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OBD Auto Doctor: OBD2 App (for iOS/Android) Review

Here's where you can get an in-depth review of the OBD Auto Doctor
If you’re looking for the an in-depth review of the OBD Auto Doctor, this is the right place

Auto Doctor (OBD Auto Doctor) is one of the first diagnostics apps that come to mind when talking about OBD2 apps. The popular software is available for Android and iOS, and it lets users diagnose car problems within a matter of seconds. All you need is is an OBD2-compatible vehicle, an adapter and, of course, the OBD Auto Doctor app.

The Android OBD2 app allows you to connect your phone to your car and assess any technical issues that you may have facing. Whether you want to make sure everything is working as intended or want to diagnose a problem, OBD Auto Doctor for Android gets the job done quite well.

OBD Auto Doctor app.
OBD Auto Doctor app.

Setup and Usage

But how does the app really work? The OBD Auto Doctor app connects to a computer-based system commonly seen in nearly all modern vehicles. These systems are responsible for storing important information about your car’s components. If anything unusual is detected by the system, error codes are generated to identify underlying issues.

To be fair, the free version of the OBD Auto Doctor app should be good enough for most users. While the extra features are worth it for professional mechanics, they might not be worth much to you. However, the premium version of the app is quite cheap, so it’s not a significant investment, to begin with. For such a small price, you get access to a lot of diagnostics information.


Error Codes: OBD Auto Doctor is capable of reading all generic and manufacturer-specific error codes. The compatibility stretches far beyond just OBD2-compliant vehicles with Asian and European cars being scannable by the app as well.

Fuel Consumption: You can reliably monitor your fuel consumption and save money on your gas/fuel costs thanks to the app’s fuel monitor. It allows you to track the distance traveled and manage your fuel economy very efficiently.

Real-Time Monitoring: You will be able to take full advantage of the OBD-II parameters to detect any kind of abnormalities in your vehicle in a matter of seconds. All of the data can also be represented visually using graphs, to make the data far more accessible to users who are not very technologically adept.

Data Sharing: You can share your error code data via email, which makes the repair process streamlined. All you need to do is share your data with your mechanics to help them address common issues far more effectively.

OBD Auto Doctor Screenshots from an iPhone.
OBD Auto Doctor Screenshots from an iPhone.


Overall, we are quite satisfied with the app. As long as you get a compatible adapter for the app, you should be good to go. OBD Auto Doctor is compliant with all OBD-II compliant vehicles manufactured in the US in 1996 or later. It also supports both WiFi and Bluetooth adapters offering stellar connectivity options.


  • Real-Time Diagnostics
  • GPS Support
  • Check Emission Levels
  • Bluetooth and WiFi Support
  • Compatible Al All OBD2 Compliant Automobiles


  • Average WiFi Signal Strength
  • Syncing Process is Slow

Who Should Have OBD Auto Doctor?

Auto-Enthusiasts: The app is ideal for auto enthusiasts who like monitoring things like fuel consumption, coolant temperatures, and fuel pressure. As a car owner, you will be able to scan your vehicle for potential issues closely.

DIY Mechanics: If you are someone who likes a hands-on approach at repairing things, OBD Auto Doctor can help you fix your car and save hundreds of dollars on repairs. A lot of car mechanics like to overcharge unsuspecting customers, and you can save yourself the hassle by doing things your way.

Download OBD Auto Doctor App:

OBD Auto Doctor for iOS

OBD Auto Doctor for Android Devices

Compatible OBD2 Adapters of Auto Doctor (iOS/Android)

Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+

Veepeak OBDCheck BLE+
3.73.7 / 5
The Veepeak OBDCheck app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

The Veepeak OBDCheck app is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones. You will be able to use not only OBD Auto Doctor but also other common diagnostic apps and fix problems yourself. The device is capable of reading both generic and manufacturer-specific codes to help you diagnose issues for nearly every modern car in existence.

Veepeak Mini WiFi OBD2

Veepeak Mini WiFi OBD2
44 / 5
The device goes far beyond what standard OBD2 adapters are capable of and is compatible with a suite of popular Android and iOS diagnostics apps.

Most OBD2 adapters are notorious for not being compatible with light trucks and SUVs. Fortunately, the Veepeak Mini WiFi OBD2 is great for smog tests, monitoring fuel economy, and logging trips. The device goes far beyond what standard OBD2 adapters are capable of and is compatible with a suite of popular Android and iOS diagnostics apps.

OBD Auto DoctorOBD FusionTorque Pro
GPSOnly in Premium Version
Real-Time Monitoring
Multi-Parameter Tracking
Battery ConsumptionLowLowHigh
Turbo Boost (MAP and MAF)


How do I know if my car is OBD2 Compatible?

Nearly all cars in the US are compatible with OBD-II unless your vehicle was manufactured before 1996. However, some cars may not use the standard OBD protocols and rely on manufacturer-specific diagnostic systems instead. Even though they share similar connectors, they might not be OBD2-compliant. For countries outside the US, you should check the OBD Auto Doctor documentation for more information.

How do I connect the app to my car?

You will need to acquire an OBD adapter to perform diagnostics. Any ELM327 adapter should get the job done. You do need to keep an eye out for compatibility requirements to ensure your phone or computer works with the adapter of your choice. Some adapters may not support SUVs and light trucks which can limit your options.

How many computers can I use my license key on?

You can use your OBD Auto Doctor license on as many computers, phones or tablets as you want. However, only one device using your license may be active at a time.

How much does OBD Auto Doctor cost?

While local taxes may affect the pricing, the Pro version of the app costs about $18 per year.

Does the free version of the app require a serial number?

No, the free version can be used without any licensing.

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A video of OBD Auto Doctor App.
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