XTOOL D8 vs. Autel MS906: Which One Is Worth The Investment?

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Not sure which one to pick between XTOOL D8 vs. Autel MS906?

These scanners are both in the mid-range category from XTOOL and AUTEL, and they come with advanced features like ecu coding and topology map.

If you’re wondering which scanner is better for DIYers or home mechanics, I’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll compare the similarities and differences between these two scanners, so you can decide which one is worth the money and fits your needs better.

XTOOL D8 vs. Autel MS906: Full comparison chart

xtool d8
Check Price
Autel MS906
Autel MS906
Check Price
Full-system diagnostic
Live data
Active tests
Topology map
Service functions
Oil Reset
ABS Bleeding
TPMS Reset
Key Programming
Crankshaft Relearn
Transmission Relearn
ECU Coding
VAG cars
VAG cars
Offline programming
Ford, Lincoln, Mazda
OBD2 car/light truck
OBD1 car/light truck
Latest GM cars
Screen size
Quad-Core 1.8GHz
Quad-Core 1.8GHz
Android OS
Android 5.1.1
Android 4.4.4
10,000 mAh
Wireless connection
Free updates
3 years
1 year
2 years
1 year
Yearly update fee
Customer support
Check price
Check Price

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Quick Summary: Key Differences

  • Topology map: The XTOOL D8 is a budget-friendly option that includes the useful topology map feature. Meanwhile, Autel MS906, which is priced over $1000, lacks this feature.
  • Price: Autel MS906 is significantly more expensive than the XTOOL D8, even though the D8 offers almost equivalent functionality and, in some aspects, outperforms the MS906.
  • Design & Hardware: Autel MS906 boasts a more powerful processor, but XTOOL D8’s battery capacity is twice as much as Autel MS906’s. Moreover, the D8 has a memory of 64 GB, which is greater than the MS906’s 32 GB.
  • After-sales service: XTOOL D8 offers 3 years of free updates and a 2-year warranty, whereas the Autel MS906 provides only 1 year of free updates and a 1-year warranty.

Today’s best XTOOL D8 price:

Today’s best Autel MS906 price:

XTOOL D8 vs. Autel MS906: Detailed Comparison


In general, the functions of these two scanners are quite similar, with only 1-2 points of difference. Let’s start by going over their similarities first and then analyze the differences.

Both the XTOOL D8 and Autel MS906 allow you to:

  • Scan all trouble codes from any car’s system.
  • Read live data in 2 formats: text and graph.
  • Pinpoint the location of the problem with active tests.
  • Complete some complicated functions step by step with the Guided function.
  • Perform ECU coding on VW, Audi, and Skoda.

Now, let’s explore the differences between them.

Autel MS906 supports about 36 service functions, while the XTOOL D8 supports 38 functions, which is two more than the MS906. However, they do have some commonly used functions in common, such as: 

  • ABS bleeding, 
  • key programming, 
  • battery registration, 
  • throttle adaptation, 
  • DPF regen, etc.

Apart from service functions, XTOOL D8 also has an extra function that the Autel MS906 does not have, which is offline programming (PMI).

Because from July 2023, XTOOL has updated the D8 to include the PMI function for Ford, Lincoln, and Mazda vehicles. This enables you to copy data into new modules on the mentioned vehicles.

Today’s best XTOOL D8 price:

Today’s best Autel MS906 price:

Vehicle Coverage

Both the XTOOL D8 and the Autel MS906 offer extensive vehicle coverage, supporting a wide range of car models.

The D8 has an extra advantage with CAN-FD function. If you own or work with 2020+ GM, the D8 can diagnose these vehicles thanks to this protocol.

Today’s best XTOOL D8 price:

Today’s best Autel MS906 price:

Design & Hardware

The XTOOL D8 and Autel MS906 have two main things in common:

  • they both have an 8-inch screen size
  • neither has Bluetooth support, so you’ll need to use an OBD2 cable

However, keep in mind that there are versions of both scanners available with Bluetooth connectivity if you prefer a wireless connection.

Now, let’s talk about the differences between them. XTOOL D8 has a quad-core processor, while the Autel MS906 has a more powerful Hexa-core processor, making the MS906 slightly faster. This means Autel MS906 can handle multiple tasks more efficiently.

In terms of memory, both scanners have 2GB RAM. However, the XTOOL D8 has 64GB of ROM, while the MS906 has 32GB. If you like to save reports or live data, the D8 would be a better choice due to its larger storage capacity.

As for the operating system, the XTOOL D8 uses Android 5.1, while the Autel MS906 has a slightly older version, Android 4.4.

Regarding battery life, the XTOOL D8 is the winner with a substantial 10,000mAh capacity, whereas the MS906 only has 5000mAh

With the XTOOL D8, you can use the scanner for a longer time without needing to charge it frequently.

Today’s best XTOOL D8 price:

Today’s best Autel MS906 price:

After-sales Service

When it comes to this aspect, XTOOL consistently proves to be the more outstanding brand, and XTOOL D8 outshines Autel MS906.

XTOOL D8 offers an impressive 3-year free update period with an annual fee of only $200, while the Autel MS906 provides just 1 year of free updates and charges up to $495 annually.

Furthermore, XTOOL D8 comes with a 2-year warranty, whereas the Autel MS906 offers only 1 year of warranty coverage.

In terms of support, I haven’t seen any company that matches XTOOL’s level of service. They are always eager to assist with any scanner issues and provide quick responses to all questions.

Autel’s customer service is not bad, but it doesn’t quite reach the excellence of XTOOL. Personally, I find their customer service to be average at best.

Today’s best XTOOL D8 price:

Today’s best Autel MS906 price:


When comparing two scanners in different aspects, XTOOL D8 comes out on top over Autel MS906. Despite Autel being a well-known scanner company and XTOOL being relatively new, I believe the XTOOL D8 is the clear winner.

If you prefer famous brands that offer a wide range of features covering more cars, then AUTEL MS906 is a good option.

Today’s best XTOOL D8 price:

Today’s best Autel MS906 price:

However, if you’re looking for an affordable scanner that can do almost everything a more expensive one can, then XTOOL D8 is the perfect choice for you.

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