2001 Honda Accord SRS light is ON: Why? How to turn it off?

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Is the SRS light continuously on in your 2001 Honda Accord? This could be an indication of a problem in the airbag system. If any part of this system fails, the SRS light stays on. Fortunately, it is not something to worry about because you can turn it off without visiting a mechanic.

We will state possible causes of SRS warning lights staying on and how to turn them off. Keep reading to learn how to switch off the light in a 2001 Honda Accord.

What does SRS light on a Honda Accord mean?

SRS light means in 2001 Honda Accord
The SRS light can indicate a problem in the airbag system. You need to have your 2001 Honda Accord checked to prevent severe problems.

An SRS light stands for the Supplemental Restraint System, also known as the airbag system. It stays on when there is a fault in the airbag system, meaning your life might be in danger when driving on the roads.

When the SRS light is on, the airbag system in your 2001 Honda Accord might not deploy in case of an accident. So, it would be best if you have the problem diagnosed and solved, and the light will turn off. You can do this yourself if you have experience or visit an auto mechanic to help you.

What causes the SRS light to come on?

The causes of SRS light to come on vary from one vehicle model to the other. Sometimes it is not the malfunctioning of the airbag system but other reasons that you should find out. If your light stays on, then it can be probably because of the following reasons:

reasons that the SRS light comes on
There are several reasons that make the SRS light come on. It is vital to diagnose the problem before resetting the light to ensure it will not show up again.

Drained Airbag Battery Backup

If your car battery is excessively drained, the airbag backup battery can also get depleted. The system senses this, and the SRS light comes on. The problem might fix itself once the battery recharges, but in some cases, you need to turn the light off manually or by using a scan tool.

Failed Clock Spring

A clock spring connects the driver-side airbag to the electrical wiring of the vehicle. It coils in and out when steering and eventually wears out over time, causing a poor connection or disconnecting the driver-side airbag. Airbag sends a soft-code error to the control module, which turns on the light.

Faulty Control Module

A control module or airbag electronic crash unit is a component in your Honda Accord car that controls the airbag deployment when an accident occurs. It also stores crash data and communicates with the engine control unit. The control module can be shorted or corroded, causing it not to function correctly. If that happens, the SRS light comes on.

Loose Wire or Faulty Connections

The components of the SRS system are all connected by electrical wires. A faulty connection or loose wires will disrupt the normal signal flow, causing the light to turn on.

Corroded Crash Sensor

A crash sensor detects collisions and sends this information to the restraint control unit to deploy the airbag. However, a corroded or faulty crash sensor will send incorrect signals. This will make the light come on.

Seat Occupant Sensor Problem

The seat occupancy sensor is mounted under the seat or on the frame. When someone sits, an electrical signal is generated. This is relayed to the restraint control module, which determines if it is properly working or not. If there is a problem, the light comes on, and the entire SRS system shuts down.

Faulty Seat Belt Buckle

The driver’s seat belt buckle has a switch connected to the SRS. This switch tells the system when your seat belt is on. If it is faulty and cannot send the correct signal to the control module when you belt up, the SRS light will stay on.

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How to turn off the SRS light?

how to turn off the SRS light
Turning off the SRS light should be the last step after the problem is diagnosed and fixed. Follow the procedure to switch off the light in your 2001 Honda Accord.

Turning off the SRS light should be the last step after the problem is diagnosed and fixed. Turning it off first does not make any difference because it will turn on again when you start your car. Diagnosing and fixing the problem can be a challenge, but it is safe for you to use this procedure to turn the light off.

The following are the basic steps for switching off the SRS light in your Honda Accord:

  • Straighten out a paperclip
  • Remove a fuse panel cover located just under the steering column by pulling it down with your fingers.
  • Locate the SRS power connector in the fuse panel. It has a yellow plug to distinguish it from other system power connectors.
  • Disconnect the power from the fuse panel by pulling out the power connector.
  • Short the terminals by putting one end of the paperclip on one terminal and the remaining end of the paper clip onto the other terminal
  • Switch on the ignition but do not let the engine start. Wait for a few seconds for the SRS light to come off.
  • Turn the ignition back off, remove the paperclip, and reconnect the SRS power connector.
  • Replace the fuse panel cover, and you are good to go.


SRS light is a warning light that indicates a problem with the airbag system on your Honda accord. This can be caused by faulty electrical wires, corroded crash sensors, faulty seat belt buckle, faulty clock spring, faulty seat occupant sensors, among others. The reason for the SRS light staying on should be diagnosed, fixed, and the light reset. It will help if you do this for your safety when driving on the roads.

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