Ancel FX9000 vs. X7: Which One Is Better? [Updated 2024]

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Ancel FX9000 and X7 are two scanners in the same price range and are suitable for DIYers or home mechanics.

But here’s the important part: these two scanners do different things, so you need to think about what you need before you decide which one to get.

In this review, I’ll give you:

  • A full comparison chart of Ancel FX9000 vs. X7
  • Key differences and full detailed comparison between them

So, keep reading to make a smart choice.

Ancel FX9000 vs. X7: Full comparison chart

Check Price
Ancel X7
Ancel X7
Check Price
Full-system diagnostic
Live data
Active tests
Service functions
Oil Reset
ABS Bleeding
EPB reset
Key Programming
Crankshaft Relearn
Transmission Relearn
ECU coding
VW, Audi
OBD2 car/light truck
Screen size
6000 mAh
6000 mAh
Wireless connection
Free updates
1 year
2 years
Yearly update fee
1 year
1 year
Customer support
Check price
Check Price

Ancel FX9000 vs. X7: Key differences

Despite having the same price, Ancel FX9000 and X7 are designed for different purposes, and and their key distinctions lie in their features:

  • Active tests: Ancel X7 is a bi-directional scanner, allowing you to speed up diagnosis significantly. FX9000 lacks this feature.
  • Service functions: Ancel FX9000 stands out with 26 service functions, while Ancel X7 offers only 10 functions.
  • ECU coding: X7 supports advanced ECU coding for Audi and VW, while FX9000 does not have this capability.
  • Screen size: X7 has a bigger 10.1-inch screen, while FX9000’s screen is smaller at around 7”.
  • Connection type: X7 offers a Bluetooth connection, allowing you to use the scanner without being inside the car. FX9000 uses only an OBD2 cable.
  • Free updates: FX9000 provides 1 year of free updates, while X7 offers 2 years of free updates.

Here’s a quick recommendation based on your needs:

If your focus is primarily on car maintenance tasks, the FX9000’s 26 service functions make it a suitable choice.

However, the X7 is your best bet if you require a versatile scanner capable of performing tasks like active tests and ECU coding.

Today’s best Ancel FX9000 price:

Today’s best Ancel X7 price:

Ancel FX9000 vs. X7: Detailed comparison


When you’re deciding between these two scanners, what they can do is the big deal. But first, let me point out what’s the same about them so you can see the good stuff they both offer:

  • Scan trouble codes from all car’s systems
  • Read live data in both text and graph mode
  • Perform IMMO service like disable lost key or program new keys.

Active test is a handy feature because it helps you figure out if there’s something wrong with your car’s electrical parts without having to take them apart. 

Ancel X7 can do this, but FX9000 can’t. I’ve found this really useful, especially since X7 can connect wirelessly, making it super convenient.

Plus, if you have an Audi or VW car, X7 can do ECU coding. This means it can handle things like disabling annoying features or adapting new parts after replacements.

Now, let’s shift our focus to Ancel FX9000. What makes it special?

FX9000 has a special power when it comes to service functions. It can do a whopping 26 different service functions, while X7 can only do 10.

For those who need to do special functions like gear relearn, cam/crankshaft relearn, or suspension relearn, FX9000 is the one to go for. X7, on the other hand, focuses on more common tasks like ABS bleeding or EPB reset.

Today’s best Ancel FX9000 price:

Today’s best Ancel X7 price:

Design & hardware

First, let’s talk about what they have in common:

  • Both have a strong quad-core processor, so they work smoothly.
  • They come with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, enough space for data reports.
  • The battery of 6000mAh can last for 4-5 hours in both.

Now, the differences:

I was impressed with Ancel X7 because it has a really big 10.1-inch screen. It’s rare to find a scanner in this price range with such a large display. In comparison, Ancel FX9000 has a decent 7-inch screen.

Another cool thing about X7 is that it connects via Bluetooth, which means no annoying cables. With FX9000, you’re stuck with an OBD2 cable, which isn’t as convenient if you want to move around in your garage.

Today’s best Ancel FX9000 price:

Today’s best Ancel X7 price:

After-sales service 

Since both scanners are from Ancel, they share a lot of similarities. 

First off, Ancel FX9000 and X7 come with a 1-year warranty. 

My experience with Ancel’s customer support has generally been positive; they’ve been quite good at answering my questions. 

However, I should mention that response times can sometimes be a bit slow, taking around 24 hours.

Now, when it comes to updates, here’s what I found: Ancel X7 offers updates for a generous 2-year period, while FX9000 only covers 1 year. 

What’s interesting is that both scanners have the same annual update fee, which is set at $99.

Today’s best Ancel FX9000 price:

Today’s best Ancel X7 price:


Thanks for sticking with me. If you’re still unsure about which scanner to pick, here’s my last piece of advice:

Go for Ancel X7 if you want to do advanced things like active testing or ECU coding without being tied down by a cable.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a scanner with a wide range of service functions, then FX9000 is your choice. With its 26 functions, it should handle most of your maintenance needs.

Today’s best Ancel FX9000 price:

Today’s best Ancel X7 price:

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