Never Buy LAUNCH X431 V PRO Before Reading This Review [Updated 2023]

LAUNCH X431 V isn’t a low-price scan tool.

But it’s one of the best automotive diagnostic tools for under $1,000 that professionals can’t wait to have.

This review will tell you what you can do with it, its benefits, pros, cons, and use cases.

Let’s start!!


Paid $1,000, Got $10,000

  • Scanner type: Bi-directional scan tool
  • Fit For: Experienced enthusiasts
  • Vehicle type: Car/Light truck
  • Connection type:
  • Work on: OBD2 & OBD1 Vehicles
  • Price range: Under $1,000


Value for money


Vehicle Coverage


Easy to use


Tech Support


Buy this scan tool if you want to …

Try and fix it yourself
Read trouble codes of all systems
Program a car key
Perform advanced service functions
Perform bi-directional controls (active tests)
Code a car’s ECU

DON’T buy it if you want to …

Program a car’s ECU


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Large vehicle coverage
  • ECU online coding
  • Bi-directional controls
  • Key Programming for most makes models
  • Remote OBD connector


  • Pictured user’s manual not included
  • LAUNCH USA does not support
  • Registering is a little tricky

LAUNCH X431 V Pro 4.0 is an updated version of LAUNCH X431 V 3.0.

It’s also known as LAUNCH X431 V Pro Elite 4.0, LAUNCH X431 V, LAUNCH X431 Pro, or X431 Pro.

Is this a cheap scanner to buy?


But it is worth it. 

To find out if the quality of the product matches its price point or not, scroll down and read my review.

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LAUNCH X431 V Pro Pricing: Pay For Itself In The First Use

Spending nearly $900 for a scan tool is a bit hard to swallow at first. But once you get it, you will change your mind.

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve received $10,000 from this scan tool for 5 years by fixing the 5 cars in my family.


According to Harris Poll on behalf of Ally Bank: “Americans spend about $397 per year on vehicle maintenance and repairs.”

Even if you own a new car, it should be in the shop twice, assuming you are using full synthetic oil. And it probably would cost you around $300-$400.

Buy a LAUNCH X431 V PRO, which will help you LOWER your maintenance costs.

LAUNCH X431 V Pro can pay for itself in a short time as it saves you from missing work and going to a dealer. 

With it, you can diagnose problems in your car or even your family’s cars.

For example, imagine that you need to program your key fob. LAUNCH X431 V Pro will help you save at least $150 by doing what you would pay the Dealership to do.

What makes this tool different is that it enables you to be a self-sufficient mechanic. The extra functionality over basic scan tools makes diagnosing more complicated issues easier. 

LAUNCH X431 V Pro Vehicle Coverage: Cover 95% Of OBD2 Cars And Light Trucks

Much to my surprise, LAUNCH X431 V Pro works well with every vehicle brand without buying different scanners separately. It also works on cars that the Snap-On Solus cannot.

This scanner is compatible with both OBD1 and OBD2 vehicles. It covers up to 150 brands from Asia, America, and Europe with OBD2 functionality. 

launch x431 v pro compatibility
Launch X431 V Pro provides 14 special connectors and 13 cables to support more than 150 car brands and 10000 car models.

But please note that Launch X431 V Pro doesn’t cover 99.99% of vehicles as advertised. This is because:

  • Firstly, it can not work on 24V heavy-duty trucks.
  • Secondly, it cannot support construction vehicles: excavators, bulldozers, road rollers, etc.
  • Last, you cannot connect this scanner to Chevy cars before 1996. For Toyota and Ford, the earliest model it can support is 1990.

So make sure this LAUNCH scan tool works on your car model before making a purchase decision.

You can check the vehicle coverage here.

Note: Choose “Online-Sale” => “Professional diagnostic” => “X431 V”

Besides, you can double-check with the list of supported vehicles below by entering your car brand in the “Search Box”. E.g. Ford, Chevrolet, Audi, BMW, etc.

Supported Vehicles
Alfa Romeo
Citroen Dacia
DF Citroen
DR Automobiles
Ford (Australia)
Ford (Europe)
Ford (USA)
General Motors
Isuzu (Thailand)
Jac Refine
Land Rover
Mercedes Benz
MG (Saic)
Nissan GTR
Rolls Royce
Smart MB

LAUNCH X431 V Pro Hardware & Design: Have A Solid Build And Feels Good In The Hands

1. Have longer working time with a sensitive tablet

LAUNCH X431 V is equipped with an 8-inch branded Lenovo tablet. I like this large touch-screen as it gives a clear view when reading live data. 

The case it comes in is sturdy and molded. This allows you to grip the tablet easily and hold it securely.

Since it is a 9.0 Android tablet, you can easily add extra apps or research for more information you need on Chrome without using the mobile phone.

How convenient it is!

Additionally, this tablet does have a 2MP front-facing camera that can be activated with a different camera app. However, the plastic case and rubber cover have that camera blocked. So you’d have to make adjustments before taking some pictures you need.

launch x431 v pro front and back side

The thing I am impressed with the most is that the tablet runs fast. At least, it operates much faster than most of my old scanners.

The tablet of the 2023 version also has a noticeable improvement in the battery compared to the previous version. 

LAUNCH has claimed that the battery life issue of the 2020 version is fixed. Therefore, the run time can be extended up to 10 hours of continuous use on a single charge.

In fact, if you continuously use this scan tool for long-term diagnostics, it only lasts about 4 hours. Not excellent as advertised, but it’s acceptable.

2. Scan your car from remote locations with a Bluetooth adapter (VCI)

Another thing I really like is that the LAUNCH X431 V Pro uses a Bluetooth adapter (Bluetooth OBD2 VCI) instead of a wire for the OBDII port. This enables me to walk around the vehicle while running diagnostics. 

launch x431 v pro Bluetooth adapter

According to the manufacturer, the wireless connection will have a good working distance of at least 15 feet (~5m) from the car under test.

It’s not a lie.

During my testing, the Bluetooth did have a reliable connection range of around 5 meters. The plus is that the Bluetooth connection is very sturdy and impressively fast.

This Bluetooth adapter applies to all 12V OBD2 compatible cars. The case that covers the adapter is solid and rubberized to protect it from damage.

I also find that the 2-feet OBD2 extension cable provided is very useful. If the OBD2 connector is hard to get to under the dash, you can use it to easily connect the VCI connector to the OBD2 vehicle’s DLC.


The VCI is pre-installed in the docking slot on the top of the display tablet. Use the hand to press the VCI once, it will be automatically ejected from the docking slot. 

You’d better insert it into the slot when it is not in use to avoid loss.

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3. Connect to any vehicle you have with a large selection of adapters

I also have to mention that this scan tool comes with MANY OBD1 connectors that older vehicles used.

However, you might also get a bit confused as the connectors for different vehicles are not marked. Pictured User’s Manual is not included. And it will take time to identify which adapter you need for your car.  

Useful Tip:

After unboxing the product, all connections should be labeled for each car manufacturer. This helps you identify the connection you need from many similar-shaped connectors.

The image below also helps you quickly find your suitable connector.

launch x431 v pro provides 14 special connectors and 13 cables

This video introducing the main cables and OBDII connectors of LAUNCH X431 V Pro might be what you need:

LAUNCH X431 V Pro Performance: Work Like A Charm

No one likes being stuck in traffic. 

Why spend hours bringing your car to the repair shop when you can diagnose and fix it at home?

But how?

You will get the answer if I own a LAUNCH X431 V Pro. This scan tool provides tons of the functions you need to diagnose and repair your car at home.

No longer need to wait at a repair shop for hours to resolve your car problems because, with this scanner, you can:

1. Make your car perform as you want

The first function that makes me love the LAUNCH X431 V Pro is that it supports advanced ECU coding for 12V vehicles, including cars, SUVs, MPVs, Pickups, etc… 

With the ECU coding function, you can address the following issues:

  • Make a new code and recognize the new actuators when you change the bad actuators or certain parts.
  • Change the code with the ECU coding to improve vehicle performance.
  • Enable multiple car systems to recognize each other, and then the actuators can start to work.

2. Communicate with your car

Next, the Launch X431 V pro is a full bidirectional scan tool. It means you can send the command to the ECU and receive a response. 

That is what mechanics use for different systems in the car to find problems and possible solutions. 

You can also use it for actuation tests like testing trans solenoids.

Thanks to the bi-directional capability, I could actuate a solenoid in the transmission when fixing the car of my client. Then I found that the solenoid was faulty, causing the engine light. After replacing the solenoid, I used this scanner to clear the light. 

And my client’s car worked normally immediately.

The bi-directional control makes this tool do everything a small shop or home mechanic would need.

But that’s not all!

You can also …

3. Perform car maintenance like a professional 

LAUNCH X431 V Pro has 31+ service functions of all the overpriced scanners provide.

Wow, amazing product, right?

However, only 5 advanced functions can impress me as they are always possible with a factory scan tool. They are:

  • ABS bleeding
  • DPF regeneration
  • Injector coding
  • Immobilizer Service
  • Steering angle calibration

With this scanner, I can bleed the ABS on my cars, which my previous scan tool doesn’t support. 

It also offers other service functions that help you perform car maintenance at a professional level:

launch x431 v pro maintain your car with 31 service functions
  • Engine, ABS, SRS, and Transmission reset
  • Oil lamp reset
  • TPMS reset
  • EPB reset
  • Battery registration and management
  • Electronic Throttle Position reset or relearn
  • Gear learning
  • AFS reset
  • EGR adaptation
  • Headlight Fitting
  • Seat Matching
  • Door and Window Initialization Study
  • Air Suspension Matching
  • Cluster Reset
  • Multimedia Video Reset
  • EGR Adaptation
  • SUS reset, etc.

If you want a detailed explanation of each function, check here.

LAUNCH X431 V Pro is one of the few tools to offer a wide variety of advanced functions I have ever used.

4. Conduct a full system diagnosis to timely find faults in any system 

It doesn’t matter what system you want to diagnose; LAUNCH X431 V Pro will cater to your individual needs.  

launch x431 v pro maintain your car with 31 service functions
Launch X431 V Pro covers full system diagnosis, including engine, transmission, emission system, fuel system, powertrain, TPMS, etc.

The tool will work flawlessly to diagnose a problem in minutes. This saves you hours or an expensive trip to the dealer. 

Plus, if you own a repair shop, you can also generate a complete system Diagnostic Report and send it directly to your customers.

Best tool ever, right?

Launch X431 V Pro

Launch X431 V Pro


LAUNCH X431 V Pro Setup: Take Only 10 Minutes To Download And Set Up

To diagnose a vehicle using Launch X431 V Pro, follow these steps below:

1. Register a user first.

register a user on Lauch X431 V Pro

WARNING: Getting this device registered before use is tricky if you can’t find the CAPTCHA. First, try to create an account on the website. Then you can log in on the scanner, and it will work perfectly after that. 

2. Next, activate the connector.

activate the connector on Lauch X431 V Pro

3. Then, let the device update in a few minutes.

download software on Lauch X431 V Pro

Now you have all the functions you need to diagnose and fix any issue in your car.

A video on how to set up and activate Launch X431 V Pro

LAUNCH X431 V Pro Warranty & Update: 5 Years Warranty & 2 Years of Free Update

Launch x431 V Pro comes with a 5-year warranty.

However, I don’t like that the seller is selling Chinese-supported models. As a result, they are NOT WARRANTIED by LAUNCH USA. You have to deal with your non-USA supplier.

If your unit requires repair service, return it to the manufacturer with a copy of the sales receipt and a note describing the problem. 

  • The scanner will be repaired at no charge if it is under warranty.
  • It will be fixed for a nominal service charge plus return freight if the unit is out of warranty.


You will also love the 2 years of free software updates when owning LAUNCH X431 V Pro. It allows you to take advantage of it as new features and fixes are added all the time.

After the free subscription ends, it is up to you whether you want to update more next year or just keep using it with old software.

  • If you still want to enjoy the latest features, it will cost you $399/year to update.
  • If not, you can still use all functions available on your LAUNCH X431 V Pro since your last update without a problem.

An upgrade mainly adds new model years to the software. The system software function will be updated as well. However, the annual update fee seems quite high.

So the update is necessary if you own a repair shop and want to read all newer vehicles accurately.

Before ordering the update, you should email the manufacturer to make sure that the updated functions are the things you need.

Find the information about how to update Launch X431 V Pro after 2 years by watching the video below:

Launch X431 V PRO Alternatives

If you’re looking to get the most out of the Launch X431 V PRO scanner, I’m here to help.

Scroll down to see my other recommendations.

Check Price
LAUNCH X431 V+ pro elite 4.0
LAUNCH X431 V+ PRO Elite 4.0
Check Price
Autel MaxiCOM MP808K
Autel MaxiCOM MP808K
Check Price
Customer Rating
Price rangeLAUNCH X431 V PRO priceLAUNCH X431 V+ PRO Elite 4.0 priceAutel MaxiCOM MP808K price
CPU ProcessorQuard-core 2.0 GHz 8-Core 1.8GHzCortex-A9 processor
Battery capacity5000mAh7000mAh3200 mAh
Operating systemAndroid 9.0Android 9.0Android 4.4.4
Screen size8.0"10.1"7.0"
32GB + 32GB (extenable)
OBD2 functions10/10*10/1010/10
System diagnostics10/1010/1010/10
service functions

*Notes: Excellent: 9-10; Good: 7-8; Fair: 5-6; Poor: 3-4; Very poor: 1-2

#1 Alternative: Autel MP808K

The LAUNCH X431 V Pro scanner works well. But what to do if you want to own an all-in-one scanner at a lower price?

You could try the Autel MP808K.

It’s $100 cheaper than the LAUNCH X431 V Pro and has the same features to do what LAUNCH X431 does.


#2 Alternative: LAUNCH X431 V+ Pro Elite 4.0

Don’t buy LAUNCH X431 V Pro if you need a scan tool to diagnose heavy-duty trucks. This is because it is not compatible with heavy-duty modules. 

Instead, LAUNCH X431 V+ Pro Elite 4.0 is a better choice. This scan tool has everything you need for any vehicle, including heavy-duty trucks. 

Buy an additional heavy-duty truck diagnostic module for about $900, and you’ll have a diesel-integrated diagnostic device with powerful functions.

Is there any other reason why you should spend more than $300 buying LAUNCH X431 V+ Pro?

Yes, there are 3 other main reasons:

Firstly, the CPU processor of LAUNCH X431 V+ is upgraded to 8-core 1,8GHz, while LAUNCH X431 V has a 4-core 2,0GHz CPU. Therefore, LAUNCH X431 V+ runs faster and offers you a smoother user experience.

Secondly, the battery life of the V+ Pro is 1.49 times better than that of the V Pro. This allows you to work with the scanner for a longer time and avoid frequent charging. 

And finally, the LAUNCH X431 V+ Pro screen size is 2 inches larger than V Pro. The large screen can display 15 data streams simultaneously, which is easy for users to navigate.

It is definitely a stronger alternative for LAUNCH X431 V Pro.


Final Thoughts

That is all about Launch X431 V PRO, one of the great value-for-the-money professional diagnostic tools. 

As this Launch X431 V PRO review explains, it offers a ton of functions, ECU online coding, and Bi-directional control. 

So, if you own a repair shop or are a professional who wants to save time and money, this tool will be beneficial.

Launch X431 V Pro

Launch X431 V Pro



1. LAUNCH USA Vs. LAUNCH China: Which is better?

LAUNCH China, LAUNCH USA, LAUNCH Europe, and LAUNCH UK all belong to the LAUNCH company. All Launch products are made in China. 

LAUNCH USA and LAUNCH Europe mainly focus on R&D (Research & Development). All LAUNCH agencies worldwide sell the products and take care of their customers themselves.

2. Can I store data on LAUNCH X431 V Pro?

Yes. It comes with 32 and 128GB (EXTENDABLE) storage, which you can use to store pictures, DTCs, reports, etc.

3. Is it durable?

Honestly, I’ve used Launch products for the past ten years without any problem.

And I believe that this LAUNCH X431 V Pro scanner can last a long time as well.

This is because it comes enclosed in an anti-slip and anti-grease protective sleeve, which makes it easy to grip and hold securely. It has been drop tested as well to examine its durability.

4. Can I use this in an older car? Do I have to pay extra?

You can use it in older cars, and you don’t have to pay extra because it comes with an OBD1 adapter. However, it may not support all older cars (before 1996).

5. Will LAUNCH X431 V Pro program the ECU?

No, it can not program ECU. 

It can support ECU coding only, enables multiple car systems to recognize each other, and then the actuators can start to work.

If you need a scanner that supports ECU programming, Autel MaxiSys Elite is a great choice to consider.


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