Topdon Phoenix Plus vs. Pro: Which One Should I Choose?

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Wondering what sets the TOPDON Phoenix Plus apart from the Pro version? 

Choosing between these two options can be quite a headache, but don’t worry! 

This comparison review will help you make an easier decision.

In this post, I’ll show you:

  • Full comparison chart of TOPDON Phoenix Plus vs. Pro
  • Quick summary of their key differences
  • Detailed comparison between TOPDON Phoenix Plus vs. Pro

Keep reading to find out more.

Topdon Phoenix Plus vs. Pro: Full Comparison Chart

TOPDON Phoenix Plus
TOPDON Phoenix Plus
Check Price
TOPDON Phoenix Pro
TOPDON Phoenix Pro
Check Price
Full-system diagnostic
Live data
Active tests
Topology map
Service functions
Oil Reset
ABS Bleeding
TPMS Reset
Key Programming
Crankshaft Relearn
Transmission Relearn
ECU Coding
ECU programming
OBD2 car/light truck
Screen size
Android OS
Android 10
Android 5.1
4GB & 64GB
2GB & 64GB
Wireless connection
Free updates
2 years
2 years
Yearly update fee
1 year
1 year
Customer support
Check price
Check Price

Topdon Phoenix Plus vs. Pro: Key Differences

To help you decide more easily, let’s explore four key differences between these two scanners. For more detailed comparisons, you can check out the Detailed Comparison section below.

  • Service functions: Topdon Phoenix Plus comes with a wide range of 41 service functions, while the Pro version offers 34 functions.
  • ECU programming: Topdon Phoenix Plus doesn’t have this feature, but the Pro version supports ECU programming for 13 different car makers.
  • Battery capacity: Topdon Phoenix Pro has a big battery with 15,000mAh capacity, while the Plus version has a slightly smaller 12,600mAh capacity. But I believe the Plus version’s battery is still enough for a full day’s work.
  • Screen size: Topdon Phoenix Pro has a 12-inch display, which is about 2 inches bigger than the Phoenix Plus. If you prefer to see live data on a larger screen, the Pro version is the way to go.

If you’re someone who’s looking for both ECU programming and a bigger battery, then Topdon Phoenix Pro is your pick. And if you don’t need these features right now, Topdon Phoenix Plus is a solid choice for professional use.

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Pro price:

Topdon Phoenix Plus vs. Pro: Detailed Comparison


Topdon Phoenix Plus and Pro are both highly capable professional scanners with a wide range of advanced functions. Whether you’re a skilled DIYer or a home mechanic, these scanners have got you covered.

They share several common functionalities, including:

  • Full-system diagnostics: reading all codes on your cars.
  • Topology map: providing an overview of your car’s systems.
  • Active tests: allowing remote control of car’s electrical parts for troubleshooting.
  • ECU coding: enabling adaptation of new car parts or customization of your vehicle.
  • Guided functions: offering step-by-step guidance when working on VAG vehicles.

Despite their similarities, two significant differences set them apart.

Firstly, Phoenix Pro, being a more advanced version, includes ECU programming capabilities. This function is designed for professionals and is used to program new ECUs after replacement and fix corrupted ECU data.

It supports up to 13 car brands, including:

  • BENZ, 
  • BMW
  • NISSAN, 
  • SUBARU, 
  • and HYUNDAI.

On the other hand, Phoenix Plus doesn’t have ECU programming functions but compensates with 41 service functions. In comparison, Phoenix Pro has 34 functions, which is 7 less than Phoenix Plus.

If you have a generous budget and require ECU programming capabilities, Phoenix Pro is an excellent choice. If not, Phoenix Plus is still worth considering, especially with its additional service functions.

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Pro price:

Vehicle Coverage

If you deal with multiple car brands and models, Phoenix Plus and Phoenix Pro are the scanners you need. They offer the same extensive vehicle coverage, supporting almost all car brands, including 2023 models.

I’ve personally tested both scanners on various car models in my garage, such as the 2020 Honda CR-V, 2014 Subaru Legacy, 2008 Mercedes-Benz W211, 2015 VW Jetta, 2007 Chevy Silverado and 2021 Toyota Corolla. 

With these scanners, you will rarely have to switch to another one if they encounter a vehicle they cannot scan. 

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Pro price:

Design & Hardware

The main differences between Phoenix Plus and Pro lie in their design and hardware.

First thing first, Phoenix Plus is equipped with a 4-core processor, while the Pro has an 8-core processor. Naturally, the Pro’s powerful processor ensures faster task performance.

On the other hand, Phoenix Plus comes with 4GB of RAM, ensuring smooth operation even during heavy-duty tasks. The Phoenix Pro, although not as good as the Plus, still performs well with its 2GB RAM.

In terms of operating systems, the Phoenix Plus runs on Android 10, while the Pro operates on Android version 5.1, which might limit its capabilities compared to the Plus.

However, Phoenix Pro has a bigger screen and longer battery life compared to the Plus. It features a 12-inch screen and a 15,000 mAh battery, while the Phoenix Plus has a 10.1-inch screen and a 12,600 mAh battery.

Both devices support wireless connection, allowing you to move around the garage without being limited by cables.

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Pro price:

After-sales service

Both Phoenix Plus and Phoenix Pro belong to the TOPDON brand, so they offer the same warranty period of 1 year. However, this warranty duration might seem relatively short compared to other brands.

Though both devices come with 2 years of free updates, the annual update fee differs. Updating Phoenix Plus costs $545 per year, while the Pro version requires $795. This variation in price is due to Pro’s professional function, which includes ECU programming.

I’ve had a positive experience with TOPDON’s customer support.

Being a newer company like XTOOL, they seem to prioritize customer care. Whenever I have a question or need assistance, they respond enthusiastically via email within 24 hours since I sent my inquiry.

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Pro price:


In my view, both TOPDON Phoenix Plus and Pro offer pretty much the same features and cover a similar range of vehicles. 

The main differences between them are in their appearance and the hardware they use.

If you’re interested in ECU programming and want a better-looking device with improved hardware, then Phoenix Pro is worth investing in.

However, if you’re on a budget and still want most of the functions found in the Phoenix Pro, Phoenix Plus is a great choice. It allows you to save money while getting almost the same benefits.

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Pro price:

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