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Best FORSCAN Adapters – Buying Guide 2021

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They say that a bad workman blames his tools. Well, there are no more excuses once you’ve known about FORSCan adapters. There are so many options for vehicle scanning equipment these days that when I recently faced the decision about what to buy, I decided to document my journey and report back to you with my findings.

There has been a massive growth in the market over the last few years. Everyone from total newbies, through the home and DIY mechanics, serious hobbyists, up to expert diagnostic technicians, is getting in on the act. Although they have different needs, their purchasing decisions will be based on the same basic questions.

  • What’s my budget, and what will that buy me?
  • Which scanning and diagnostic features do I require? 
  • Will it scan all the vehicle types I work on? 
  • Is it compatible with my existing equipment?
  • How and when can I access software updates?
  • Is there a community of users, and is tech support helpful? 

I considered these questions from all perspectives to write this FORScan buying guide. There’s useful information for all levels of car maintenance enthusiast, as I take you through my thought process. I’ll include other users’ experiences and offer honest advice, according to the best of my knowledge.

Best Forscan Adapter Comparison Chart

Editor's PicksProductsSupported
Operating Systems
Our Rating
Best Overall OBDLink EXWindows10/10
Runner UpOHP FORScan AdpaterWindows9/10
Best Budget BuyVINT-TT55502 FORScan AdapterWindows8/10
Best Bluetooth PickOBDLink MX+iOS, Android,
and Windows
Also GreatOBDResource FORScan AdapterWindows8/10

Buying Guide

What are FORScan Adapters?

FORScan adapters are ELM327 or OBD2 scan tools that apply FORScan software to transfer data from your car to the device on which you are running the software. The adapters have no display screen or in-built functions; they act as a dongle to connect the vehicle with your Forscan diagnostic software.

The main advantage over generic scanning tools is that they tailored their design to the manufacturer’s specifications. Most OBD2 devices have a generic suite of features, but with FORScan, you get the work! There are thousands of Ford’s proprietary fault codes, servicing procedures, and system tests that other devices cannot access, and this is what makes FORScan tools so powerful. 

OBDLink EX is one of the best Forscan Adapter
OBDLink EX is a complete combination of OBDLink adapter excellences and advanced features of FORScan software.
Check Price at Amazon

Reason for Buying FORScan Adapters

All FORScan tools read engine faults and clear the check engine light when it comes on. You can decipher trouble codes and establish the cause of your problem without the need for an expensive, time-consuming visit to the mechanic.

FORScan adapters connect your car’s OBD2 socket to a device running FORScan diagnostic software. The main reasons for choosing any tools are functionality, quality, and price. FORScan has all these bases covered with high-quality being a feature of its entire product range. 

Your individual needs will determine the functionality of the scan tool, and the price will depend on the type of FORScan adapter you buy. 

Types of FORScan Adapters

There are two main types of these adapters; Wired and Wireless. There are advantages to both, so this is the first big decision you need to make. 


These connect your OBD2 Software Scan Tool to your car using Bluetooth or WiFi. The distinct advantage is that no clumsy cables are getting tangled in your vehicle, but are they reliable? Yes, and they are fast too. You have access to a massive array of features, including the all-important manufacturer-specific trouble codes. 

There is a full suite of sensor reading and programming for safety parameters, including ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), SRS (Air-bags), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), and even your air-conditioning and entertainment systems. All of the Ford/Mazda/Mercury/Lincoln sensor codes are supported.

You can analyze the telemetry from your transmission, cooling system and even monitor your wheel speed. These devices enable you to program the ECM (Electronic Control Module), essential for tuning your engine management systems. 

These wireless FORScan tools are packed with extra features and are aimed at pro-mechanics, tuning specialists, and diagnostic experts. 


The alternative is to connect to your vehicle using a USB cable. These are simple to set up and super-reliable. They will connect with the vast majority of Ford manufactured since the standardization of OBD2 protocols in 1996, and 99% produced since the year 2000. 

You get the check/clear engine light functions, and they interpret all of Ford Group’s manufacturer-specific fault codes. They are also compatible with a range of other vehicle makers, such as Toyota and Honda. 

They are robust, high-quality, practical to use, and are great for beginners, home mechanics, and DIY car enthusiasts. 

OHP ELMconfigOHP ELMconfig FORScan adapter is ideal for for Forscan users
OHP ELMconfigOHP ELMconfig is said to be ideal for FORScan users.
Check Price at Amazon

How to Connect a FORScan Adapter to Your Car

Bluetooth / WiFi Adapter Connection Process

  1. Locate your vehicle’s OBD2 socket under the dashboard, usually near the steering column or in the center console. Your car’s instruction manual will confirm exactly where it is.
  2. With the ignition off, insert your FORScan OBD2 Wireless Dongle into the D-shaped OBD2 socket.
  3. Open the FORScan diagnostic application on your device.
  4. In your device’s settings, enable Bluetooth, and select the FORScan Bluetooth adapter.
  5. Turn on your ignition. (it’s not necessary to start the engine at this stage) – the LEDs on your wireless adapter should start blinking.
  6. Your FORScan software should notify you of your successful connection.

For WiFi connections, initiating the process is the same, but you need to select Networks in your device’s settings and connect to the FORScan dongle’s network. Once the adapter links to your car’s ECU, a notification appears. 

Depending on your adapter model and software version, you will be prompted to configure your setup. Data will start transferring immediately, and you can get to work.

Recommendation: OBDLink MX+

If you are finding the best bluetooth Forscan adapter , OBDLink MX+is a ideal for you
OBDLink MX+ is a reliable scanner that uses Bluetooth to connect to the device
Check Price at Amazon

USB Adapter Connection Process

  1. Locate your vehicle’s OBD2 socket. 
  2. With the ignition off, insert your FORScan OBD2 USB adapter into the multi-pin D-socket.
  3. Connect the USB lead to your computer and Open the FORScan diagnostic software.
  4. Click the connection icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the main window (the exact location depends on your application version).
  5. Your FORScan software will initiate a connection with your vehicle.
  6. Depending on your version of the FORScan scanning software, you will be prompted for more information before you start your diagnostics.

Price Range 

The first question on the list is about your budget. You get what you pay for in life, so price versus features is the trade-off here. Build quality is not an issue with any FORScan products, so the entry-level devices should be judged solely on their characteristics.


Wired adapters tend to be cheaper as they contain no expensive Tx / Rx technology (Transmit / Receive). They are stable, reliable, and feature pro-level of reading and clearing MIL fault codes. 

Remember that it’s pointless buying an adapter with a suite of advanced software functions that you will never use. You can always upgrade once you have more expertise should your requirements broaden. On the other hand, you need to future-proof your tools and consider the features that you might need over the medium term. 

If you are looking for the best Forscan adapter with a limited price, VINT-TT55502 ELMconfig is a good choices for you
VINT-TT55502 ELMconfig is quite good Forscan adapter due to features with a cheapest price.
Check Price at Amazon


The more advanced FORScan adapters tend to be wireless, so there is no physical connection between your vehicle and your phone, tablet, or laptop. They are safe to leave plugged in when you’re not using them, and will not drain your car’s battery. 

They feature secure, hack-proof wireless security so only you can access your data or program your car’s systems. This is a simple way of turning your iPhone, Android device, or Windows PC into a professional-grade diagnostic scan tool.


FORScan, as the name suggests, is designed to work with all Ford Group cars, including Mazda, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. It covers 99% of models manufactured in the last 20 years, which include almost everything people are driving these days.

Supported Platforms

FORScan’s primary development platform is Windows, so all new features and product innovations are first released for Windows. Android and iOS have lite versions with reduced functionality, but there are free versions for all platforms with paid upgrades to the full product.

There are drivers and OBD2 Diagnostic application versions for all of today’s major operating systems. Assuming your laptop or phone is relatively recent, there will be no software compatibility issues. Supported platforms are:

  • Windows – 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • iOS v7.0 and higher
  • Android v4.0 and higher
FORScan ELM327 is a good ideal for best Forscan Adapter
FORScan ELM327 works on Windows devices and is specifically designed for Ford and Mazda.
Check Price at Amazon

Key Features

The main feature of FORScan adapters is that they transform your phone or laptop into a pro-level OBD2 diagnostic and programming tool. With no need to buy a separate scanner, the whole experience becomes much more affordable. Below is a brief list of the features on offer. You should take a look and see which of them are essential for you.

Read and Clear Fault Codes

The most commonly used function of FORScan scanning tools is to check a fault code when the check engine light comes on. Once the issue is resolved, you can reset the fault code and clear the check engine light. This is especially handy on a road trip if you are stuck at the side of the highway. All FORScan adapters are small enough to be stowed conveniently in your toolbox.

Veepeak USB OBD2 FORScan Adapter is ideal for Mazda, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles
Veepeak USB OBD2 FORScan Adapter can read and clear codes from all modules, configure data, read sensor information, and disable or enable hidden car features.
Check Price at Amazon

Manufacturer-specific Fault Codes

FORScan diagnostic scanning tools were designed with Ford group’s cars in mind. They can read and clear proprietary fault codes that are not available to other brands, a unique selling point for all FORScan products.

Access Multiple Control Modules and Vehicle Systems 

You can not only read & write to your engine and transmission systems but also monitor and adjust the car’s environment controls. Through the BCM (Body Control Module), there’s access to the aircon, sound system, windows, electric / heated seats, etc.

Freeze Frame

When a fault is triggered by your vehicle, all the other parameters are recorded at that exact moment. This gives you a snapshot of how the car was performing when the issue occurred, which is often essential for finding the route cause of a problem, not just fixing the symptoms.

Fuel System Adjustments 

You can analyze your gas mileage and tweak the fuel system’s parameters for better efficiency and increased torque/power output. The fuel saved with an efficient setup can quickly pay for your FORScan adapter in just months.

Intelligent Sleep Mode

Intelligent sleep mode allows you to connect and forget. Your wireless adapter will power up when needed and go back to sleep when not in use, so there is no danger of draining your battery.

Secure and Reliable WiFI and Bluetooth Connections

Modern technology guarantees a hack-proof data link, a rock-solid connection, and fast data transfer to your phone or laptop. There is no packet loss or signal interruption.

Other Considerations


Having a wireless connection obviates the need for a physical cable that can get lost, damaged, or stolen. All FORScan OBD2 Adapters are designed to withstand harsh engineering environments; they are built solid and can take the knocks. This is not an essential issue with wireless technology, but data transfer reliability is. Modern Bluetooth and WiFi technology have become almost totally reliable with virtually no packet loss or intermittent data stream issues. 

Software Licensing

Each download of FORScan for Windows will automatically run the Standard License that is free and will enable most of the features, but not all. For the full suite of functions, there is a paid upgrade to the Extended License. You can choose from 1 year for $10, 3 years for $20, 5 years for $30, or a lifetime subscription for $50.

There are free lite versions for Android and iOS, again with a selection of functions remaining hidden. An upgrade to the paid versions (lite 1.5.8 for iOS and lite 1.5.8 for Android) costs less than $10 and unlocks the rest of these features. It’s definitely worth the investment for both hobbyists and experts.

OBDLink LX Forscan adapter is said to be suitable for DIYers since it's pretty easy to use and comes with some amazing features
OBDLink LX is Forscan Adapter for Android and Windows.
Check Price at Amazon

Customer Support

You need to know that there is help available when things go wrong. FORScan urges that you search their FAQs in sections. They also have a library of ‘How-To’ articles, and if all else fails, their forum will be happy to help. 

Approximately 80% of all queries can be answered without contacting a customer support agent. However, if you need the advice of an expert, your question will be prioritized according to urgency. The response might come almost immediately in an emergency, or take a few hours or days for less serious or more complex requests.

They work 14 hours per day, and you can email them here – [email protected]


There is an official FORScan forum with thousands of topics and tens of thousands of comments. Googling your topic will return even more posts on independent OBD2 forums. It’s worth checking out both to get a balanced view, but whatever your problem, someone is bound to have solved it in the past.

Best FORScan Adapter

Here are complete product reviews to help you understand what each adapter does. We have highlighted features, pros and cons so you can compare all the listed products and pick the best FORScan adapter.

1. OBDLink EX FORScan USB Adapter

[for Windows ONLY] [recommended by FORScan Developer]

OBDLink EX FORScan Adapter for Windows
4.84.8 / 5
OBDLink EX is highly recommended by the FORScan software developing team.

The FORScan Developer highly recommends OBDLink EX. It’s a complete combination of OBDLink adapter excellences and advanced features of FORScan software. Strengths of OBDLink like fast data transfer speed, connection reliability, and Ford CAN-BUSES supporting ability are now in the handy USB OBDLink EX. This FORScan adapter supports 100% Ford protocols, modules with the optimized features of the FORScan software.

Also, OBDLink EX enables you to perform any bidirectional tests on your Ford vehicles. Especially, it can switch quickly between HS-CAN, MS-CAN, and J1850, which ensures that nothing faulty happens even when you transmit to a wrong network.

This OBDLink adapter can only work on Windows PC or laptop, and this may be the only downside of this USB adapter.

Check Price at Amazon

2. OHP ELMconfig FORScan OBD2 USB Adapter

[for Windows ONLY]

A ELM327 FORScan OBD2 Adapter
OHP ELMconfig OBD2 USB FORScan Adapter for Windows
4.64.6 / 5
This scanner can perform basic diagnostics and produce results in real-time. You will be able to read and clear codes for different engine components including SRS, transmission system, and ABS.

This scan tool is said to be ideal for FORScan users. If you need one to use FORScan and you have a Windows operating system, then this one will work well for you.

Here are some of its features:

  • Diagnostic

This scanner can perform basic diagnostics and produce results in real-time. You will be able to read and clear codes for different engine components including SRS, transmission system, and ABS.

  • Apps

It is best to use the app that it comes with if you want to enjoy all the features. However, the tool does support a bunch of third-party apps like Torque and Carista.

  • MS/HS-CAN Toggle Switch

With this feature, you will be able to enable your desired modifications and troubleshoot undesired features at a fast speed with just a switch.

  • Updates and Compatibility

OHP ELMconfig OBD2 ELM327 FORScan adapter works best with Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles including pick-ups. For most other vehicles, it will only offer basic features. This is also why we suggest you use it with the official app.


  • Shows hidden modules for Ford
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Runs at 500 kbps, hence is fast at showing results


  • Only supports Windows devices

Check Price at Amazon

3. OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter

[for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android & Windows Devices]

AOBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone, Android, and Windows
OBDLink MX+ OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iPhone, Android & Windows
4.64.6 / 5
OBDLink MX+ is a reliable scanner that uses Bluetooth to connect to the device. It’s known for supporting a large number of operating systems.

OBDLink MX+ is a reliable scanner that uses Bluetooth to connect to the device. It’s known for supporting a large number of operating systems. Here are some of its main features:

  • Enhanced Diagnostics

OBDLink MX+ OBD2 can diagnose a number of systems including transmission temperatures, A/C, TPMS, SRS, ABS, and wheel speed.

Other than this, it can monitor fuel economy, check emission readiness, and clear the CEL. However, that’s not all. The system can clear manufacturer specific codes and perform live tests.

  • Apps

The scanner comes with the OBDLink app (OBDWiz) that will allow you to perform a variety of tests and get data on the go. But, that’s not all. It also supports a variety of third-party apps including Carista, BimmerCode, Torque, FORScan, and AlfaoBD.

  • Hackerproof

This is one of OBDlink MX+’s main features. The scan tool comes with a security system that blocks unauthorized access to ensure your security is never compromised.

  • Real-time Data

The scan tool offers live data that makes it easier to identify and solve problems. According to tests, it provides four times more data than most scanners, which means you will not have to waste a lot of time trying to solve a problem.

  • Updates and Compatibility

OBDlink MX+offers free technical support and firmware upgrades. Plus, it supports all major OS including iOS, Android, and Windows. Moreover, beside Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury, it’s compatible with almost all OBDII supported cars by Buick, Cadillac, GMC, Infiniti, Nissan, Lexus, and Toyota when you pair this adapter with OBDWiz app.


  • Sleep mode ensures your car’s battery doesn’t die
  • Shows data in a graphical format making it easy to read
  • Said to be 300 percent faster than similar products on the market


  • Not all devices support all the features

Check Price at Amazon

4. VINT-TT55502 ELMconfig FORScan Adapter

[for Windows Only]

A FORScan OBD2 Adapter, VINT-TT55502 ELMconfig ELM327
VINT-TT55502 ELMconfig OBD2 Adapter for Windows
4.64.6 / 5
This scan tool is said to be the best FORScan adapter since it offers a wide range of mods including Bambi Mod, tire size correction, Secure Idle, double horn honk, and Global Window.

FORScan F150 is another USB tool that only supports Windows devices. Not everyone enjoys wired scanners but this one is quite good due to features like:

  • MS/HS-CAN Toggle Switch

With this feature, you will be able to enable your desired modifications and troubleshoot undesired features at a fast speed with just a switch.

  • Diagnose

With FORScan F250, you will be able to diagnose the gearbox, engine, airbag, ABS, climate control, and much more. It works at a speed of 500kbps, hence expect quick output.

It shows live data and supports service procedures as well.

  • Endless Mods

This scan tool is said to be the best FORScan adapter since it offers a wide range of mods including Bambi Mod, tire size correction, Secure Idle, double horn honk, and Global Window,

  • Updates and Compatibility

It supports all OBDII Ford and Mazda models but doesn’t work with heavy trucks. There isn’t much information on updates but it supports multiple apps.


  • Offers excellent speed
  • Made for FORScan
  • Allows ECU parameter modifications and component activation


  • Doesn’t support Android and iOS
  • Supports a limited number of cars

Check Price at Amazon

5. OBDResource ELM327 FORScan Adapter

[for Windows ONLY]

 Forscan ELM327 Scanner OBD2
FORScan ELM327 Adapter for Ford/Mazda
4.34.3 / 5
The scan tool is popular for offering advanced diagnostics including fuel system, oxygen sensors, DPF regeneration, and service procedures.

Last on the list is another FORScan scanner that works on Windows devices and is specifically designed for Ford and Mazda. Here are some of its features:

  • Read and Erase Codes

This is one of the few scanners that can erase fault codes from all available modules including Kuga, Ranger, and Focus. Other than this, it can perform actuator tests, read configuration, and access modules on both MS-CAN and HS-CAN modes.

  • FORScan Features

Some of the FORScan features you’d be able to perform with this scanner include Secure Idle, double horn honk, 5 turn signal flash, reverse tilt mirrors, Bambi Mod, Perpendicular Park, tire size correction, and door ajar chime.

  • Advanced Diagnostics

The scan tool is popular for offering advanced diagnostics including fuel systems, oxygen sensors, DPF regeneration, and service procedures. Other options include vehicle speed, engine RPM, airflow rate, and intake air temperature – all shows live.

  • Updates and Compatibility

The scanner only supports Windows devices and works with a number of powerful software like Elmconfig, FORScan, and FF2. It’s best for Ford but also supports Lincoln, Mercury, and Mazda OBDII supported vehicles.


  • Very easy to use
  • Provides quick results
  • Excellent customer support


  • Some features may not work on all vehicles

Check Price at Amazon

6. Veepeak OBDCheck MS Full-system Scan Tool

[for Windows ONLY]

 Veepeak USB OBD2 Scanner Adapter
Veepeak USB OBD2 Full-System Scanner for Ford/Mazda
4.74.7 / 5
With Veepeak USB OBD2 FORScan Adapter, you will be able to perform a variety of jobs that you wouldn’t be able to do with a typical scanner.
  • MS/HS-CAN Toggle Switch

We must mention that this Veepak scan tool is FORScan recommended and tested. You will also find the switch useful.

  • Diagnostics

It can study TPMS, SRS, ABS, transmission, and some other systems. In addition to this, Veepeak USB OBD2 FORScan Adapter can read and clear codes from all modules, configure data, read sensor information, and disable or enable hidden car features.

  • Programming Function

With Veepeak USB OBD2 FORScan Adapter, you will be able to perform a variety of jobs that you wouldn’t be able to do with a typical scanner. These include tire size correction, daytime running lights, reverse tilt mirrors, and Auto Start & Stop.

  • Updates and Compatibility

This scan tool is designed to work with Mazda, Lincoln, and Ford vehicles that are OBDII supported. It also supports some other brands if you use a suitable app, but you may not be able to use all the functions.


  • 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty
  • Excellent customer support
  • Can be used with Android device with a third-party tool


  • Can be a little difficult to install

Check Price at Amazon

7. OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool

[for Windows and Android]

AScanTool OBDLink LX Bluetooth: Professional Grade OBD-II Automotive Scan Tool
OBDLink LX OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool for Windows and Android
4.44.4 / 5
This compact scan tool is said to be suitable for DIYers since it’s pretty easy to use and comes with some amazing features.

This compact scan tool is said to be suitable for DIYers since it’s pretty easy to use and comes with some amazing features like:

  • Hackerproof

Unlike other tools, OBDLink LX does not use easy to guess pins like 0000 or 1234. It also doesn’t display the pin, hence the risk of hackers being able to access your data is little to none.

  • Diagnose

The system lets you scan, read, analyze, and clear CEL codes. Plus, you can also check emission test readiness with this scan tool. Other features it offers including DTC, live data, and freeze frame data.

  • Ease of Use

This scan tool may not offer advanced features but it is quite reliable since it’s said to be 4x faster than similar models. Plus, the information is reliable and can be read in a graphical format and shared with others.

Updates and Compatibility

The OBDLink LX comes with free lifetime updates, hence you will not have to worry about it not supporting newer models. It works with a variety of third-party apps like DashCommand and Torque. Plus, it supports a wide range of OBDII, EOBD, and JOBD vehicles.


  • Unique BatterySaver technology ensures your car’s battery doesn’t drain
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Works very fast


  • Does not support iOS devices
  • Offers limited features

Check Price at Amazon

FAQs about FORScan software

Q. Do I need an activation code?

A. There is no activation code for the hardware. When you install FORScan diagnostic software, you will need a temporary code. You can then purchase an extended license, which will release your application code for the full version. 

Q. Can I use it with the Toyota and Honda models?

A. Yes, these makes of car have standard OBD2 connector sockets.

Q. Will this work on a Google Chrome device?

A. There is no reliable Chromebook version, and they recommend that you use a Windows PC Laptop for the best results.

Q. Where can I download the software & drivers?

A. These are available at the FORScan website on their products page.

Q. Does it work with both Mac OS X and iPads / iPhones?

A. There are lite versions for iPads and iPhones, but not for Mac OS X.

Q. Can I transfer my saved data when I replace my phone?

A. Yes, you can copy all your stored settings and information to another device with the same software installed.

Q. Does the FORScan software support bidirectional controls?

A. The basic free OBDlink app will not support the bi-directional operation. If you need to edit or program, you’ll need MX+ with the extended software license.

Q. Can this tool do a battery reset?

A. All versions will give a voltage reading.

Q. Can I get tech support for FORScan products?

A. Yes, via email, FAQs, instruction articles, and the forums.

Q. Does this work with Apple devices?

A. There are different adapters for Apple, Android, and Windows products – please see the list above in the article.

Q. What applications will run FORScan adapters? Will it work with the Torque app?

A. It would be best if you had at least the basic OBDlink software or the Extended License. Yes, it will work with Torque.

Q. Do I need to purchase a cord to connect it to my car? 

A. It would help if you had either a USB or a wireless adapter to connect your vehicle to the device you have installed the FORScan application. If your car’s OBD2 socket is in an awkward location, you may need to buy an extension cable for the USB version.

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