ESP BAS light on Jeep: What is the meaning?

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Does your Jeep have an ESP BAS light on? Are you wondering what you should deal with it?

How swift you respond to the ESP BAS light on your Jeep might be your saving grace or the start of gruesome events.

This article highlights different hacks and techniques that might come in handy when facing ESP BAS light-related issues.

What is ESP BAS light on a Jeep?

what is esp bas light on a jeep
ESP BAS light on Jeep vehicles indicate any faults with either the Brake Assist System or the Electronic Stability Program

The ESP BAS light is a trouble indicator dedicated to informing you of fault with either the Brake Assist System (BAS) or the Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

The ESP is entrusted with ensuring that the vehicle is stable and remains controllable in low traction situations. Contrarily, the BAS increases braking power, thus reducing the time needed to stop during emergencies. Whenever you see this light on your Jeep’s dashboard, it means that there is a fault with either the ESP or the BAS.

What causes ESP BAS light to come on?

This situation results from faulty sensors that assist the system in executing flawlessly. Moreover, the same issue can propagate if a fault exists within crucial systems needed to allow ESP or BAS to function, such as the braking system.

what causes esp bas light to come on
The ESP BAS light shows up due to issues related to the ESP and BAS. These include defective sensors and faulty brakes. Keep reading to find out what triggers the light on your Jeep vehicle.

Issues related to the ESP that trigger the ESP BAS light include faulty steering angle sensors and wheel speed sensors. This situation results as the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) can access neither information on the wheel alignment nor the speed at which the wheels are rotating. Therefore, the PCM activates the ESP BAS light to indicate this problem.

BAS-related defects arise from insufficient data on braking power. This condition comes from losing anti-lock brakes, worn-out brake pads, or a defective brake switch. Unless these issues are fixed, the PCM will send an error code using the ESP BAS light.

Defective steering angle sensor

The steering angle sensor sends live data to the PCM about the wheels’ angle, and the steering wheel’s rate of turn. This information is crucial to allow the ESP to make important decisions on the stability of the vehicle through altering the wheels’ rate of turn. The ESP will send an error code through the ESP BAS light if deprived of this information.

To reset the steering angle sensor to your Jeep, turn the steering wheel twice to the right, then twice to the left, then finally bring it back to the center. If this action doesn’t solve the issue, then your sensors are probably faulty and need replacing. Moreover, it could mean that the wiring connected to the sensor could be defective due to an open circuit, or it might be corroded from the road salt or other salty debris.

Inaccurate wheel speed sensor

The wheel speed sensor allows the ESP and BAS systems to measure the velocity of all four Jeep wheels. If the speed on any wheel varies from the rest, they will apply the necessary measures to ensure you remain in control of the car. However, the system fails to receive this information if a fault arises with the wheel speed sensor.

Faulty brake switch

The brake switch is responsible for lighting up the brake lights to your Jeep to inform the motorists behind you of your braking action. Since it is impossible to see behind your vehicle that the brake lights are dysfunctional, the Jeep informs you by switching on the ESP BAS light.

Although a faulty brake switch is a simple problem, it may illuminate the ESP BAS light. Replacing them is a piece of cake, however, it would cost you a fortune.  

Worn-out brake pads

Typically, the ESP BAS light to your Jeep isn’t going to light up due to worn-out brake pads. However, it’s not usually the case. Instances that brake pads result in different rotating rates of your vehicle’s wheels will likely trigger the ESP BAS light. So, the next time you have this issue, you might consider whether your brake pads are road-worthy.

Have a specialist replace the brake pads ASAP, or take on the task yourself if you’re a handy person when it comes to vehicles.  

Loss of Anti-Lock brakes

The ABS (anti-lock braking system) prevents skidding circumstances caused by the wheels having different traction. This low traction situation arises from a faulty ABS pump. Since the system is necessary for stabilizing your vehicle during varying levels of traction, the Jeep alerts you by using the illuminating ESP BAS lights. It would help if you had the ABS pump replaced by a trusted mechanic.  

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Ineffective traction control

When the ESP becomes faulty, it will not maintain the desired control during different traction conditions. For example, while driving in low traction situations such as icy roads, ESP might not assist you in maintaining control when it kicks in. Since this can result in an accident, the vehicle alerts you by switching the ESP BAS light on.

Can I drive with the ESP BAS light on?

Yes! It’s possible to drive your Jeep with the ESP BAS lights on. However, this action is at the expense of your life. Driving a car with a malfunctioning system may result in a fatal accident when you face a situation requiring traction to avoid crashing.

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How can I clear the ESP BAS light on my Jeep?

It is likely that the ESP BAS light on your Jeep doesn’t illuminate because there is a fault within your vehicle’s ESP or BAS systems. At times, it is just a false alarm, and a reset is all you need. Here is how to clear the ESP BAS light.

how can I clear the esp bas light on my jeep
If you can’t find any of the above issues on your Jeep, it is highly possible that the light is just a false alarm. In this case, you can follow our simple steps to clear the ESP BAS light.

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The ESP BAS light alerts you of an issue related to either of these systems. You can read the error codes using an OBD II scanner to identify the underlying issue. After replacing the Jeep’s faulty sensors, brake pads, ESP pump, you can reset the ESP BAS light using steering wheel motions. Driving while the ESP BAS light is on is unsafe as vital systems to aid you during an emergency are unavailable.


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