Launch X431 V+ vs. Topdon Phoenix Plus: Which Scanner Fits You Best?

Tim Miller

Launch X431 V+ vs. TOPDON Plus: Two powerful scanners, same price. 

Can’t decide? I’m here to lead you to the scanner that perfectly fits your needs and maximizes your investment. 

Let’s dive in and discover your best pick!

Launch X431 V+ vs. Topdon Phoenix Plus: Full Comparison Table

Launch X431 V+
Launch X431 V+
Check Price
TOPDON Phoenix Plus
TOPDON Phoenix Plus
Check Price
Full-system diagnostic
Live data
Active tests
Topology map
Service functions
Oil Reset
ABS Bleeding
TPMS Reset
Key Programming
Crankshaft Relearn
Transmission Relearn
ECU coding
PMI function
Ford /Lincoln/ Mazda
Ford /Lincoln/ Mazda
OBD2 car/light truck
OBD1 car/light truck
Heavy-duty truck
HD module required
Later GM and Ford
Later FCA cars
8 core, 2.0GHz
4 core, 2.0GHz
Screen size
Android OS
Android 9
Android 10
Wireless connection
Free updates
2 years
2 years
Yearly update fee
5 years
1 year
Customer support
Check Price
Check price

Launch X431 V+ vs. Topdon Phoenix Plus: Key Differences & Quick Comparison

Key differences between Launch X431 V+ and TOPDON Plus lie in vehicle coverage and design:

  • Cars Covered: X431 V+ handles more vehicles, even OBD1 cars and heavy-duty trucks. TOPDON Plus is just for OBD2 cars.
  • Battery Power: TOPDON Plus has a huge battery (12,600mAh), lasts more than 10 hours. X431 V+ has a smaller one with only 7,000mAh.
  • Memory: Phoenix Plus wins with 4G + 64G memory. Download apps and store data without worries. X431 V+ has 3G + 32G memory.

So, my suggestion is:

Choose Launch X431 V+ if you want a scanner for all vehicles.

Pick Topdon Phoenix Plus if you need a scanner with a battery that lasts all day.

Today’s best Launch X431 V+ price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Launch X431 V+ vs. Topdon Phoenix Plus: Detailed Comparison Review


These two scanners are both super powerful for diagnostics and advanced functions. And honestly, X431 V+ and Phoenix Plus are pretty much the same.

Take a look at that table above – did you spot the topology map? Yep, both Launch X431 V+ and Topdon Phoenix Plus have that function.

These maps are like GPS for systems with issues. You look at the colorful diagram and know what’s acting up.

Topology map on Launch X431 V+.
Topology map on Topdon Phoenix Plus.

PMI is the second new trick that both V+ and Phoenix Plus offer. It lets you reprogram the module after replacing. This PMI function is available only for Ford / Lincoln / Mazda, but it’s a steal for the price.

Besides, X431 V+ and Phoenix Plus also share below great features too:

  • Active tests 
  • ECU coding
  • Key programming 
  • Reset & relearn functions (Crankshaft/ Throttle/ Gear relearn)
  • Full system diagnostics

Long story short, if you want a scanner that does it all, grab either X431 V+ or Phoenix Plus. You’re good to go!

Today’s best Launch X431 V+ price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Vehicle Coverage

Launch X431 V+ handles a wide range of vehicles:

  • OBD2 cars & light trucks
  • OBD1 vehicles
  • 24V heavy-duty trucks ( HD module required)

Calling V+ an all-in-one choice isn’t wrong. In the $1000 range, it’s the broadest coverage I’ve seen.

Topdon Phoenix Plus only support OBD2 cars and light trucks, but it’s a pro. It covers most cars post-96 that I’ve tested.

If you’re a full-time mechanic, V+ is a better choice. Fix any vehicle your customer needs, no scanner switching.

Today’s best Launch X431 V+ price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

Design & Hardware

These scanners all have big screens, ensuring clear views of live data and topology maps.

Additionally, their wireless connection lets you scan your car from a distance – super convenient!

What sets them apart?

X431 V+ shines with its 8-core processor, giving you smooth performance even during heavy tasks.

On the other hand, Topdon Phoenix Plus offers reliability for long work hours. Its massive 12,600 mAh battery provides over 10 hours of use!

Phoenix Plus also offers larger memory (4G + 64G) than V431 V+ (3G + 64G). This lets you store more data and download multiple apps without any lag concerns.

Today’s best Launch X431 V+ price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

After-sales service

In my view, both products excel in after-sales service.

Launch X431 V+ shines with a 5-year warranty, offering lasting peace of mind. Topdon, on the other hand, has a 1-year warranty, which might be less assuring.

Conversely, Launch buyers are aided by sellers, not directly by Launch. 

Personally, I lean towards Topdon’s direct customer care.


Summing it up after a detailed comparison:

  • For a versatile all-in-one scanner covering various vehicles, choose Launch X431 V+.
  • Need an all-day battery? Go Topdon Phoenix Plus.

Today’s best Launch X431 V+ price:

Today’s best Topdon Phoenix Plus price:

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