Carly Vs OBDeleven: Which Is Better for My Car?

It makes total sense to compare Carly vs. OBDeleven. 

Both products have a lot in common, and they offer a lot of similar diagnostic functionalities for OBD2 vehicles. They work wirelessly and even work for some of the same vehicles. With all these similarities, choosing between Carly and OBDeleven isn’t so easy.  

We want you to make the right choice for your vehicle, so we’ve done the hard work of carefully reviewing Carly vs. OBDeleven. Our review will help you understand their features, but more importantly, the differences between them. By the end of this Carly vs. OBDeleven review, you’ll know which one is right for you.

Let’s get started.

Carly Vs. OBDeleven: Complete comparison chart

Carly Scanner+
Carly Scanner+
Check Price
OBDEleven Standard
OBDEleven Ultimate
Check Price
Supported Operating systemAndroid, iOSAndroid, iOS
OBD2 Functions and enhanced codesFullFull
System diagnosticsAll systemsAll systems
Advanced service functions8/109/10
Customizations/ Coding7/108/10
Vehicle coverageVehicles made since 1996, but mainly Renault, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Porsche, VAG, Ford, and Lexus.All Volkswagen Group vehicles, including Lamborghini, Seat, Audi, Skoda, or Bentley.

*Notes: Excellent: 9-10; Good: 7-8; Fair: 5-6; Poor: 3-4; Very poor: 1-2

Although originally popular for supporting BMW, MyCarly has added more brands to its core brands and supports other brands to some extent. It offers a great deal of functionality and a sleek design, all backed by a promising development team

The company behind OBDeleven has also successfully added iOS support and are actively working on more features to add to their extensive sets of features. It plugs snugly into your OBD2 port and delivers powerful diagnostics in compatible vehicles while connected to the internet.

carly vs obdeleven
Carly offers basic diagnostics on all vehicles and advanced diagnostics on select brands while OBDeleven packs a punch of superior features within its Pro License, showing the efficacy of its support from the Volkswagen Group.

Carly Vs. OBDeleven: What do they share?

Both the Carly and OBDeleven adapter work via Bluetooth. Once you plug the adapter into the OBD port and connect with the app on your smartphone/tablet, you’re good to go. 

Carly and OBD eleven both support Android and iOS devices. You can get their apps on the Google Play Store for Androids and App Store for iOS. 

However, you should note that OBDeleven has an older generation device that doesn’t support iOS, so ensure you get the right one. The first generation of OBDeleven is white while the latest one is black – I hope that helps. 

They are both OBD2 products that only support vehicles made in 1996 and newer. Carly and OBDeleven cover some specific brands, but they have some in common, namely Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda. 

On both devices, you’ll find support for similar features like live data, freeze frame data, and oil reset. Apart from those basic features, the manufacturers of both apps tried to pack them with as many advanced features as possible, from system diagnostics to reset functions and even coding. Although they have these features in common, we’ll take a deeper dive to see how they are different. 

Best matched adapter

Carly Scanner+


Price range: $79-$119

OBDeleven Ultimate


Price range: $249-$269

Carly Vs. OBDeleven: What Are the Differences?

OBD2 and system diagnostics

Both the Carly and OBDeleven scanners are compatible with vehicles using OBD2 protocols. They are capable of performing all ten OBD2 diagnostics modes. This means you can use them for a full emissions check before you go in for an official check. 

They transmit freeze frame data and live data to your smartphone/tablet directly to help you investigate the origin of the fault like a pro. You’ll also be able to access vital engine data to keep track of your engine’s health and catch problems before they happen. Another OBD2 feature is accessing vehicle information, which you can do with these devices.

Apart from OBD2 checks, they also have manufacturer-level diagnostics for car systems. There are various systems in each vehicle that work together to keep it running safely and efficiently, such as the ABS, fuel system, transmission, SRS, etc. These scanners can read codes from these systems to identify faults in them. The faults codes can be interpreted in-app and online, so you can quickly get your vehicle back up again. 

As you might have noticed, there isn’t much difference here, but Carly offers additional features like Used Car Checks. This feature checks the car history for any mileage manipulation, a handy feature for people looking to investigate vehicle history further than just VIN.  

OBD2 and system diagnostics are generally for beginners, so comparing their ease of use is fair. In this regard, Carly is more straightforward with impressive customer support. Don’t get me wrong, OBDeleven is also easy to use, but it doesn’t come with paperwork like manuals that can help new scan tool users. However, once you set it up, it works great.

Carly Scanner


Price range: $79-$119

Advanced service functions/reset functions

Advanced reset functions enhance your car repair and maintenance, and these tools offer some of these functions. Carly offers transmission reset, Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration, battery registration, service reset, Check Engine Light (CEL) reset, NOx, EPB reset, etc.  

OBDeleven also has some reset functions, including CEL reset, control unit (CU) reset, DLR reset, TPMS reset, EPB reset, BEM reset, brake pads replacement, oil pressure checks, power steering activation, battery registration, etc. This should give you an idea of which type of reset functions they each have.

In Carly, you have to pay for a license for one brand. You then have access to all of the brand’s reset functions and coding features in the Carly app – more about coding below. However, although its vehicle coverage is exhaustive, its features vary for each vehicle. Luckily, Carly publishes its vehicle coverage and the sets of features available for each vehicle. 

Carly also has a free app, Carly Lite, although you have to buy the scanner. Once you pair the app and connected scanner, you can see the full range of features that Carly has for your car. If it doesn’t have what you want, you can return the scanner within 14 days and get a refund. 

OBDeleven also has a webpage to check which features will work on your car. However, it offers features as One-Click Apps that you can purchase with in-app credits. Your new purchase will have default credits, but you can buy more. OBDEleven Starter plan has 100 credits, and Pro Pack has 200 credits, but you can purchase more credits. Alternatively, you can get free credits by logging in daily or watching ads. 

OBDeleven has more reset features, mostly for VAG Group vehicles. Otherwise, choose Carly.

OBDEleven Starter


Price range: $99-$119

OBDEleven Pro Pack


Price range: $139-$159

Customizations/ Coding

ECU coding can help you personalize and adjust your vehicle to your liking and even help you unlock hidden features. You can also remove annoying messages or sounds, all without changing your vehicle’s software. 

Carly and OBDeleven will code your vehicles, although OBDeleven also offers Long Coding to manually set various options in the vehicle’s ECU. Long coding is most useful after you replace car parts. 

OBDeleven also has ECU programming and adaptation functions. Coding, programming, and adaptations are advanced features, so you must be experienced to use it. Also, you should use an Android to code with OBDeleven to get all its features.

I recommend OBDeleven for professionals who understand coding and programming.

If you only want something light and it is easy for beginners, go with Carly.

OBDeleven Standard Edition
OBDEleven Standard Edition
OBDeleven packs a punch of superior features within its Pro License, showing the efficacy of its support from the Volkswagen Group. Professional car mechanics and auto dealerships will find OBDeleven a gem!

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Supported protocols

Both Carly and OBDeleven communicate through the 5 industry-standard protocols, including ISO14230-4, ISO 9141-2, J1850 VPW, SAE J2480, and J1850 PWM. This is how they are able to diagnose modern vehicles effectively.

Supported vehicles years and models 

Carly can work on all OBD2 vehicles made from 1996, but for now, its core brands are Renault, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Porsche, VAG, Ford, and Lexus. Outside these brands, Carly only offers basic OBD2 diagnostics. 

OBDeleven is a ideal tool If you have either a Lamborghini, Seat, Audi, Skoda, or Bentley
OBDeleven can support the Volkswagen (VAG) Group vehicles, including Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Seat, Audi, Skoda, and Bentley. 

OBDeleven, on the other hand, has a license from the Volkswagen (VAG) Group, so it only supports vehicles in that family, including Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Seat, Audi, Skoda, and Bentley. 

Carly supports all OBD2 vehicles to some extent, making it the safe recommendation here.

Plans and price

There are two paid Carly scanner plans, the Scanner and Scanner+. Below is how much they cost:

  • Carly Scanner with Carly Universal Scanner costs $79.90.
  • Carly Scanner+ with Carly Universal Scanner costs between $80.89 and $119.00 depending on your car brand.

OBDeleven has different editions of its scanner, ranging from Standard Edition to Ultimate. Here is a breakdown of the plans and pricing for OBDeleven:

Updates and in-app purchases

For one, Carly requires an annual subscription. It allows you to buy a license for one vehicle brand and another license for all supported car brands. If you buy the all-brands license, Carly will refund part of the amount you paid for the single-brand license as compensation. 

You can also upgrade to Scanner+ within the Scanner app. Scanner+ comes with all the advanced features like coding and reset functions. However, if your car is not one of Carly’s core brands (check above), it won’t ask you to buy Scanner+.

You need to buy the Pro License to use advanced features like coding and adaptation on OBDeleven. It also sells each feature you use as a One-Click App. For instance, you can buy TPMS reset and add it to your collection of functions. You do so with credits provided within the app. Your plan determines the amount of credit you get by default. 

For instance, the Starter plan has 100 free credits, the Pro plan has 200 credits, and the Ultimate plan has 500 credits. You can only buy One-Click apps for a feature that is available in your vehicle. The first option to add credit is to buy more. If you want free credits, you can get up to 6 free credits daily when you log in and watch ads. You also get 11 free credits when you register. All updates are free.

Carly is more affordable in the long run.  

Compared to the others, Carly is more affordable in the long run.  


Carly’s apps can be confusing. You need to download the Lite app to check compatible features in your car first, then buy any of the main apps if you want them. Also, its coding features are limited, and subscriptions fees can be costly.

OBDeleven works best with Android devices, and some features aren’t available on the iOS version. Its features also need to be purchased separately, and the pack comes with little instructions to boot.

Which is the better app for my car?

It all comes down to vehicle type.

If you have either a Lamborghini, Seat, Audi, Skoda, or Bentley, OBDeleven is the right choice for you. Nothing comes close to what OBDeleven offers for these vehicle brands. 

A video about how to use OBDEleven Standard

If your car is a Renault, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Porsche, VAG, Ford, or Lexus, the right choice is Carly. It offers great diagnostic tools that are easy to use and worth every penny. Other vehicle brands will also get basic diagnostics.

A video about Carly for BMW review


Download Carly app: Carly App for iOS | Carly App for Android

Download OBDeleven app: OBDeleven App for iOSOBDeleven App for Android

The adapters 

For Carly

Carly Scanner offers basic OBD2 diagnostics, including emissions checks for your car’s exhaust system and basic live data from different sensors. It comes with the scan tool and costs $79.90. Because you already have the adapter, you can upgrade later to Scanner+ for more features. The adapter included with this plan is the Carly Universal Scanner, which has a fast processor and supports all OBD2 vehicles. It uses Bluetooth and is very portable.

Carly Scanner+ plan comes free with the same Carly Universal Scanner and an app that can do it all. On top of basic diagnostics, it offers full system diagnostics, user car checks, full live data, coding, and many more. It costs between $80.89 and $119.00 depending on your car brand.

Carly Scanner+
Carly Scanner+
Carly offers basic diagnostics on all vehicles and advanced diagnostics on select brands.It was relatively affordable and straightforward, making it a perfect scanner for DIYers, car mechanics, and even first-time scan tool owners.

For OBDeleven

OBDeleven Standard Edition is only for Android, has access to One-Click apps, and gets you 11 free credits upon registration. It costs $64.99 and doesn’t include a Pro license. 

OBDeleven NexGen Edition costs $94.99 and doesn’t include the Pro license. Although you still get 11 free credits when you register that you can use to buy One-Click apps. It works with Android and iOS.

OBDeleven Starter Edition has 100 credits, and you get 11 more when you register. However, it doesn’t come with the Pro license either. It also works with Android and iOS and costs $109.99.

OBDeleven Standard Edition

epsoak epsom salt 5 lb


Price range: $59-$69

OBDeleven NexGen Edition


Price range: $89-$99

OBDeleven Starter Edition


Price range: $99-$119

OBDeleven Pro Edition is compatible with Android and iOS, has 200 credits, and gets you 11 credits when you register. Additionally, it comes with a free 12-months Pro subscription. This edition costs $149.99.

OBDeleven Ultimate Edition costs $259.99 and has a whopping 500 credits included, apart from the 11 you get upon registering. You get a 12-month Ultimate subscription, a carry pouch, and a phone holder since it works on Android and iOS devices.

OBDeleven Pro Edition

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Price range: $139-$159

OBDEleven Ultimate

OBDEleven Ultimate


Price range: $249-$269

Final thoughts 

Carly offers basic diagnostics on all vehicles and advanced diagnostics on select brands. It is incredibly easy to use, and its advanced diagnostics or coding can’t hurt your vehicle if used well. It was relatively affordable and straightforward, making it a perfect scanner for DIYers, car mechanics, and even first-time scan tool owners.

OBDeleven packs a punch of superior features within its Pro License, showing the efficacy of its support from the Volkswagen Group. As a result, it only supports vehicles in that family, but it does so to an unmatched extent. Professional car mechanics and auto dealerships will find OBDeleven a gem!

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