6 Best TOPDON OBD2 Scanners in 2023 [Review]

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“Are TOPDON scanners any good? Which TOPDON scanner is for me? What types of scanners do TOPDON have?”

If you have any of those questions, of if you simple want to find the best TOPDON scanner for your needs, this post is for you.

In this post, I will give out some information about TOPDON brand and their product lines. And most importantly, I’ll give you a list of the top six TOPDON scanners, and a detailed review of each scanner.

6 Best TOPDON Scan Tools Comparison Chart

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Satisfaction score
What it can do?
Best cheap
– Engine-system diagnosis
– I/M Readiness
Check Price
Editor’s Pick
Phoenix Lite 2
– Full-system diagnosis
Full bidirectional
– 28+ service functions
ECU Coding
Check Price
– Engine-system diagnosis
– Engine live data
– DTC look-up
Full 10 OBD2 modes
Check Price
– Full-system diagnosis
– Full OBD2 functions
28 service functions
– Throttle Relearn
Check Price
– 4-system diagnosis
– Full OBD2 functions
– 8 service functions
ABS Bleed/ DPF Regen
Check Price
– Engine/ ABS / SRS diagnosis
– Live data
ABS/ SRS active tests
– 3 service functions
Check Price

Table of contents:

Is TOPDON a Good Brand?

  • TOPDON was founded in 2017. They are not among the leading brands in this scanner world, but they’re also not a newbie. I consider them as the middle-rank.
  • TOPDON products are well-known for quick and reliable diagnostics and repair.
  • TOPDON products often receive high ratings. For example, the TOPDON Phoenix Pro has a rating of 4.8 and the TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2 has a perfect 5 rating, which is very impressive.
  • TOPDON offers great products for all levels of mechanic knowledge, from novice to professional.
  • TOPDON tech support is helpful and excellent.
  • One thing I like about TOPDON is that their scanners are affordable and not overpriced.

TOPDON Product Lines: Which One is for You?

Product linesTargeted UsersKey FeaturesRecommended products
ArtiLink (AL)

< $100

Beginners, Home mechanics • Read/ clear engine & transmission codes
• Smog test
• Engine live data
• Freeze frame data
• Full OBD2 functions



Diag (AD)

< $600

DIYers, home mechanics • 4 system/ full system codes
• 4 system/ full system live data
• Reset functions
• Active tests (AD900BT)





< $3000

Professionals, advanced mechanics/ DIYers• Full system diagnostics
• Full active tests
• Numerous reset functions
• Key Programming
• ECU Coding
• ECU Programming (Phoenix Pro)
TOPDON Phoenix Plus

TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2

TOPDON Phoenix Pro

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6 Best TOPDON Scanners Detailed Reviews

1. TOPDON AL200: Best code reader




Price: Under $50


  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • Easy-to-use


No major cons

This is the most basic and straightforward scanner for any beginners that just step into the diagnostics world. Once you plug it in, it’s ready to use. 

This scanner can read and erase engine codes, and will give you a clear description of what each code means. It is also useful in determining if your car is ready for emissions tests.

The TOPDON AL200 is very fast and accurate. It only takes about 10 seconds to scan the engine system and give accurate codes. You can trust that the scanner will show accurate codes and won’t waste your time by showing fake codes.

TOPDON AL200 review: menu layout
TOPDON AL200 easy menu layout.

Thus, the TOPDON AL200 scanner can help you check if your vehicle is ready for a smog test. I can confirm that the I/M Readiness feature of the scanner works flawlessly and gives accurate results.

Overall, I don’t have any big problem using this TOPDON AL200. It just may not support a few types of vehicles, which is common with most scanners.

Today’s best TOPDON AL200 price:

#2. TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2

TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2

TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2


Price: Under $1,000


  • Wide range of functions
  • Wide vehicle coverage
  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • User-friendly


  • No Topology Map
  • High update fee ($430/y)

With a 4.8 rating on Amazon, it’s clear that customers are really happy with TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2, and I can say the same.

First off, TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2 can work on most of the vehicles I have tested, which is really impressive.

So, what this professional scanner can do?

  • Full bidirectional control: there are a ton of actuator tests I can run  (note that the available tests depend on the vehicle)
  • 28+ most popular service functions, including key programming and ABS Bleeding, etc.
  • ECU coding on some vehicles to unlock some hidden functions, like auto-folding windows.
TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2 unboxing.
TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2 unboxing.

This scanner has powerful performance as well. The Bluetooth connection on TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2 is strong and there’s no lag, even when using it for hours.

And what’s more? The menu is super simple and easy to navigate. Honestly, some of the other advanced scanners I’ve used were really complex, but this one is super user-friendly.

All in all, if you’re a mechanic, investing in TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2 is worth it. It can save you time and money by helping you diagnose and fix problems efficiently.

Today’s best TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2 price:

#3. TOPDON AL500: Cheapest scanner with 10 modes OBD2




Price: Under $50


  • Full OBD2 modes
  • Easy-to-use


  • Quite confusing to update

Personally, I think it’s a great tool for diagnosing engine issues. One feature that really stands out to me is the “DTCs lookup” function, where you can look up the code and read a description with possible causes right on the scanner.

Thus, TOPDON AL500 can give the engine live data and graph some data, which makes your diagnosis tasks much easier and faster. 

TOPDON AL500 review: graph live data.
TOPDON AL500 graph live data.

Another great feature is the one-key I/M Readiness function, which is especially handy for checking if vehicles are ready for smog tests.

And the fact that it supports all OBD2 10 modes is a major plus. You can do an O2 sensor test, EVAP test, etc.

All in all, this TOPDON AL500 is a reliable option if you want to find a full OBD2 modes scan tool, with a more thorough engine diagnosis.

However, if you work on cars every day, you might want to consider a more advanced tool for your needs, like the TOPDON Phoenix Lite 2 below.  

Today’s best TOPDON AL500 price:

#4. TOPDON AD800BT: Best full-system scanner (Bluetooth)




Price: Under $500


  • Wireless connection
  • 28+ service functions
  • User friendly


  • Some functions may not work

Want to get the most thorough diagnosis? Consider this TOPDON AD800BT.

It doesn’t just scan the engine, transmission, and ABS – it can access all systems to give you a complete picture of your vehicle’s health and prevent any future issues. It’s speedy too – with just under a minute to scan the whole car.

TOPDON Artidiag 800BT review: unboxing.
TOPDON Artidiag 800BT unboxing.

But that’s not all, this tool also offers 28 service functions that are perfect for home mechanics, DIYers, and those who want to save some cash. 

My favorite functions must be:

  • DPF Regen
  • ABS Bleeding
  • Throttle relearn

However, it’s worth noting that the TOPDON AD800BT doesn’t offer the key programming function, so keep that in mind if that’s something you need.

All in all, if you want a tool that offers in-depth diagnostics and a range of useful functions, the TOPDON AD800BT is definitely worth considering.

Today’s best TOPDON AD800BT price:

#5. TOPDON AD600S: Best 4-system scan tool




Price: Under $300


  • 8 service functions
  • Good live data


  • Quite slow to turn on

TOPDON AD600S is a tool for those who want to diagnose the 4 main systems of the vehicle: engine, ABS, SRS, and transmission. 

Live data is one feature I want to mention here. The screen is 5 inches so it’s easy to read. Not only that, this TOPDON AD600S can display a lot of important data like transmission temperature and other A/T data.

In fact, TOPDON AD600S is a bit slower to pull live data compared to other TOPDON scanners in this list. But it’s only a big deal when you have to work with many vehicles a day; otherwise, the speed is acceptable. 

topdon ad600s review: unboxing
TOPDON AD600S unboxing.

Besides the diagnosis functions, TOPDON AD600S also offers the 8 popular service functions like Oil/ BMS/ TPMS/ Brake/ SAS Reset and Throttle Relearn. 

And if you need a tool that can remove trapped air or filter diesel particulate for diesel vehicles, the TOPDON AD600S has ABS Bleeding and DPF Regen functions, too.

Altogether, The TOPDON AD600S is a helpful tool that can inform you about the status of the four main systems in your vehicle. It also comes with some necessary functions to service your vehicle.

Today’s best TOPDON AD600S price:

#6. TOPDON AL600: Best ABS/ SRS scanning tools (with active tests)




Price: Under $100


  • ABS/ SRS active tests
  • Accurate


No major cons

This TOPDON AL600 is designed specifically for ABS and SRS systems. You can diagnose all the common problems in the two systems, like low brake fluid, a corroded crash sensor, etc.

But what if you also want to check your engine light at the same time? Don’t worry, TOPDON AL600 can still do it, quickly and accurately

The best part is that TOPDON AL600 can do active tests on the ABS/ SRS system. You can test some modules like AYC valves, inlet valves, and outlet valves to see if they are working correctly.

TOPDON AL600 review: unboxing
TOPDON AL600 unboxing.

Now, I know this tool doesn’t offer as many service functions as a professional mechanic’s tools, but it does come with the three most commonly used reset functions: 

  • Oil reset 
  • SAS reset
  • And Battery registration

Overall, if you’re looking for a trusty diagnostic tool for your ABS/SRS system, TOPDON AL600 is definitely worth investing in.

Today’s best TOPDON A600 price:

What’s Next

Topdon makes some of the most affordable scan tools in the market today. However, the low price doesn’t compromise on their quality though. At the very least, a Topdon scan tool will help you diagnose MIL-related problems.

The point is, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for in a scanner. Topdon has a model that suits you. Just check from the 6 above and pick one.

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