Topdon Artidiag 800BT vs. Autel MK808: Which One Is Your Best Fit?

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Confused between TOPDON Artidiag 800BT vs. Autel MK808? 

I’ve got you covered.

In this review, I will go through every aspect of these two scanners:

  • Key differences
  • Detailed comparison: performance, design & hardware, etc.

Then I’m sure you’ll find your best fit.

Topdon Artidiag 800BT vs. Autel MK808: Full comparison chart

Topdon AD800BT
Topdon AD800BT
Check Price
Autel MK808
Autel MK808
Check Price
Full-system diagnostics
Live data
Text, Graph
Text, Graph
Active tests
Service functions
Oil reset
SAS reset
Throttle reset
TPMS reset
BMS reset
EPB reset
Crank/camshaft relearn
Key programming
Guided function
OBD2 car/light truck
2017+ FCA vehicles
Connection type
Screen size
Android OS
Android 10
Android 11
2GB +32GB
4GB + 64GB
Free update
1 year
Update fee
1 year
1 year
Customer support
Check price
Check Price

Topdon Artidiag 800BT vs. Autel MK808: Key Differences

For those on the go, here’s a quick rundown of the main differences between Topdon 800BT and Autel MK808:

  • Active test: Autel MK808 allows active tests on any system, while regrettably, TOPDON 800BT doesn’t offer this function.
  • Key programming: While both TOPDON 800BT and Autel MK808 offer IMMO services, including disabling lost keys or adding new keys, MK808 also stands out by being able to program keys.
  • Wireless connection: Autel MK808 requires an OBD2 cable to connect, whereas TOPDON 800BT goes with a more convenient Bluetooth VCI.
  • Storage: Autel MK808 has larger storage with 4GB RAM & 64GB ROM, while TOPDON 800BT has a bit less at 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM.
  • Updates: TOPDON 800BT offers lifetime free updates, while Autel MK808 supports free updates for one year, after which it’s $125/year for new features or vehicle updates.

Still unsure? You can refer to my suggestion below:

If you are in need of active testing and key programming, then Autel MK808 will be more worth the investment.

And TOPDON 800BT is for those who mainly need various service functions, and what’s more, its wireless connection and free lifetime update are big plus.

Today’s best TOPDON 800BT price:

Today’s best Autel MK808 price:

Topdon Artidiag 800BT vs. Autel MK808: Detailed comparison


Since both Topdon 800BT and Autel MK808 fall in the same price range, you’ll find quite a few similar functions between them. For those curious about what we’re offering:

  • Full-system diagnostics
  • Real-time data displayed in both text and graphs
  • 28 service functions: ABS bleeding, injector coding, throttle body relearn, gear relearn, etc.

However, when it comes to those service functions, there are some slight differences between the two scanners, even though they share the same number of functions. 

For instance, both the 800BT and MK808 can handle IMMO services like disabling lost keys and adding new ones. But MK808 goes even further by being able to program keys. 

But wait, there’s more. Autel MK808 lets you run active tests on any system. This means you can control various electrical parts of your car remotely. Unfortunately, this feature is missing on the TOPDON 800BT.

And that’s not all. If you find yourself frequently working on VAG cars, Autel MK808’s guided function is a big plus.

It streamlines your maintenance tasks by providing on-screen instructions, effectively saving you a ton of time.

Today’s best TOPDON 800BT price:

Today’s best Autel MK808 price:

Vehicle coverage

Both the TOPDON 800BT and Autel MK808 cover a wide range of vehicles. They work nicely with vehicles that follow the OBD2 standards.

Now, Autel MK808 takes it a bit further. It also supports AutoAuth for FCA vehicles produced after 2017. This means that MK808 could potentially handle more vehicles than the 800BT.

Based on my own hands-on experience and testing, I’ve had a positive outcome with both of these scanners. 

Most of the cars I tried TOPDON 800BT and Autel MK808 on were compatible with them and worked well. 

Just remember, the advanced features they offer might vary depending on the specific car model. So, before you make a decision, make sure to check if your vehicle is compatible.

Today’s best TOPDON 800BT price:

Today’s best Autel MK808 price:

Design & Hardware

When it comes to design and hardware, TOPDON 800BT is defeated by Autel MK808 in several aspects.

Let’s break it down. Take screen size, for instance. Autel MK808 boasts a 7-inch screen, a whole inch larger than what TOPDON 800BT offers.

And then there’s storage. Autel MK808 truly shines here, leaving TOPDON 800BT behind.

If you’re on the hunt for a scanner that can store a bunch of reports or live data, MK808’s 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM combo is the way to go.

Regarding speed, both scanners are quick when I perform various tasks, making sure you save valuable time.

Moving on to their battery capacity, the 800BT falls a bit short with a small 3100mAh capacity. Plus, its battery tends to run out quicker compared to Autel MK808.

But hold on – TOPDON 800BT gets a win if you’re all about wireless connections. It’s got a Bluetooth 4.0 VCI dongle with an impressive working range of 33 feet (10m), perfect for those who prefer a cord-free setup.

Today’s best TOPDON 800BT price:

Today’s best Autel MK808 price:

After-sales service

The only thing these two scanners have in common in this aspect is the 1-year warranty, which is similar to what most scanner brands currently offer.

As for the differences between them, let me break it down for you.

Topdon Artidiag 800BT supports free lifetime updates, while Autel MK808 offers free updates for just the first year. After that, you’ll have to pay an annual update fee of $125.

Now, when it comes to customer support, my take is that TOPDON comes out ahead of Autel. They reach out directly to assist you, and you even have the option of getting in touch with US support.

On the other hand, with Autel, it’s typically the seller who takes care of support rather than the manufacturer.

In my personal experience, both brands are pretty solid, but Autel might be a bit behind TOPDON.

Today’s best TOPDON 800BT price:

Today’s best Autel MK808 price:


Both of these scanners are perfect picks for DIYers and home mechanics. They’ve got all the necessary functions for your everyday tasks covered.

However, Autel MK808 takes the lead here. It offers more advanced features, such as active tests and key programming.

On the flip side, Topdon 800BT, although it does not have as many diverse functions as MK808, in return, you can get free lifetime updates and wireless connection during use.

Today’s best TOPDON 800BT price:

Today’s best Autel MK808 price:

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