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Snap-On Solus Edge: A Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner Review

Are you a professional technician who is looking for a reliable vehicle diagnostic tool? Take Snap-On Solus Edge!!

Snap-On Solus Edge vs. Launch X431 V+ vs. Autel DS808 Comparison Chart

Snap-On Solus Edge
Snap-On Solus Edge
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Launch X431 V+
Launch X431 V+
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Autel Maxidas DS808
Autel Maxidas DS808
Check Price
Customer Rating
PriceSnap-On Solus Edge priceLaunch X431 V+ priceAutel Maxidas DS808 price
Product Dimensions13.8" x 5.9" x 9.8"17.3" x 6.7" x 21.6"
Item Weight13.23lbs5.9lbs
Full OBDII Functions
Full-System Diagnosi
Oil Reset
EPB Reset
TPMS Reset
SAS Calibration
Throttle Body Adjustment
BMS Register, DPF Regeneration
Bi-directional Control
Injector Coding
Key Coding
ECU Coding
ETS Reset--
Brake, AFS Reset, --
EGR Adaptation--

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Snap On Solus Edge is fast, efficient, handy, and easy to use.
Snap On Solus Edge is a professional scan tool which can let you fix the car-related common problems in a simple, smooth, and hassle-free way.

Snap-On Solus Edge Overview

Well, Snap-On Solus Edge is a professional scan tool that can let you fix car-related common problems in a simple, smooth, and hassle-free way.

Therefore, instead of wasting loads of time and effort in scanning and diagnosing the root cause of a vehicle problem, you are recommended to use Snap-On Solus Edge for the quickest, smartest, and best possible solution.

This latest Snap-on Solus Edge diagnostic tool, designed by Snap-on, is powered by sophisticated functionality, an intuitive user interface, and advanced graphing features.

Snap-On Solus Edge Detailed Review

Snap-on Solus Edge scan tool
Snap-on Solus Edge Scan Tool (EESC320)
Snap-On Solus Edge scan tool is fast, efficient, handy, and easy to use.It offers superior performance, helps you view live data, allows you to create graphs and connect to a PC.

See what you can do with this excellent Snap-On Scan Tool:

Large Touch-responsive Display

  • The product comes with a large 8-inch touch-responsive, intriguing, and user-friendly display.
  • The large touch-sensitive display offers you enhanced readability (under various lighting conditions).
  • The best part is that the product is extremely easy to use.
  • Even if you are a novice or first-time user of such a tool, you will not face any difficulties while handling it.

Super-fast Boot-Up

  • The product is designed to offer you the fastest and smartest solution.
  • It takes only five seconds to boot up this device.
  • Once done, you are now ready to use it for various diagnostic, scanning, and troubleshooting purposes.

Proven Tips at Your Fingertips

  • The product comes with a comprehensive Fast-Track Troubleshooter database that offers excellent tips and timesaver tricks right at your fingertips.
  • If you are struggling to fix a problem, simply refer to this Fast-Track Troubleshooter database and solve the issue like an expert.

Powerful Battery System

  • Powered by a steady-charge powerful lithium-ion battery system
  • The device is always ready-to-use and continues working as much as you need it.


  • Detailed trouble code definitions.
  • Functional tests live data, relearns, and adaptations.
  • Custom data lists, PID sorting, PID trigger.
  • Record the live data parameters & create graphs based on these parameters.
  • Pause, zooming, cursor functions, snapshot, and freeze-frame, etc.

PC Connectivity

  • Can connect with laptop and personal computer via a USB port.
  • Use ShopStream Connect software to save data on the PC, print, and share it with others.
  • The product comes with a high-capacity microSD card that contains diagnostic software, and it stores all of the data files into it.

Vehicle Coverage and Compatibility

  • Coverage for over 70 vehicle systems.
  • It can be used for several purposes, including hybrids, steering, TPMS, and clean diesel.
  •  The gadget offers enhanced coverage for more than 40 makes.

The model is perfectly compatible with all Asian, Domestic, and European vehicles.


  • One of the best scan tools that’s currently available on the market
  • Excellent vehicle coverage
  • Superior functionalities and great battery coverage
  • Fast boot-up, large display and easy-to-use


  • Behind yearly update
  • Quite expensive

Who Is It For?

All professional technicians and mechanics should use Snap-On Solus Edge (EESC320) to scan and troubleshoot a car-specific problem quickly.

Apart from that, if you are running a car repair shop or you are a car owner or car enthusiast, you can use this handy tool.

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The Bottom Line

Snap-On Solus Edge scan tool is fast, efficient, handy, and easy to use.

It offers superior performance, helps you view live data, creates graphs, and connects to a PC.

The product also offers comprehensive vehicle coverage as it is compatible with Asian, European, and Domestic vehicle models. Do not hesitate to buy this product if you are looking for a professional-grade and reliable car diagnostic tool.

Snap-On Solus Edge
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