SRS Light / Airbag Light is On: What Should I Do?

The SRS light refers to the Supplemental Restraint System, which is also known as airbag system light. It is a computerized system designed to deploy airbags that cover the driver and passengers whenever there is an impact.

Before you drive out of your parking lot, check whether all parts of the car are functional. It’s dangerous to drive a vehicle while the airbag light is on, which means the difference between your life and death.

What does it mean when the airbag light is on?

The reasons behind the illuminated airbag are several, and it is your responsibility to check them out before the unexpected happens.

This article will show you the informations about SRS light
The reasons behind the illuminated airbag are several, and it is your responsibility to check them out before the unexpected happens.

The airbag is connected to a clock spring that connects the driver’s seat and the electrical wiring, which triggers the airbag. Thin circuits make the spring clock, which helps in sending the signals to the system. However, after some time, they brittle or fray, causing the bags to send an error report to the computer system, which produces an alternating light. Airbag lights fail to turn off when your car battery is empty of energy. This problem happens when the charging system encounters a mechanical issue, which can be solved by recharging the battery. In case it persists, the use of a scanning tool can help remove the soft-code errors that switch the light on.

The airbag light can go on when the control module is corroded or wet. Most of the cars have the control module set underneath the driver’s seat or front passenger.

The parts get corroded when you expose them to water, sending wrong information to the dashboard. From regular use or mechanical failure, the seat belt switches become faulty leading to the error recording on the system.

When nickel or other things fall in the buckle, it interferes with the switch sending wrong signals to the computer. This puts on the SRS light, and a few adjustments can solve the issue.

why is my airbag light on
Have you ever wonder “Why is my airbag light on?”. These are five most common reasons for such situation

Is it Wise to Drive with the SRS Light on?

Blinking or permanent SRS light on the dashboard means that something is wrong, and you need to consider it as serious. Although the car is driveable, its safety is compromised and can put your life and that of your loved ones at risk when an accident occurs. Insurance companies reduce their medical coverage bills when they realize that the airbag system was malfunctioning when the incident occurred. The computer module has a black box similar to that found on planes, which record useful information about the car. These include the speed, force, and some seat belts latched at the time of the incident. Therefore, avoid driving with the SRS light on because you might be heading to your graveyard.

There are slim chances that the airbags would be functional with the lights on.

You should seek the attention of a professional to get the car diagnosed and fixed immediately.

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Steps to Take when the SRS Light Goes on

if the airbag warning light does not go off, it means that something is wrong and needs checking.
The SRS system is passive. When an impact is felt, it automatically activates itself to protect the car occupants.

All vehicles illuminate their SRS lights for about 5 seconds when the car is started to run a self-test sequence. The light disappears within a few seconds, assuring you that it is safe to drive. However, if the airbag warning light does not go off, it means that something is wrong and needs checking. The appearance of the airbags light on the dashboard should not make you start panicking. It’s a form of awareness of a problem that needs your attention.

What you can do now is to have your vehicle diagnosed with an Airbag Scanner like Autel Maxidiag Elite (MD802), which will tell you why the warning light keeps coming on.

how to fix airbag light on
Five simple steps for how to fix airbag light on but at first, have your vehicle diagnosed with an Airbag Scanner

After the diagnosis, you will realize what needs repair, which will help you make the right decision.

Minimal repairs like resetting the crash sensor can give you some peace of mind because it is not costly. Get the repairs done by an experienced repair expert to avoid a repeat of the sensor malfunctioning.

Spoilt airbag sensors will need a replacement for them to go back to their functional state. However, fitting all the airbags with the sensors is expensive and could cost you handsomely. If the repair cost is too high, think of disposing of the car before it becomes an open can of worms.

Finally, before you dispose of the car, check whether the vehicle has an SRS or airbag recall notice from the manufacturer.

A warranty or recall notice can cover these repairs, and all you have to do is find out from the car distributor.

A video about airbag light reset with Autel MaxiDiag Elite (MD802) OBD2 scan tool

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The SRS computerized system evaluates data sent in by sensors from the steering system, motion, vehicle speed, seat belt, and angle sensors. The system chooses which seat belt it will tighten and airbag it will deploy when the enabling criteria are met. As such, it safeguards the car occupants from slamming or hitting their body parts on the dashboard and the steering wheel. Repair costs will depend on the type of repair that will be done after a proper diagnosis. If the airbag experiences faulty switches or sensors, it will not cost much. Airbags that got deployed during a collision will need replacement, which might cost you a fortune. All cars are fitted with safety features, and SRS light is one of them. Just like you keep a close look at the engine oil light, keep on checking the airbag’s light. It takes a few minutes to fasten the seat belts and a few hours to have it diagnosed by professionals. Airbags save lives when the passengers have their seat belts fastened appropriately. Get your airbags diagnosed and inspected after some time by professionals from trusted repair shops. The amount of money used in such inspections and repairs cannot be compared to lost lives or injuries obtained from accidents.

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