BlueDriver: Great Value for The Price (Reads ABS, Airbag, Tranny Codes)

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We have taken time again to show you a review of the BlueDriver OBD2 diagnostic scan tool.

While the OBD2 is known to read the check engine light, the BlueDriver OBD2 is known to offer more than that.

That is what we intend to show in the current article.

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Take a look

For starters, look at the package in which the Bluedriver is sold.

The tool is small, Bluetooth and is usually connected to any of the devices like the Smartphone.

However, a closer look also reveals that the device works with no wires.

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With a free app which you can just download for any of the android devices with Bluetooth and even there are no use of wires to impede its use.

It has a 1 year warranty and works on iPad, iPod, iPhone and any other android device with Bluetooth.

The device works on:

  • Newer vehicles 1996 and newer vehicles in the North America.
  • For vehicles sold in Europe, it’s 2001 and newer for gas cars and 2004 and newer for diesel cars.
  • In Australia and New-Zealand its all 2006 and newer vehicles covered.

As for other countries you only need to check your manual whether you are OBD2 compliant.

The Bluedriver is designed in Canada and made in China.

Installation & Use

For pickup truck like the 2001 Mazda, you are likely to locate the OBD II port underneath the dash just like it is done on most cars.

Connecting the BlueDriver OBD connector to the port is rather simple as it only involves grabbing the Bluedriver OBD2, match up the connector and push the tool right in.

Easy to connect

If you have the app on your phone, you don’t need to worry as you just need to go to the play store, type the Bluedriver, click install, accept allow it to download and then open and you are good to go.

The good thing about most of the android App is that it will ask you if to turn on the Bluetooth so as to connect automatically.

Just click on yes and the Bluetooth will connect automatically.

With the Bluedriver connected to the OBD II port; turn on the key in the wrong position.

The blue light will flash to show you whether the device is connecting to the device or if it flashes red, then you will know there is a problem with the connection and needs to restart the process. On the screen of the OBD, you will know whether it is paired and then now you can use your scanner.

The screen of the OBDII can be switched from the Android to iPad and its use can be when the car is in the wrong position or when it’s running. What you will notice immediately is the fact that the Bluedriver has a very simple interface on the home screen of the App.

Great interface

With the simple interface on the screen to read the codes, clear codes, get reports, clear reports, get your smog test, get car repair reports, freeze frame data, check engine light and how long it has been running, vehicle and finally you have access to the live data.

The screen also has the other diverse options including the user manual and the options of updating the sensors.

Simplistic and powerful scanner

The most common feature of the Bluedriver is the read code option which is the distinctive part of this from the other OBD scanners.

On most OBD2 scanners, you can have the check engine light but with the Bluedriver, you can check the check engine codes, check transmission codes, ABS codes, airbag codes and other manual codes.

For the initial part, you can get the check engine codes, check transmission codes ABS codes airbag codes and other module codes on American vehicles such as ford, GM and Chrysler.

You can get check engine light on ant OBDII vehicle.

Since for reference you may use a ford car, you can opt for a complete scan go to all the system modules and check on the all system modules.

It does take a little while as it scans.

By a little while, it means at least 2 minutes.

After about 2 minutes, you will have all the systems popping onto the screen.

If your VIN is on their database, the OBD2 scanner will give you almost all the information that it has access to. The good thing is that the manufacturer updates the information every week, so you need not worry.

You can click on the codes appearing on the screen to get the information on the possible causes including the OBD2 readiness code which is usually equated as P1000 which is just the OBD2 readiness check.

There will be diverse data on the screen including the different updates which come with the BlueDriver OBD2. You can have the ability of also tapping on the codes to clear them as well.

When there is a generic B1318 which is generic electronic module code means that the battery is low and the feasible link is bad.

Fixing this may be easy whichever the case you may encounter on the BlueDriver OBD2 scanner whether the ABS codes, airbag codes, or other, and you want to know more about the codes, just click on repair reports.

The pressure control solenoid is likely to give you information on the diverse fixes, causes of the check engine light.

The top reported fix on the Bluedriver is usually meant to replace the PCM which gives you the possible causes of the check engine light and all the possible fixes people have done.

With one check engine code, the user is able to get almost all the information including the freeze frame, the smog check and all the parameters that surround them which people have do.  Though it does not have all the checks for your cars, it gives pretty much that may be needed by your car.

The smog test is important for you to know if you are going to pass the emission test.  The best feature we have is mode six which is found on the bluedriver and is unique to it as it is not found on most of the OBD2 scanners.

Mode 6 allows you to have access each of the sensors and be able to see if they are within the parameters.

For mode 6, you may have the information on the MIL status, on how long it has been on and so on.

The additional advantage of this features helps the user have access to the VIN by just entering and all information on model, year is availed. The information on mode 6 is important especially if you are buying a used car as this gives you all the driving data.

With the flashlight which is found on the Bluedriver helps in aiding its use in dark conditions. Though this may not be so much of use, it can save a lot if you are in critical situations and want to read the data codes.

Live data reading on the Bluedriver makes it easy for the user to access the data in real-time including the graphical presentation and even the oxygen sensors.

Additionally, you have the option of having this data saved for the future.

Because of its advanced nature, the Bluedriver has the option of social media sharing with the option of having the data emailed, shared to facebook, twitter put it on drop box and even copying the data.

The gauge on the Bluedriver is part of important features as it a combination of a digital reader and the voltage reader which are important in the course of scanning.

These features have made me love the Bluedriver.

However, it is the price and the wired capacity to read data coupled by its ease of use is what makes it go above the rest. The Bluedriver can give you almost all you need with its super easy interface.

All these allow those who are just beginning in car repair to have it easy as well as cut on the costs of repairs as you don’t need to have the knowledge on car repair. it may also be good looking at some negative effects of its use.

While everyone may not have a Smartphone, the Bluedriver insists on the use of the Smartphone which may at times limit its use.

While their use may be technologically interesting, Smartphone’s are usually pretty expensive as well.

However, the use of Smartphone has proven to be a blessing in disguise as it makes the use of connecting wires something of the past.

The fact that it is wireless is an amazing thing unlike with wires which are cumbersome and makes the BlueDriver OBD2 scan tool use rather sluggish.

The Bottom Line

For its simplicity and price, you can have the thought of recommending it to a friend as it appears among the many OBD2 scanners you have come across in the market, go ahead.

There are several other Bluetooth OBD2 scanners in the market which may also interest you.

Have a look at it and make your decision, you may contact us if you have any suggestions on the other OBD2 scanners you may have used out there or just on the BlueDriver OBD2 scanner.

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