Foxwell NT809 vs. Autel MX808: Which Should You Get?

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Confused between Foxwell NT809 and Autel MX808?

No worries! In just 2-3 minutes, this article will help you decide. 

Here’s what you’ll find in my comparison review:  

  • Quick summary of 3 key differences
  • A full comparison chart 
  • And a comprehensive comparison review 

Don’t wait any longer—scroll down and make your decision now!

Foxwell NT809 vs. Autel MX808: Full Comparison Table

Foxwell NT809
Foxwell NT809
Check Price
Autel MX808
Autel MX808
Check Price
Full-system diagnostic
Live data
Active tests
Service functions
Oil reset
ABS bleeding
Throttle relearn
Transmission relearn
Crank relearn
Key programming
ECU coding
OBD2 car/light truck
OBD1 car/light truck
Later GM and Ford
Later FCA cars
Screen size
Quad-Core, 1.3Ghz
Quad-Core 1.8GHz
Android OS
Android 9.0
Android 11
5,000 mAh
Charging adapter
Free updates
3 years
1 year
3 years
1 year
Yearly update fee
Customer support
Where to buy
Amazon ➝

Foxwelldiag ➝
Check Price ➝

* Note: Reset and Relearn functions are not universal.

Foxwell NT809 vs. Autel MX808: Key Differences

Welcome to this special section where I’ll help you quickly find the differences between the Autel MX808 and Foxwell NT809 in just 1 minute.

Here are the main differences between the NT809 and MX808:

  • Key programming: This function is missing on Foxwell NT809. So if you want to save money by disabling lost keys or adding a new key fob at home, the MX808 is the one to go for. 
  • Free update: MX808 comes with 1 year of free updates, whereas the NT808BT offers an attractive 3-year free update period.

So, here is my recommendation:

Choose Autel MX808 for value and power. It’s cheaper with strong hardware and key programming.

Prefer 3-year free update? Foxwell NT809 is your go-to.

Today’s best Foxwell NT809 price:

Today’s best Autel MX808 price:

Sure, there are a few other minor differences between the two, but they’re less important. If you need more details, just scroll down and read on.

Foxwell NT809 vs. Autel MX808: Performance


Even though both scanners can do the same tasks:

  • scan all car systems,
  • perform active tests,

Their hardware differences can give you a unique diagnostic experience.

With its powerful 1.8GHz processor, the MX808 offers a super smooth experience, especially when handling heavy-duty tasks like scanning entire car systems. 

On the other hand, the Foxwell NT809 has a 1.3GHz processor, which might lead to some lag issues if you use it for extended periods or handle tough tasks.

Service functions 

Both Foxwell NT809 and Autel MX808 offer a wide range of 30 service functions, including some of the most commonly used ones:

  • Reset functions: Oil reset, EPB reset, TPMS reset, and Throttle reset.
  • Relearn functions: Transmission relearn and Crankshaft relearn.

But here’s an important heads-up!

Foxwell NT809 doesn’t support Key Programming function.

Most users consider IMMO (Key Programming) the most essential function in a bi-directional scanner. It’s hard to believe that a $500 scanner like NT809 doesn’t have it.

Autel MX808, on the other hand, comes with the handy Key Programming function. 

Imagine the convenience—having the MX808 allows you to erase stored keys, buy aftermarket fobs, and program them yourself! It’s a great way to save tons of money!

Apart from Key Programming, both NT809 and MX808 support the same service functions. 

So, if Key Programming is crucial for you, the MX808 is definitely the way to go! 

Today’s best Foxwell NT809 price:

Today’s best Autel MX808 price:

Foxwell NT809 vs. Autel MX808: Vehicle Coverage

The coverage of both the Foxwell NT809 and Autel MX808 is pretty much the same. You can find all the detailed info in the table above.

Now, here comes the unique difference between them— CAN-FD protocol

This cool feature is only available on the NT809, and it allows it to work seamlessly with the latest GM vehicles manufactured after 2020.

Keep that in mind while choosing the scanner that fits your needs best. 

Foxwell NT809 vs. Autel MX808: Design & Hardware

First things first, neither the Autel MX808 nor the Foxwell NT809 come with wireless features. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to move around freely while diagnosing. It might be a bit inconvenient, but that’s a common trait among bi-directional scanners under $500.

Now, onto the differences.

Autel MX808 takes the spotlight with some outstanding hardware advantages. It comes with:

  • Higher capacity battery – 5,000mAh, providing more power for extended use.
  • Impressive memory with 4G+64G, ensuring smooth performance even with heavy tasks.

In comparison, NT809 has a 4,000mAh battery and a more limited memory of only 1G+32G.

The last thing to note is that Foxwell NT809 doesn’t include a power adapter. It’s a minor inconvenience since you’ll need to find a suitable adapter to recharge it.

In contrast, the Autel MX808 comes with all the necessary accessories, so you won’t have to worry about finding additional items to use it.

Today’s best Foxwell NT809 price:

Today’s best Autel MX808 price:

Foxwell NT809 vs. Autel MX808: After-sales Service

The update fee of Foxwell NT809B and Autel MX808 is the same, both require $150 a year.

However, the Foxwell NT809 takes the lead with an impressive 3 years of free updates, whereas the MX808 only offers 1 year. The free update offer from the NT809 can save you $300 compared to buying MX808. 

Plus, the NT809 also comes with an extended warranty of 3 years, providing you peace of mind for 36 months after purchase.

For those who value a good warranty, the NT809 is the perfect option.

On the other hand, the MX808 shines with better technical support as it is the US version of the MK808. You’ll have support not only online but also through offline stores, offering you dual after-sale guarantees.

Both products have their own strengths, so the decision ultimately comes down to your preference.

Today’s best Foxwell NT809 price:

Today’s best Autel MX808 price:


To sum it up, the Autel MX808 stands out as the better option. It’s not only cheaper but also offers powerful hardware and a useful key programming function.

However, if you prioritize a 3-year free update, Foxwell NT809 might be the one you should opt for.

Today’s best Foxwell NT809 price:

Today’s best Autel MX808 price:

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