Mazda Dashboard Lights and Meaning (FULL list, FREE download)

Let me guess. You’re driving when your Mazda dashboard lights suddenly come on.

And you wonder what those lights mean?

If yes, you’re in the right place.

Mazda is a complex machine with monitoring systems that tells you if there is a fault or a problem. It does that by illuminating respective dashboard lights.

Mazda dashboard lights are color-coded and come in all shapes. Understanding them can save you high vehicle repair costs and keep you safe on the road. You only need to take appropriate action on time.

In this article, I’ll show you the meaning of dashboard warnings and indicator lights and what to do when they come on.

Mazda dashboard lights
Mazda dashboard lights

We also have a PDF version with all Mazda dashboard lights. Make sure to download it so that you can save time looking for the lights’ meanings.

Let’s dive in to have a thorough look at it!

Automatic Transaxle Warning Light

Automatic transaxle warning light
Automatic transaxle warning light

An automatic transaxle, AT, comes on when there is an electrical fault in the transmission system. 

Driving your Mazda car in this condition will likely cause costlier problems. 

You, therefore, need to contact your car dealer or a professional mechanic to check the problem and fix it. The problem can result in transmission damage, which is more expensive to replace.

Master Warning Light

Master warning light
Master warning light

The master warning lights up when the battery management system, brake switch, and others malfunction. Usually, some dashboard lights come on with this master warning light.

Read the message displayed to find out the likely cause. But the best action is to consult a Mazda expert for a detailed diagnosis and fix any system fault that triggered the master warning light. 

Driving with it on the dashboard is not safe.

Brake Trouble Light

Brake trouble light
Brake trouble light

A brake trouble light appears on the dashboard when the brake system has a fault, which can be low brake fluid or any other related problem. 

This red light usually comes on temporarily when the engine starts and goes off soon after. If it stays on, check your emergency brake and disengage it.

A brake trouble light may come on when you are driving. Do not continue driving with this warning light on the dashboard. Instead, pull over and contact your mechanic to check and fix the problem. Ignoring it can be fatal because it indicates that the brakes may fail.

Maintenance or Service Required Indicator

Maintenance or service required indicator
Maintenance or service required indicator

The maintenance or service required indicator lights up when the maintenance date or engine oil change is due. Your Mazda is still safe and drivable, but you should service it as soon as possible.

Regular and on-time vehicle maintenance ensures the engine is in mint condition and gives the best efficiency and service life.

Security Indicator Light

Security indicator
Security indicator

The security indicator turns on and remains on or flashes if there is a problem in the system. The most common cause is signal loss or an incorrectly configured key to start the engine. 

Ensure your key is within the operational range. But if the engine doesn’t start after about three attempts, contact a qualified Mazda technician to check it out.

Further inspection will reveal the cause, and the mechanic will recommend the best action to fix it. Note that your engine may fail to start with this warning light on the dashboard.    

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light

Tire pressure monitoring system warning light
Tire pressure monitoring system warning light

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) warning light illuminates when the tire pressure in any of the wheels falls below or rises above the recommended value.

TPMS constantly monitors the pressure in all four wheels, though it is unavailable in some Mazda models. 

Pull over when you see this warning light and inspect the situation. Proceed if you have enough tire pressure to take you to the nearest gas station or an auto repair shop to refill.

Do not ignore the TPMS light. Driving with exceedingly low pressure is unsafe and can be fatal. The maneuverability of the vehicle becomes challenging, especially cornering.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) OFF Indicator Light

Blind spot monitoring OFF indicator light
Blind spot monitoring OFF indicator light

The behavior of BSM light can tell you the condition of the system. If there is a fault, the light stays off even when you turn on the ignition. It also stays on even when you can operate the BSM system. 

Another way the BSM indicator informs you of a problem in the system is when the light turns on when driving the vehicle.

As the name suggests, the BSM system monitors cars and other objects in your blind spot when driving and notifies you. 

That means you can safely drive your vehicle. 

But for your safety, take your vehicle to a qualified Mazda mechanic to diagnose and fix it. However, the system is available only in some Mazda models.


Your Mazda dashboard lights are your informer. Knowing what they mean is crucial to a driver because it makes you safer on the road. 

We have collected most of the Mazda dashboard lights in the pdf file, which is surely very helpful for you. Download it, learn everything you need to know and take the right action on time.

Let me know your interaction with your Mazda dashboard light. 

Is there any Mazda warning light you want to know its meaning? 

Write it in the comment section, and I will get back to you!

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