Foxwell NT510: Multi-system OBDI and OBDII Automotive Scan Tool Review

Foxwell NT510 is a powerful multi-system scan tool which is highly recommended by professionals and mechanics.

It can work fluently on both OBDI and OBDII.

foxwell nt510
FOXWELL NT510 Automotive Scanner/ Diagnostic Scan Tools with OIL Service Reset, ABS Reset Service Functions (NEW VERSION)
(4.1 / 5)
Built to be a user-friendly yet power tool, the Foxwell NT510 can save a substantial amount of money in terms of labor and analyzation costs.

FOXWELL NT510 Overview

Besides the basic functions, this Foxwell auto-scanner owns self-learning software that will adapt to your car.

You can read DTC codes, reset service indicators, and several other functions all at an affordable price.

In this article, we will tell you in details about one of the FOXWELL NT510 Versions: FOXWELL NT510 for BMW.

FOXWELL NT510 For BMW Detailed Review

Features And Functionality Of Foxwell NT510

Professional Grade

The Foxwell NT510 is specifically for professionals. However, it has a more accessible interface for those who have little or no experience with scanners.


The NT510 fits perfectly in your hand. The product’s design makes it functional with one hand so the other is free to continue doing other tasks as you use the scanner.

Basic Functions

Like other OBD2 Scanners, the NT510 is compatible with both OBD1 and OBD2 brand vehicles.

It also can read codes from models 1996 and newer with special diagnostics limited to models that are 2015 and newer.

Foxwell NT510 is a powerful multi-system scan tool which is highly recommended by professionals and mechanics
Foxwell NT510 offers powerful all system diagnostic function.

The NT510 has all the basic functional features of a standard scanner with live date and erase codes. This is because it is equipped with several different DTCs.

Advanced Functions

The Foxwell NT510 includes advanced functions such as programming, actuation, and adaptation coding.

Foxwell NT510 is a BMW diagnostic scan tool is capable of reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes
Foxwell NT510 supports several advanced functions

It comes with software for up to 5 vehicles which makes it quite reliable.

You can purchase the software for your own car’s make and it is easily uploaded to the device.

Foxwell NT510 models for different makes.

Foxwell NT510 can work well for different makes by installing the appropriate software.

Foxwell NT510 is one of the best OBD scan tool because it helps you save your time in important things
With Foxwell NT510, you can do it by yourself.

There are hundreds of software for brands available and the cost may change a little bit from the original.

Product NameCompatibilitySoftware includeddAction
FOXWELL NT510 for Ford/Lincoln/MercuryOBD1 & OBD2AU FORDSee Details
FOXWELL NT510 for FiatOBD1 and OBD2Fiat, Alfa, Abarth, LanciaSee Details
FOXWELL NT510 for Honda/AcuraOBD1 and OBD2Honda, AcuraSee Details
FOXWELL NT510 for Kia/HuyndaiOBD1 and OBD2Huyndai, KIASee Details
FOXWELL NT510 for Land Rover / JaguarOBD1 and OBD2Land Rover, JaguarSee Details
FOXWELL NT510 for Opel / VauxhallOBD1 and OBD2Opel, VauxhallSee Details
FOXWELL NT510 for Mercedes-BenzOBD1 and OBD2Mercedes-BenzSee Details

Graphs and Tables Display

The Foxwell NT510 can display information in tables and graphs. This can helps to analyze both positive and negative aspects of the car’s performance.

What’s more, you can access both the graph and the table at the same time for comparison.

Other Diagnostic Readings

While similar units can only read standard diagnostics, this NT510 can do a bit more.

It can run system tests, actuate components, and even perform programming tasks on control modules.

Due to the software, the unit will complete these tasks with more accuracy according to your specific brand and model.

Electric Diagnostics

The scanner allows the user to reset service codes, and deactivate brakes, adapt brakes.

Online Updates

Each product is compatible with the online system. It has the latest in updates, new vehicles, bug fixes, new parameters, and more.

Foxwell NT510 is an Affordable scan tool that the software is free for lifelong after your registeration.
This scan tool supports the lifelong free upgrade.

This system is free and available for the life of the product once it is registered after the initial purchase.

Durable Design

As the product was created for technicians, the outer design of the unit makes it durable. The highest-quality rubber can protect the internal device, and extra padding to protect corners. There is also a screen protector.

Each kit comes complete with a user guide, memory card, nylon carrying pouch, USB cable. A manufacturer limited warranty is also enclosed.


  • Ability to read standard and advanced codes in an interface for both professionals and amateurs.
  • Diagnosis electric and brake problems with a reset feature.
  • Additional models are easily added


  • The unit can only hold up to 5 different car models and brands at a single time.
  • Runs the special diagnostics on OBD1 and 2 vehicles from 2015 and newer.

Compatibility Of Foxwell NT510

Foxwell Nt510 is a multi-system scanner that can be compatible with tens of makes including:

  • Chrysler,
  • Ford,
  • BMW,
  • Lexus,
  • VW,
  • Jaguar,
  • Audi,
  • Hyundai,
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Toyota,
  • Maserati,
  • Honda, and many more.

What you have to do is to install the appropriate software.

FOXWELL NT510 vs Autel Al319 vs KONNWEI KW850

foxwell nt510
Foxwell NT510 OBD2 Scanner for BMW
Konnwei Kw850
KONNWEI KW850 OBD2 Auto Diagnostics Code Scanner
Autel AutoLink AL319
Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner CAN Scan Tool
Customer Rating (4.1 / 5) (4.1 / 5) (4.5 / 5)
Pricefoxwell nt510 priceKonnwei Kw850 priceAutel AutoLink AL319 price
ProsFor both professionals and amateurs
Diagnosis electric and brake problems with a reset feature.
Offers full OBDII and EOBD diagnostic functions;
Performs O2 sensor and EVAP systems test;
Turns off CEL.
Read standard codes and have a reset feature;
Easy to use and quite affordable.
ConsNot support 2000-2015 car models
Only hold up to 5 different car models and brands at a single time.
The customer service is quite unreliable
The scanner’s website takes a long time to load pages.
Has a smaller LED screen
It has cumbersome hardware
Bottom LineFoxwell NT510 is built for BMW. (There are also available versions for other makes.)KONNWEI KW850 suits DIYers of various car makes.Autel Al319 is an excellent choice for beginners who want to turn off the CEL.

Who Is Foxwell NT510 Built For?

The NT510 is specifically for professionals who find the interface simple to use but with enough special features to diagnose the car’s system more deeply.

They will also appreciate a professional scanner with all the special features and functions making their task more fulfilling.

The Bottom Line

While there are many different options available for a scanner in this price range, very few of them compare in quality and features to what the Foxwell NT510 can give.

Built to be a user-friendly yet powerful tool, the Foxwell NT510 can save a substantial amount of money in terms of labour and analyzation costs.

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