[Tested] 5 Best Honda OBD2 Scanners for 2024

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In our test, we rolled out 5 Honda cars, each from a different model: 2005 Honda CR-V, 2013 Honda Pilot, 2011 Honda Civic, 2011 Honda Odyssey, and 2012 Honda Accord. We carefully selected only those five scanners that seamlessly handled all five tested cars for our recommendation.

While the overall scores might vary, these scanners excel in crucial aspects like performance, compatibility, and ease of use.

And we hope you can find the perfect scanner for your Honda soon

For more details about our test, refer to the table below:

TesterOBD Advisor’s Testers
Testing dateSep 15 – Sep 30, 2023
Number of tested products9
Number of tested cars5

Best Scan Tools for Honda: Comparison Chart

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Satisfaction score
What can it do?
Check Price
[Editor's Pick]
Foxwell NT510 (for Honda)

- Full-system diagnosis
- "For Honda" function
- Throttle position relearn
- Active tests
- 25+ service functions

- Full-system diagnosis
- Repair suggestions
- Cover multiple car brands
[Best Cheap]
Autel AP200

- Full-system diagnosis
- Key programming
- Throttle body relearn
- 19+ service functions

- Engine system diagnosis
- Smog check
- Digit live data

Ancel.com >
Foxwell NT710

- Active tests
- Reset & Relearn functions
- Touchscreen

Foxwelldiag >

Best Scan Tools for Honda Review

#1. ANCEL AD310

[For Beginner] [5% Off code: OBDADVISOR]


Ancel ad310


Price: Under $50


  • Cheap
  • Fast results displayed
  • Can read digit live data


  • No graphing live data

We’ve tested the Ancel AD310 with all 5 cars, and it’s compatible with every single one! That’s why we recommend it as one of the best scanners for Honda in this article.

Here’s what we really like about this scanner: it can read those specific codes that Honda manufacturers use. The codes show up big and clear, plus there’s a detailed description below. 

Check out the image below for an example – it’s the codes we got from a 2005 Honda CR-V.

Ancel AD310 is the cheapest obd2 scanner for honda
Ancel AD310 can pull out Honda manufacturer-specific codes.

Ancel AD310 is pretty basic, but it also has a live data function. So, if you want to dive deeper into diagnostics, this scanner has got you covered. Just keep in mind that the live data is shown in digit form, not as graphs.

Ancel AD310 Honda OBD2 scanner allows you read live data.
Ancel AD310 can show live data as digit format.

And the best part? The Ancel AD310 is only about $25 – making it the best inexpensive Honda scanner out there. 

In a nutshell, Ancel AD310 is simple, effective, and won’t break the bank. It’s the go-to choice for anyone starting out in the world of Honda diagnostics.

Today’s best Ancel AD310 Elite price:


[For home mechanic]


foxwell nt710


Price: Under $500

Looking for a great alternative to the Foxwell NT510 Elite? We’ve got you covered with the Foxwell NT710, and it’s even more convenient.

First off, the NT710 boasts a 5.5-inch touch screen – a significant upgrade from the 2.8 inches. This not only provides a more comfortable experience when checking out live data but the touchscreen itself makes navigating functions much faster. No more tapping multiple times to find what you need – it’s smoother and quicker.

Now, the bidirectional control feature on the Foxwell NT710 has seen some serious improvement. There’s a separate menu for active test functions, making it way easier to find what you need compared to the Foxwell NT510 Elite.

For us, the Foxwell NT710’s real upgrade shines on the hardware side. When it comes to functionality and processing speed, we don’t see a huge difference. That’s probably because the Foxwell NT510 Elite is already performing at its peak.

So, if you’re all about convenience, the Foxwell NT710 is your go-to. But if saving some cash is a top priority, stick with the Foxwell NT510 Elite – it’s a solid choice too.

Today’s best Foxwell NT710 price:

#3. Bluedriver

[For home mechanic]




Price: Under $100


  • Repair suggestions
  • Full-system diagnostics
  • Cover multiple car brands


  • Can’t work with third-party apps
  • Only 3 reset functions

We’ve got BlueDriver claiming the second spot, and the big reason? A perfect 10 for ease of use!

Unlike cabled scanners such as the Foxwell NT510 Elite, BlueDriver breaks free from limitations. Thanks to its Bluetooth feature, it connects wirelessly to your phone, making your diagnostic experience clutter-free and easy.

BlueDriver’s app has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it a breeze to use on your phone.

When it comes to reading codes, BlueDriver doesn’t disappoint. It pulls out both basic engine codes and Honda’s enhanced ones for electronic steering, electronic brakes, SRS, ABS, and transmission. 

Bluedriver is one of the most reliable Honda scanner to scan all Honda systems and pull out all trouble codes.
Enhanced Honda-specific diagnostics using Bluedriver.

What we find truly special about BlueDriver is the RepairReport it provides after reading codes.

This report not only suggests the top solutions to fix your issue but also recommends the parts you might need. We see it as the quickest way, especially for beginners, to gather all the necessary info about the trouble code. Having a clear picture of the code not only protecting you from shady mechanics and guiding you if you decide to fix it yourself.

Bluedriver is one of the most reliable Honda scanner to scan all Honda systems and pull out all trouble codes.
Report on Bluedriver.

The only small drawback is that BlueDriver’s adapter is only compatible with its own app. You can’t use it with third-party OBD2 apps like Hondash. But don’t worry, BlueDriver’s app itself covers a wide range of necessary functions, including Oil reset and TPMS reset.

For us, BlueDriver is a must-have, whether you’re a beginner or a home mechanic seeking convenience.

Today’s best Bluedriver price:

#4. FOXWELL NT510 Elite

[For home mechanic]

Foxwell NT510 Elite

Foxwell NT510 Elite for Honda


Price: $199.99 -5%


  • Designed for Honda & Acura
  • Full-system scan
  • Active tests
  • 25+ service functions


  • No major cons

Foxwell NT510 Elite is an “All-In-One” scanner designed specifically for BMW, and the best part is, it comes at a decent price point.

We’ve tested this scanner on various Honda cars, and we’re pleased to report that it covers all the essential functions needed to tackle common issues. Some standout features that we’ve tried and found impressive include:

  • Full-system diagnostics: Lightning-fast response time, with Quick Scan results in just about 40 seconds.
  • Throttle Position reset: Available on 5 of our tested cars, and it’s conveniently located in the “Special Menu,” making it easy to access.
  • Crankshaft relearn: A breeze to complete, taking only 4 seconds. Perfect!

Recently, Foxwell NT510 for Honda has added the key programming function. However, it’s limited to adding new keys and supports only specific car models. Honestly, we’re not big fans of this function.

One thing to keep in mind is that the buttons require a slightly firmer press. But this is consistent with most handheld scanners we’ve tried – not a big deal. The rubber protector adds an extra layer of durability, making the scanner more robust and protecting it in case of accidental drops.

All in all, we find this scanner to be extremely good value for the money. It’s reliable for most tasks, and for us, it’s a “Worth buying again” scanner.

Today’s best Foxwell NT510 Elite price:

#5. Autel AP200

[For home mechanic]

Autel AP200

Autel MaxiAP AP200


Price: Under $50


  • 19 service functions
  • Powerful key programming
  • Good price


  • Can’t work with third-party apps
  • Only perfect for single-car brand

Autel AP200, priced at just $60, is our top recommendation with its impressive 19 service functions.

This scanner is a powerhouse, and the reason it’s so affordable is that when you get the Autel AP200, it’s activated for only one specific car brand (Honda, for example).

We really like having software tailored for a car brand. This way, it makes sure the coverage is reliable enough to handle all Honda models.

Among these 19 functions, we’re particularly impressed with two:

  • Key Programming: We tested it by adding a new key to 5 cars and had an 80% success rate. The only hiccup was with a 2011 Honda Odyssey. But with an 80% success rate, it exceeded our expectations.
  • Throttle Reset: A 100% success rate on the 5 cars we tested – that’s reliability you can count on.
autel ap200
List of servce functions Autel AP200 provides.

Let’s talk about savings – a trip to the dealer for key programming usually sets you back about $150. So, if you grab the Autel AP200 and successfully program the key the first time, it’s basically paid for itself.

While the Autel AP200 primarily focuses on advanced functions for a single car brand, you can enjoy the available functions for that brand for free throughout its lifetime. If you ever decide to broaden its compatibility to additional car brands, there’s an annual fee of $21.99 per brand

In conclusion, we recommend the Autel AP200 to both home mechanics and professionals in need of a portable tool for various Honda service functions. It’s budget-friendly, efficient, and packs incredible value for your money.

Today’s best Autel AP200 price:

Final Thoughts

Our review of the best Honda OBD OBD2 scanners was to guide you on choosing the most appropriate tool according to your budget and the intended use.

From the insights, you can now make a knowledge-based busing decision.

Get the best product on the market and reduce the number of trips you make to the mechanic.

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