XTOOL D8 vs. D9 vs. D9 PRO: Which is the best for professionals?

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Are you having a tough time deciding between the XTOOL D8 vs. XTOOL D9 vs. XTOOL D9 Pro? Well, worry not! You’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s worth shelling out extra cash for the XTOOL D9 Pro, or if the reliable D8 is sufficient for your everyday garage needs.

I’ve written a comparison review to give you the needed information to make a smart choice. 

Check out my detailed table of the three scanners, and let’s dive into the similarities and differences below.

XTOOL D8 vs D9 vs D9 Pro: Full Comparison Chart

Check Price
Check Price
Check Price
Full-system diagnostics
Topology map
Active tests
Service functions
ABS bleeding
Throttle relearn
Key programming
NOx sensor reset
AdBlue reset
Guided function (VAG)
ECU coding
ECU programming
Car/Light trucks
CAN FD Protocol
DoIP Protocol
Quad-Core 1.8GHz
Quad-Core 1.8GHz
Quad-Core 1.8GHz
Operating system
Android 5.1
Android 10
Android 10
2G & 64G
2G & 128G
2G & 128G
Screen size
Battery capacity
10,000 mAh
10,000 mAh
10,000 mAh
Wireless connection
Free update
3 years
3 years
3 years
Update fee
2 years
2 years
2 years
Customer support
Check price
Check Price
Check Price

Now that you have a general understanding of what each scanner includes and lacks, simply scroll down to find more detailed information.

XTOOL D8 vs D9 vs D9 Pro: Performance

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When it comes to XTOOL D8, D9, and D9 Pro, they have several shared functions, including:

  • Full-system diagnostics
  • Active tests
  • Guided function for VAG
  • Topology maps, etc.

However, the D9 and D9 Pro stand out as upgraded versions of the D8, offering a range of high-end features that the D8 lacks. Here are some prominent features in D9 line:

  • More advanced service functions 
  • ECU coding for more specific car makes
  • ECU programming (D9 Pro only)

To provide you with a clear understanding of the functional differences among these three scanners, here’s my comparison.

1. Service functions

In terms of service functions, XTOOL D8 offers a total of 38+ functions. However, both XTOOL D9 and D9 Pro take it a step further by providing an expanded selection of 42+ functions.

Note that all three scanners share the same 38 functions, but the D9 and D9 Pro offer additional 4 service functions. They are:

  • AdBlue reset (for Mercedes diesel)
  • NOx sensor reset
  • Odometer read
  • Write VIN
xtool d9 vs d9 pro vs d8 service functions

With the D9 and D9 Pro, you’ll have access to these extra features, enhancing the versatility and capabilities of car maintenance tasks.

2. ECU coding

The three scanners offer the ECU coding function, but the supported car brands may differ. The XTOOL D8 and D9 scanners support ECU coding for 3 car makes: VW, AUDI, and SKODA.

On the other hand, the D9 Pro scanner expands its compatibility to include 5 brands: BENZ, BMW, VW, AUDI, and SKODA.

xtool d9 vs d9 pro vs d8 ecu coding

Therefore, if you opt for the D9 Pro, you’ll enjoy a broader range of car brands for ECU coding capabilities.

3. ECU programming

The XTOOL D8, D9, and D9 Pro all share a common function known as PMI (Programmable Module Installation) for Ford and Mazda. This function allows you to effortlessly copy and install data from the original module to a new module when replacing or initializing it on these vehicles.

However, when it comes to dealership-level ECU programming, XTOOL D9 Pro is the only scanner equipped with this function. I am surprised that it provides this advanced capability at an affordable price.

However, note that this function comes with a slight limitation—it exclusively supports 5 specific car brands:

  • BENZ
  • BMW
  • VW
  • AUDI

For experienced DIYers or owners of small repair shops like me, the support for these seven car brands justifies the price and makes XTOOL D9 Pro a worthy investment.

Today’s best XTOOL D9 Pro price:

XTOOL D8 vs D9 vs D9 Pro: Vehicle Coverage

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When considering vehicle coverage, these three scanners offer nearly identical capabilities. Notably, all of them are equipped with the CAN FD protocol, enabling effective communication with GM models from 2020+.

xtool d8 vs d9 vs d9 pro vehicle coverage

However, the D9 and D9 Pro gain a slight advantage in coverage with the addition of the DoIP protocol. This protocol expands their capabilities, allowing for diagnostics and maintenance on BMW E/F/G Chassis, Jaguar, and Land Rover vehicles.

With DoIP protocol, the D9 and D9 Pro can work with a wider variety of car models.

Today’s best XTOOL D9 price:

Today’s best XTOOL D9 Pro price:

XTOOL D8 vs D9 vs D9 Pro: Design & Hardware

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When it comes to design and hardware, XTOOL D9 and D9 Pro share identical features, while XTOOL D8 differs in various aspects such as:

  • memory 
  • operating system 
  • screen size 
  • connection type

Both XTOOL D9 and D9 Pro boast a Quad-Core 1.8GHz processor and run on Android 10, ensuring optimal working speed. On the other hand, the D8 also has the same processor but operates on Android 5.1.

In terms of screens, the D9 and D9 Pro shine with their large displays, measuring up to 9.7 inches, while the D8 offers a slightly smaller 8-inch screen. For those who prefer a larger display, D9 and D9 Pro are the perfect choices.

Regarding memory, all three scanners are equipped with 2GB of RAM. However, the D8 falls behind in storage capacity, with 64GB compared to the 128GB offered by the D9 and D9 Pro.

Both the XTOOL D9 and D9 Pro feature Bluetooth VCI, allowing for wireless diagnostics without the restriction of cables. In contrast, XTOOL D8 comes with an OBD2 cable, though it offers a lengthy 5-foot cord to ensure comfortable usage.

For those concerned about battery life, all three scanners boast a substantial battery capacity of up to 10,000 mAh, providing ample power to tackle your tasks without interruptions.

If convenience is a priority for you, the D9/D9 Pro is an ideal choice with the Bluetooth VCI. However, if that’s not a major concern, the D8 offers a more budget-friendly option. And more importantly, their specifications are relatively similar.

Today’s best XTOOL D9 price:

Today’s best XTOOL D9 Pro price:

XTOOL D8 vs D9 vs D9 Pro: After-sales service

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As all three scanners, XTOOL D8, D9, and D9 Pro, are products of XTOOL, they share common features: a 3-year free update, accompanied by a 2-year warranty and excellent customer support.

However, it’s important to note that the update fees for each scanner differ once the free update period expires. For the D8, the annual update fee is $199, whereas the D9’s update fee is $299 and D9 Pro’s update fee is $399.

Considering the advanced functions offered by the D9 and D9 Pro, the higher update fee is justifiable and reasonable.

Today’s best XTOOL D8 price:

Today’s best XTOOL D9 price:

Today’s best XTOOL D9 Pro price:

My recommendations

Of course, XTOOL D9 Pro is the best scanner option among the three scanners, offering a wide range of advanced features. However, let me ask you this: Do you work as a professional who regularly performs complex tasks like ECU programming?

Here’s my honest advice:

If you do, then investing in the XTOOL D9 Pro is definitely worth it.

If not, the XTOOL D8 is a more cost-effective choice. It’s suitable for people who work on their cars at home or enjoy doing auto DIY projects.

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