4 Best Motorcycle Diagnostic Tools 2024 [Review + Comparison]

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4 Best Motorcycle Diagnostic Tools: Comparison Chart

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Best for Harley DavisonCheck Price


Best for BMW bikesCheck Price
Moto 100


Best universal motorcycle diagnostic scannerCheck Price
Ancel MT500


Best universal motorcycle diagnostic scannerCheck Price



Price: Under $50

Recommended app: Torque Pro, RPMitUP 

Nexas Nexlink is compatible with Harley motorcycles featuring a 16-PIN port and 6-PIN port. I tried it on a Harley Electra Glide with a 6-PIN OBD connector, it worked like a charm! 

One of the coolest things about the Nexas Nexlink is how it plays so nicely with extensive diagnostic apps. Two favorites of mine are:

  • Torque Pro,
  • and RPMitUP. 

RPMitUP, in particular, stands out for its exceptional user interface and functionality. I’ve been using it on a 2013 XL883L, am I impressed!

Gear indicators, signal indicators, RPM, speed live data – everything runs like a charm, as long as I keep that connection steady. 

Though RPMitUP may be slightly expensive (about $13), I firmly believe it’s worth every penny given its performance and capabilities.

I also combined the Nexas Nexlink with Torque Pro to scan that 2013 Harley. 

The app accurately identifies all fault codes on the bike. It also allows me to access real-time data. 

For riders seeking performance info such as RPM at horsepower peak, or oil temperature, the Torque Pro App is an inexpensive tool to consider.

Thanks to its impressive versatility, the Nexas Nexlink can save you substantial money, especially if you encounter untrustworthy mechanics. 

This scanner empowers you with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities, making it a must-have for any Harley owner.

Today’s best Nexas NexLink price:

#2. ANCEL MT500 PRO: Best motorcycle diagnostic tool 

Ancel MT500


Price: Under $1,000

Ancel MT500 is an essential tool for motorcycle enthusiasts and mechanics alike.

It’s a versatile device that comes with all the cords and attachments required, and covers almost every motorcycle brand you need.

ancel MT500 is the best diagnostic tool for motorcycles
Ancel MT500 comes with 9 different adapter cables for most manufactured vehicles.

Harley Davidson owners will particularly love this scanner, as it provides reliable support for most Harley models. I recently tested it on a 2006 Harley Davidson, and it worked like a charm, accurately identifying the bike’s possible issues.

The layout is clean and straightforward, making it perfect for new users. Even if you’re unfamiliar with code readers, navigating through the different functions and features is a breeze.

The high-quality and responsive touch screen is a bonus, ensuring clear visibility even when wearing gloves.

This tool is a game-changer for motorcycles with issues, and it helps with regular maintenance as well. 

Forget about costly dealership visits for diagnostics—with the Ancel MT500, you can run checks yourself and save money in the process. It’s a must-have for any motorcycle owner or mechanic.

Today’s best Ancel MT500 price:

#3. OBDPROG Moto 100: Best universal motorcycle diagnostic scanner

OBDPROG Moto 100


Price: Under $1,000

OBDPROG Moto 100 is a universal tool for multiple motorcycles. It covers different brands, mainly from USA and Asia: 

  • Harley 
  • Honda 
  • Yamaha 
  • Victory 
  • Polaris 
  • BRP 

For Harley, this scanner will cover both older Harleys with a 4-PINplug and newer ones with a 6-PIN plug.

In case you’re new to using diagnostic tools to fix your bike, this scanner is the perfect starting point for you.

And here’s why:

OBDPROG Moto 100 will show you a diagram of where the diagnostic port is on every motorcycle, so you don’t have to google it or waste time searching

Besides, this device runs on Android, so you can have apps like Adobe to view the service manual directly on the device. You can even use Teamviewer to connect remotely and get expert advice on what’s going on with your ride.

Impressively, OBDPROG Moto 100 offers over 30 relearn and reset functions, including ABS bleeding, oil light reset, idle speed adjustment, and more.

Some special functions for BMW on Moto 100.

However, the specific number of service functions may vary depending on the bike brand.

The OBDPROG Moto 100 proves to be a reliable diagnostic companion for your motorcycle needs.

Although the device comes with a 1-year free update, fear not if the free update period has expired. You can continue to use all the features of this diagnostic scanner without any limitations.

In conclusion, OBDPROG Moto 100 is an excellent choice for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking a user-friendly and versatile diagnostic tool.

Its wide coverage, ease of use, and various features make it a valuable investment for maintaining and troubleshooting your beloved ride. 

Today’s best MOTO 100 price:

#4. ‎HEX Code GS911: Best BMW motorcycle diagnostic tool 

HEX Code GS911


Price: Under $500

I highly recommend the GS911 scan tool for BMW motorcycle owners with:

  • Rectangular OBD-II connector (beginning in 2017)
  • OBD-II connector (2016+ F800GS, F800GSA, F800GT)

This GS911 wifi scanner is incredibly convenient as you can use it over home WiFi with laptops, tablets, or phones. 

However, do keep in mind that the mobile app (HexCode GS911 app) only supports basic diagnostics. For full features, I suggest downloading the desktop software.

While GS911 may seem a bit pricey, the performance and wealth of information it provides for troubleshooting make it well worth the investment.

With this scanner, you get the power to scan all the modules on your BMW motorcycle and erase fault codes.

I was impressed by the instant response time for diagnostic requests, and the best part is that it doesn’t require any VIN registration.

But here’s what sets GS911 apart—it has the unique ability to reset service reminders and adjust dates and time. This means you can take charge of your own maintenance and set customized reminders, granting you peace of mind.

In my opinion, the ability to reset a service light alone makes GS911 worth every penny.

So, if you’re a BMW motorcycle riders who prefers doing service work on their bikes, GS911 is the perfect fit for you.

Today’s best GS911 price:

That wraps up my reviews of the top diagnostic tools for motorcycles. I hope you were able to find the perfect option for your needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, and I will respond as quickly as possible.

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