Nissan Dashboard Warning Lights and Meanings (FULL list, FREE Download)

Maybe your Nissan dashboard light suddenly shows up while you’re driving. Or maybe you want to know its meaning in case this happens to you.

Here is a brief guide of what each light indicates on your Nissan dashboard and what you should do when it appears.

You can also download the full list of Nissan warning lights and meanings in an image and an E-book (FREE Download) for the next drive.

Get your Nissan dashboard warning lights explained below!

Nissan Warning Lights/Indicators and Meanings

Click the symbols for details if you want.

Now you know what your car is trying to tell you and have a better understanding of Nissan dashboard lights.

But it can be challenging to remember exactly the name and meaning of each symbol, right?

No problem!

I’ve compiled the full list of Nissan warning lights and indicators with their meanings in an image and a PDF E-book for you. 

Don’t hesitate to download them for later use:



Get access to my full list of these dashboard lights and become a better driver.

Nissan Warning Lights And Indicators PDF

What’s Next?

Here comes the end of my Nissan warning light symbol guide. 

Keep in mind, the red and yellow dashboard warning lights normally mean you need to have your car serviced. 

To ensure what’s going on with your car, buy a scanner to diagnose the problem. Find the right scan tool for your Nissan by reading my review on Best OBD2 Scanners.

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