Forscan F150 F250: Should I take VINT-TT55502 or OHP ELMconfig?

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If you own an F150 light truck, you need a powerful OBD2 scanner such as the Forscan adapter.

Ford F150 and F250 light trucks are popular for the incredible horsepower and torque it offers, but its performance can degrade due to specific engine issues. It can get frustrating to handle a degrading vehicle. This is why it is best to invest in a Forscan adapter for F150/F250 that will help you identify and solve problems while also allowing you to make changes to your truck’s module settings as per your requirements.

VINT-TT55502 vs. OHP ELMconfig: Comparison chart

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OHP ELMconfig
OHP ELMconfig
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Customer Rating
PriceVINT-TT55502 priceOHP ELMconfig price
Product Dimensions5.2" x 3.8" x 2.2"6.2" x 4.5" x 0.9"
Item Weight5.6oz4oz
Injector Coding✔️✔️
Shows Engine RPM✔️✔️
Shows intake air temperature✔️✔️
Actuator Tests✔️✔️
ECU Modification✔️✔️
Vehicle CompatibilityFord (including Ford F150 and Ford F250) and MazdaFord F150, Ford F250, Focus, Mondeo/Fusion, Kuga, S-Max, C-Max, Transit, Ranger
Pros- Speedometer calibration.
- Longer cord (1.3m).
- Allows activation of the electric brake controller.
- Shows vehicle speed, engine RPM, fuel system status, etc.
- Picks up drivers automatically.
- Allows module accessing and capability to turn them off and on.
- Consistent firmware updates for Ford models.
- Supports a variety of Forscan modifications.
Cons- Instructions are a bit hard to read
- Doesn’t work on Mac or Linux.
- Not a wide vehicle coverage support.
- Doesn’t work on Mac or Linux.
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What is Forscan?

It is a software package that helps change a truck’s module settings when used with an OBD2 scan tool. For example, you will be able to change engine temps above the gauge, turn on the radio while the ignition is off, change the steering wheel setting, enter NAV destination, etc.

These are only a handful of changes mentioned. You can perform a lot of changes using a Forscan F150 tool.

What does Forscan offer?

It will allow you to program module settings in your F150/F250. For instance, you can perform programming to disable the double horn honk, auto fold mirrors, enable perpendicular park, disable PowerPoint timeout, disable fake engine noise, etc.

Apart from that, with the right scan tool, you can use this software to check CEL codes, read DTCs, and find faults in various systems such as ABS/SRS, engine, and transmission.

What is ELMconfig?

It is a program that helps update your vehicle’s ECU settings. It allows you to do some amazing things with your car, such as automatically locking the doors as soon as you drive away, controlling the car windows using a remote keyfob, stereo information, FORD echo mode, auto heated windscreen, gear shift indicator, etc.

The benefit of this software is that you can implement the above and many other functionalities to your car with a little bit of knowledge without paying a heavy price.


MS-CAN is a mid-speed CAN, and HS-CAN is the high speed CAN found in Ford models. Their job is to connect the car’s body with the control unit to perform modifications.

MS-CAN supports a few modules, and so does HS-CAN, and both cannot be simultaneously used unless you have a switch that enables both MS/HS switch capability.

Forscan offers this feature and allows you to toggle between HS-CAN/MS-CAN. Thus, you can work with all the modules and make changes that you want to.

Best Forscan adapters for F150 F250 Ford light trucks review

VINT-TT55502 ELM327 and OHP ELMConfig Forscan OBD2 Adapter are the two best Forscan adapters for F150 and F250 Ford light trucks. Both of these Forscan adapters offer MS/HS CAN switch and support the FORD F150 truck.

Using either of the scanners will allow you to access, communicate, and modify the module setting. Moreover, it will also let you perform OBD2 functions.

VINT-TT55502 ELM327
VINT-TT55502 ELM327 USB modified For all Windows Forscan ELMconfig
VINT-TT55502 ELM327 support FORD models open hidden function Focus Mondeo Kuga MS-CAN

Let’s dive into the details and learn more about the two Forscan adapters:

Forscan for F150 F250: VINT-TT55502 vs. OHP ELMconfig

Both VINT-TT55502 and OHP ELMConfig are tools that can transfer and perceive data at 500 kbit/sec, which is enough speed to perform fast data reading.

The best thing about these adapters is that they support both basic and advanced features.


VINT: It’s a compact device that will fit easily into the DLC port of your car. There’s an adapter on one end and a USB connector on the other that goes into a laptop.

The device won’t occupy much space as it has compact dimensions of 5.2 x 3.8 x 2.2 inches only. Moreover, it’s relatively lightweight at 5.6 ounces.

OHP: It’s slightly bigger than VINT with a dimension of 6.8 x 4.7 x 1.5 inches. Moreover, it weighs 6.4 ounces.

Features and functions

Both the adapters offer the same features and functionalities. Let’s have a look.

ABS/SRS: Both tools allow you to access the ABS/SRS module of your FORD F150. You will be able to read ABS/SRS related fault codes to identify and solve issues.

Engine: They can read engine codes to help you figure out the condition of the engine.

Injector coding: Both the tools support injector coding.

Actuator test: Actuators help regulate the flow of fluid. However, problems in these actuators can cause emission problems. These tools will help conduct actuator tests and let you know about the issue.

Gearbox: With these tools, you can read gearbox related codes. It’s an important module that transmits engine torque to the wheels. Thus, you will be able to keep the transmission system of your FORD F150/F250 in good shape when you have either of the tools with you.

CEL: Engine light codes are the most common errors that illuminate the engine light. These tools will help read CEL and reset the code once the problem is fixed.

Live data: The tools can display live information regarding your vehicle’s performance.

Component activation: They have a switch to toggle between MS and HS CAN. Hence, you can activate various components in your truck, such as TPMS reset, activate vehicle speed sensor, etc.

DPF forced regeneration: Both adapters will lookout for problems in the DPF module. You will be able to identify and solve issues such as excessive soot in the exhaust.

Modifications: With Forscan software, you will be able to perform various modifications. These include Bambi mode, perpendicular park, disable double horn honk, global window feature, tire size correction, reverse tilt mirror, heated steering wheel, 5s signal flash, and more.

Protocols supported

  • SAE J1850 PWM, VPW.
  • ISO 9141.
  • SAE J1939.
  • ISO 15765.
  • ISO 14230.
  • CAN (MS/HS).
OHP ELMConfig Forscan WIFI OBD2 Scanner
OHP ELMConfig Forscan WIFI OBD2 Scanner is a must have for Ford and Mazda


Connect the adapter into the DLC port and the USB end into the laptop. Download the free Forscan software and open the app.

It will read your vehicle’s information and pop up the available modules that you can access and modify.

Supported Ford US models

Vint: It supports all FORD and Mazda 1996 and newer models.

OHP: It supports Ford F150/F250, Focus, Mondeo/Fusion, Kuga, S-Max, C-Max, Transit, and Ranger.

Supported software

Both scanners support many software packages, including Forscan, Focccus, ELMconfig, and FF2.

OS compatibility

They work on all Windows versions, including XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.


VINT-TT55502 is ideal for FORD (including F150 and F250) and Mazda owners who want to access various trucks’ modules. It supports many software packages. Hence you will have several options to choose from.

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On the other hand, OHP ELMConfig can be a viable pick for FORD owners who want to check ABS/SRS and reset services such as SAS, oil light, etc.

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How is a tool with ELMconfig different from OBD2 scanners?

ELMconfig tools such as VINT and OHP adapters can only be run by connecting them to a laptop. Besides OBD2 functionalities, they let you change ECU parameters, turn existing features on and off, etc.

Are ELMConfig adapters upgradeable?

The firmware upgrade works in a few FORD models only.

Can I use these tools with my phone instead of a laptop?

Absolutely. You will need to buy an OTG cable for the USB input, download the Android app (Dash Command) on your phone, and you’re good to go. However, you won’t be able to perform modifications with this app.

Since FORD F150/F250 doesn’t have relays, can I still disable Hyper Flash’s bulb?

You can. Download the Forscan app to perform the task.

Does using the ELMconfig adapters with the Forscan app void my warranty?

Not necessarily. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act says that the dealership would need to prove that modifications you made with FORScan tampered with the warranty, which is highly unlikely.

Do I need to download a specific driver to run these tools?

Not really. All you need to do is visit the Forscan website to download the app on your laptop to use it.

How to toggle between HS and MS-CAN?

There’s a flip-switch on the back of the tool that allows you to change between the two switches.

Can I Use Forscan on Mac?

Yes, however, you will need to operate it from a virtual machine such as Parallels.

When I modified some features in the IPC module, the TPMS values disappeared. Is this normal? 

Yes, it is a common issue. Drive your vehicle for a few minutes, and the values will return.

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