Foxwell NT624E Vs. NT624 Elite Vs. NT614 Elite: What is the favorite of most home mechanics?

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At a glance, the Foxwell NT624E, Foxwell NT624 Elite, and Foxwell NT624 Elite look identical. Once you get down to it, though, there are some key differences between these OBD2 scanners that you’ll want to be aware of before you make your choice.

Foxwell NT scan tools provide the testing capability and repair functions a professional mechanic needs, but a DIY-er can afford at a price. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty so you can decide which one is the perfect fit for your garage.

Foxwell NT624E Vs. NT624 Elite Vs. NT614 Elite: Complete Comparison Table

Foxwell NT624E
Foxwell NT624E
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Foxwell NT624 Elite
Foxwell NT624 Elite
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Foxwell NT614 Elite
Foxwell NT614 Elite
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Customer Rating
Foxwell NT624E priceFoxwell NT624 Elite priceFoxwell NT614 Elite price
2.99 lbs3.03 lbs2.99 lbs
13.18" x 9" x 3.25"7.67" x 1.18" x 3.74"13.3" x 9.1" x 3.3"
OBDII Functions (Read & clear codes, EVAP system test, etc.)

Transmission Diagnosis
ABS/SRS Diagnosis
Electrical System Diagnosis--
Suspension and Steering Systems Diagnosis

Oil Reset✔ (49 manufacturers)
EPB Reset✔ (42 manufacturers)
ABS BleedingMercedes only----

Easy to use and navigate.
Has compatibility for the majority of vehicles on the road.

Has the most diagnostic and service functions.

You'll get more bang for your buck with its diagnosis and reset functions match those of scan tools cost twice as much or more.

Can be a bit pricey for budget-minded buyers.

Can be a bit pricey for budget-minded buyers.

Slow data reading.
Not consistently compatible with newer model years.
More limited when it comes to system diagnosis.
Comparing the Foxwell NT624E with NT624 Elite and NT614 Elite helps you find which best suits you
You’ll only find whether Foxwell NT624E is a good fit or not after comparing it with the NT624 Elite and NT614 Elite

Key Things In Common Of Foxwell NT624E Vs. NT624 Elite Vs. NT614 Elite

The NT624E, NT624 Elite, and NT614 Elite are all hand-held scan tools capable of performing professional-level diagnostics. With their user-friendly interfaces and broad vehicle compatibility, all three could be excellent in value for DIY mechanics and professionals.

Aside from being similar in their overall design, all these three scanners also share a durable, easy-grip housing and a 4.3″ color screen with a high resolution for detailed diagnostic information. The menus’ navigation is the same, with both a directional control pad and quick access buttons for key functions.

It’s when you delve into the performance details that you start to see the differences between them. Let’s take a closer look at the specifics. 

Key Differences Of Foxwell NT624E Vs. NT624 Elite Vs. NT614 Elite

Design And Specifications

From a design standpoint, these three devices are very similar. All three devices come with a 16 gig memory card for saving diagnostic data. You can use the on-board data manager to print screenshots or diagnostic reports from a PC.

Menu navigation is intuitive and accessible on these Foxwell tools. International users will especially appreciate the Foxwell NT614 Elite, which includes support for 13 languages.

The only difference we noted in terms of performance was that the Foxwell NT614 Elite runs a bit slower than the NT624E or NT624 Elite. This is most noticeable when you’re viewing live data.

Overall Features And Functions

You are offered all-system diagnosis for most vehicles if you go with the Foxwell NT624E
The Foxwell NT624E supports all-system diagnosis for most vehicles
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The Foxwell NT624E and Foxwell NT624 Elite support all-system diagnosis for most vehicles. This includes all 10 modes of OBD2 as a starting point, then adds to it with reading sensor data and trouble codes for systems like the ABS, SRS, and TPMS. That means you have the power to turn off any dash warning light, as well as getting a comprehensive picture of your vehicle’s health and performance.

One diagnostic feature of the Foxwell NT624 Elite we particularly like is the quick access function for scheduled maintenance and service. This lets you keep track of the upkeep on specific systems so you can prevent problems instead of just fixing them when they happen.

You'll get 4-system diagnosis with the Foxwell NT614 Elite
The Foxwell NT614 Elite offers 4-system diagnosis of the engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS
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The Foxwell NT614 Elite is more limited in its diagnostic capabilities. It offers a 4-system diagnosis of the engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS. You’ll get comprehensive information within these systems, with support for all 10 modes of OBD2 and a wide range of PID support.

Extra Features/Functions

Foxwell NT624E
Foxwell NT624E Diagnostic Scan Tool
It’s ideal for advanced DIYers and traveling professionals.

The service functions of these Foxwell scan tools are where they really shine. On the NT624E, you’ll get oil reset, and EPB reset for 40+ vehicle manufacturers. Additional special features are included for select brands, such as sensor calibration for Hondas and hydraulic brake bleeding for Mercedes.

Foxwell NT624 Elite
Foxwell NT624 Elite Diagnostic Scan Tool
It’s ideal for advanced DIYers and traveling professionals with more comprehensive special functions.

The Foxwell NT624 Elite also includes oil reset and EPB reset for the majority of compatible vehicles. Its special functions are more comprehensive, including various useful test functions for the power steering, chassis, and HVAC system.

Foxwell NT614 Elite
Foxwell NT614 Elite OBD2 Scanner
It’s a great choice for beginning and intermediate home mechanics. It’s one of the most comprehensive scan tools in the under-$200 price point.

Both oil light reset and EPB reset are also included on the Foxwell NT614 Elite. This includes support for a range of special tests, including adaptations, clutch pedal programming, and sensor calibration. You’ll also get a choice of automatic or manual oil reset, so it’s a versatile tool within its areas of specialization. 

Supported Protocols

The Foxwell NT624E and NT624 Elite support all OBD2 protocols, including CAN networks. With the Foxwell NT614 Elite, you’ll get support for all standard OBD2 protocols used in vehicles that have 12-volt batteries.

Supported Vehicle Makes

For diagnostics like reading and clearing codes or checking I/M readiness, the Foxwell NT624E will work with any vehicle that supports OBD2. That includes the majority of cars, light trucks, SUVs, and even hybrid vehicles made after 1996. 

Compatibility varies more when it comes to multi-system diagnosis and special functions. With the Foxwell NT624E, you’ll get an all-system diagnosis for 58 manufacturers, with special functions for 42. The compatibility of the Foxwell NT624 Elite is similar, with an all-system diagnosis for vehicles from 56 brands.

For older vehicles, the Foxwell NT614 Elite is the best choice. It supports some vehicles that use the OBD1 protocol, in addition to OBD2 vehicles made 1996 and later. That said, it may not be compatible with the newest model years. It supports some cars, trucks, and SUVs made in 2018 or later, but it’s more spotty when it comes to specific makes and models in this time period.

Software And Updates

Updates are free for life on the Foxwell NT624E or NT624 Elite and are easy to install through the company’s website. Keep in mind the software only works with Windows PCs, not iOS/Mac devices.

You'll get free lifetime update with the Foxwell NT624 Elite
The Foxwell NT624 Elite offers free lifetime updates
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The update process is the same for the Foxwell NT614 Elite, including the free updates for life. However, users reported more difficulty with downloading the update files. These updates are also not as useful when it comes to adding support for newer vehicles.

Who Is Each Model Best For?

The Foxwell NT614 Elite is an excellent choice for beginning and intermediate home mechanics. It’s one of the most comprehensive scan tools in the under-$200 price point and has features, such as oil light reset, that let you make home repairs and save money at the mechanic.

Both the Foxwell NT624 Elite and the NT624E are ideal for advanced DIYers and traveling professionals. While they don’t have the coding and repair capabilities you’ll find on more expensive OBDII scanners; their durable, compact build makes them perfect portable ones for on the road repairs.


Can the Foxwell NT624E diagnose electrical problems, like flickering headlights?

Yes, the all-system diagnosis of the NT624E includes the electrical system. You can diagnose problems and read data from all electrical control modules, including the headlights.

Can the Foxwell NT624E reset the steering angle sensor?

It can read data from the steering angle and diagnose issues. However, it cannot perform reset or calibration functions for the steering angle (SAS). If you need this functionality, the Foxwell NT630 Plus could be a good option. 

How can I get support for technical issues with the Foxwell NT624 Elite?

The FoxAssist app can be downloaded and used with any of these OBDII scanners. If you have a problem, you can create a support ticket through the app and send the details of your problem. This is a faster way to get technical support than the functions on the Foxwell website, though that is also an option for non-Windows users. 

Can I see previous history codes with the Foxwell NT624 Elite?

Yes, you can see all codes current, past, and stored using it. 

Can I perform transmission relearn with the Foxwell NT614 Elite?

Unfortunately, no. You can read transmission codes and data, but this tool doesn’t have the bi-directional control you need for relearn functions. A bi-directional car diagnostic tool like the Foxwell GT60 is a better option if you need this capability. 

Can you print or email diagnostic data with the Foxwell NT614 Elite?

Yes, you can do both through the data manager function. The best way to access this is through the FoxAssist app.

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