeter with a display on the side of the device helps to check on your battery status.

12V output power supply – You can use this to power several accessories.

Also included is automatic circuit protection against power overloads.

In-built charger – Has a fully automatic charge system that enables your device to be on standby for use whenever needed.


  • Durable casing.
  • Built-in voltmeter.
  • In-built charger.
  • 12V output power supply.
  • Jumper cables 46″ long.


  • It is not reliable for bigger vehicles and engines.

This product provides service to a wide range of batteries in everyday vehicles.

It is the best jump starter for people that travel a lot.

Aside from that, it’s built for everyone who loves the peace of mind of an instantly firing engine.




5. NOCO GeniusBoost HD GB70 2000A 12V lithium jump starter

NOCO GeniusBoost HD GB70 Lithium review
NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter
The GB70 jump starter is both a compact and powerful device, being powered by a sleek lithium-ion battery pack and used for 12V batteries. With this device, you can safely and easily jump start a flat battery in a matter of seconds.

It has a 2,000 Amp rating (15,700 Joules 3S)

A single charge to this device will provide up to 40 times jumpstarts.

It’s built with spark-proof technology making it mistake-proof, and it also has protection from reverse polarity.

Furthermore, it is compatible with gas engines of up to 8,000cc and diesel engines of up to 6,000cc.


  1. The extreme safety feature of spark-proof technology.
  2. It features reverse-polarity protection capabilities.
  3. It can hold its charge for up to 12 months.

Unique features

Extremely bright flashlight – This is featured in a 400 lumen bright 8 LED flashlight.

Therefore, you should need to warn oncoming motorists of an emergency or breakdown then this feature comes in handy

12V USB output – This comes in handy when powering other accessories like tire pumps and inverters.

It can also charge any other personal device like your tablet or smartphone.


  • Super bright flashlight with SOS.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • It has a wide range of safety features.
  • Ultimate power jump start.
  • It comes with an additional variety of functions, e.g., charging and inflating tires.
  • It comes with many important accessories, e.g., cables, ports, etc.


  • It is not efficient with big machines.
  • Compatible with small engines and average family cars.
  • There’s no wall adapter for reliable and fast charging.

This product is most recommended for individuals, especially with average family cars.

Its several features make it suitable for outdoor activities like tailgating and camping.

NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70

NOCO Genius Boost HD GB70


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6. Jump-N-Carry-JNCAIR 1700A 12V jump starter

Jump-N-Carry-JNCAIR review
Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700 Peak Amp 12V Jump Starter with Air Compressor
Jump-N-Carry-JNCAIR JumpStarter takes multipurpose professional jump starting to new heights. Designed with Clore Proformer technology for its battery.

Delivers peak amps of 1,700 and cranking amps 425.

Moreover, it also comes with 68″ long cables. A DC outlet 12 V is also available for power accessories.


  1. It has a longer cranking duration.
  2. Inbuilt integrated air compressor.
  3. It features a long service life.

Unique features

Built-in air compressor – Its integrated air compressor makes this model enviable among its kind.

It can inflate a 15″ tire from scratch in less than seven minutes, combining shop convenience in a portable device.

Automatic built-in recharge – This is made possible by its inbuilt AC charger to ensure your device is always operational. On top of that, it features an efficient charging routine that stops charging once the battery is fully charged.

Strong rubber boot – A top-notch rubber boot provides extra strength that allows you to place your device anywhere you need.

Optimum power – Power is the key feature of this device.

With its Clore Proformer battery, it is designed to offer highly reliable power and longer service life.


  • It offers optimum power.
  • In-built automatic recharge.
  • State of the art performance.
  • An integrated air compressor.
  • Strong rubber boot.
  • Top industrial-grade clamps.
  • A power supply output.


  • No on and off button.
  • Cables and air rubber hose may easily degrade if not well maintained.

The Jump-N-Carry-JNCAIR jump starter also takes multipurpose jumpstarting to a new height.

Besides, it is a convenient and powerful tool for both individual car owners and professionals in the workshop for fleet maintenance.

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 1700


7. Jump-N-Carry-JNC318 12V lithium jump starter

Jump-N-Carry-JNC318 Lithium review
Jump-N-Carry JNC318 12 Volt Lithium Jump Starter and Power Supply
JNC318 model offers you the legendary performance from jump-n-carry. As well as, it offers unmatched reliability in a portable lithium unit.

It weighs only three pounds and can jump start up to eight-cylinder engines.


  • It has full-size smart clamps for easy and safe jump starting.
  • Offers a 12V jumpstart for engines ranging from eight cylinders and below.
  • Portable, lightweight, and reliable hand-held unit.

Unique features

Preheat mode – This unique feature offers to jumpstart your battery at extremely low temperatures.

Heavy-duty clamps – This important feature ensures that a connection is made with your terminals irrespective of corrosion,

Portable storage casing – Come with a portable casing to store and carry all your accessories.

Extra bright LED flashlight – It comes with an extra bright flashlight.

It is also capable of strobe light modes for assisting with emergencies on the road in the dark.

2way USB power bank – This allows you to charge personal gadgets like tablets and smartphones.


  • Extra bright LED flashlight.
  • Portable storage casing.
  • USB power bank.
  • Heavy-duty Clamps.
  • Preheat Mode.
  • It has 12V output accessories.


  • Only one year warranty.

It is suited for engines of up to 8 cylinders. Its pre-heat mode feature makes it the best jump starter for outdoor activities in a harsh environment.

Jump-N-Carry JNC318

Jump-N-Carry JNC318


8. Schumacher PSJ-4424 DSR 4400A jump starter

Schumacher PSJ-4424 DSR review
Schumacher PSJ-4424 DSR ProSeries 4400 Peak Amps Jump Starter and Portable Power Unit
This is a portable high power jump starter with peak amps 4,400, cranking amps 500 and cold cranking of 415 amps. Weighs 44.8 pounds

It is a power source for 12V DC accessories that have a 12V plug to connect. The special features of this jump starter are listed below.


  • It has a heavy-duty, very durable battery.
  • The automatic built-in charger of 3 amps.
  • It is compatible with big truck batteries for heavy engines.
  • Portable with appropriate dimensions to carry around.

Unique features

Unique and powerful technical specifications make it compatible with almost all engines.

It’s capable of jumpstarting trucks with multiple batteries, farm tractors, and even big generators.

Flexible and portable – Its small size gives you the ideal device as it will fit in a space where another vehicle would not fit, making it the best jump starter among others.

Built-in automatic and flexible charger – This 3-amp charger with 2-gauge 55″ long cables makes the task more flexible. It also makes it easier to jumpstart bigger engines.

Stops charging automatically – The model can stop the charging process entirely on its own, which means it won’t drain due to overcharging if left to charge over unlimited time.


  • Durable.
  • Pocket-friendly price.
  • Highly powerful.
  • Improve safety features.
  • Excellent for a variety of activities.
  • Compatibility with heavy engines.
  • Quite portable.
  • Heavy-duty clamps.


  • No extension cable for charging the battery itself.
  • Higher voltage sources incompatibility.

The Schumacher PSJ-4424 DSR Jump Starter is built for tailgating and camping lovers.

Furthermore, it is also built to mitigate the effects of power outages, meaning you will never be stranded without power with the best jump starter like the Schumacher PSJ-4424 DSR jump starter.

Schumacher PSJ-4424

Schumacher PSJ-4424


9. Truck PAC ES1224 3000/1500A jump starter

Truck PAC ES1224 Portable review
Truck PAC ES1224 3000/1500 Peak Amp 12/24V Jump Starter
This model is capable of switching from 12 to 24V with the turn of a single knob. All this is done without compromising on its power.

The Truck PAC ES1224 is a versatile and easy-to-use design.

It has 3,000 peak amps for 12V and 1,500 peak amps for 24V.


  1. Versatile and easy to use.
  2. Can switch from 12V to 24V with a turn of a knob.
  3. Impact-resistant and shock absorbing casing.

Unique features

Automatic recharge – It comes with an AC wall charger that you can leave charging over some time.

Hence, this ensures that the jump starter is always ready for use when the need arises.

Extra flexible cables – Truck PAC ES1224 model features long 60″ cables to enable your device’s strategic positioning.

What this means is that your jump starter does not hang in the air when starting.

Withstands harsh temperatures – This device will operate in temperatures as low as -20˚F and as high as 115˚F.

In addition, flexible and durable – Its ability to switch from 12V to 24V without tampering with its power shows its flexibility and great strength.


  • Automatic recharge.
  • Top performance batteries.
  • Flexible yet strong.
  • Long flexible cables.
  • Hardy, withstanding extreme environments.


  • Aside from its impact-resistant casing, some parts have been said to break easily, e.g., its clamps.

This model is specifically built with vehicle jump starting in mind.

Therefore, able to withstand professional use over a repeated duration of time.

Therefore, the model is overall suited for individual and professional use, meaning it can be used in the shop, on a construction site, or in a garage for fleet maintenance.

Moreover, it is recommended for companies with large fleets due to its compatibility with a wide range of engines.

Truck PAC ES1224

Truck PAC ES1224


10. STANLEY J5C09 1000/500A 120PSI jump starter

All that’s needed is hooking the clamps to your battery, putting on the switch, and then cranking your engine.


  1. It features a reverse polarity alarm in case of an improper connection.
  2. It comes with a 270 degree rotating high-powered LED light.
  3. Integrated 120-PSI compressor to inflate your tires.

Unique features

Built-in air compressor – This is a 120 PSI compressor, ideal for inflating your vehicle tires, sporting equipment, or bicycle tires.

2Way USB charging – This enables the charging of two devices at once. It comes with a 12V DC port.

Bright swivel LED light – A swivel 270 degree LED light shines light wherever you need whenever your car battery goes dead.

A DC plug – this plug enables you to charge your jump starter with the DC port in your vehicle.

The feature ensures your device is charged and always ready when needed.


  • Built-in air compressor.
  • Bright swivel LED light.
  • A DC plug.
  • A dual USB charging.


  • Only one year warranty.

This model is built for anyone who needs a portable, convenient power backup.

Whether in the case of power outages, low car batteries, or charging your gadgets, this device is built for you.

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The bottom line

Jumpstarters are a must-have for our daily use. Owning the jump starter can make a huge difference in our lives. In case of breakdowns, you can use them to jumpstart your vehicle.

Most of these devices can also be used to charge other devices and come in handy in power blackouts.

For maximum functionality, ensure that the jump starter is always fully charged.

Make a note of always carrying the best jump starter with you.

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