Innova 3030h: ABS Scanner for DIY Honest Review

Shopping for an OBD2 scanner is no easy task. That is because not all diagnostic tools are created equal. Fortunately, the Innova 3030h is among the best OBD2 devices you can lay your hands on.

Innova 3030h Vs. Autel Al519 Vs. FOXWELL NT301 Comparison Chart

Innova 3030g
Innova 3030g
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Autel AL519
Autel AL519
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Check Price
Customer Rating
PriceInnova 3030g priceAutel AL519 priceFOXWELL NT301 price
Product Dimensions10" x 6.5" x 2"7.8" x 4.1" x 1.5"8.7" x 3.1" x 6.7"
Item Weight6.4oz2.05oz1.05lbs
ProsReads & erases ABS light trouble codes on most GM/Ford/Chrysler/Honda/Toyota vehicles;
Can read and Erase the CEL;
Works well on most foreign or domestic OBD2 cars, light trucks, SUVs, and Hybrids;
All-in-one screen display;
Can indicate emissions monitor status.
Supports full OBDII Diagnosis;
Includes DTC Lookup library;
Performs I/M readiness Test;
Internet updates;
Can perform mode 6 test.
Various and reliable functions;
Can read and erase engine fault codes with DTC definitions;
Tests I/M readiness status;
Has a built-in DTC lookup library;
Turns off MIL; Retrieve VIN;
Can Read Mode 6 data.
ConsThe software not support Macs;
Navigating through the features can be a little demanding.
Compatibility problems (check carefully before buying)Not supports Mac;
Possible compatibility problems (should check carefully before buying)
Bottom LineInnova describes this scanner as an entry-level gadget for DIY (Do It Yourself) users. Autel Al519 is perfect for DIYers and average car owners.FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 scanner is a great pick of OBD2 scan tool for average car owners or car enthusiasts.
Here's where you can get an in-depth review of the Innova 3030h
If you’re looking for the an in-depth review of the Innova 3030h, this is the right place

Innova 3030h Overview

Innova 3030h
Innova 3030h Diagnostic Code Reader / Scan Tool with ABS for OBD2 Vehicles
With the Innova 3030h, DIY’ers have all they need to come up with professional-grade solutions to their car issues.

Many features make this gadget a top choice among buyers in need of a severe car diagnostics device.

These features include the 3030h’s ability to read and clear check engine light codes for cars from 1996 onwards. Fortunately, the diagnostic tool can also do this with remarkable ease.

A Freeze Frame feature is also available, and it lets you know what the engine conditions were at the time of the error code’s generation.

Innova 3030h also comes with an ABS diagnostics support and error code erasure capability for 1996 cars and newer.

Detailed Review of Innova 3030h


With the 3030h, you can clear check engine light warnings on foreign and domestic cars from 1996 and later. These include hybrids, minivans, light trucks, and even SUVs. The scanner will read and erase error codes from car brands such as Honda, Chrysler, GM, Toyota, and Ford.

The Innova 3030h supports two-vehicle diagnostics protocols: OBD2, CAN.


The scanner also features a decent selection of premium functions. For instance, the reader slash scan tool has green, yellow, and red LEDs that can monitor the vehicle’s emissions status.

Once you connect it to your car, the OBD2 scanner will automatically refresh status data every 30 seconds. The device will also work on many vehicles. It delivers explicitly top performance with many famous car brands.

The scanner can also help you prepare for an emissions test. The fact that this is a plug-and-play device is also a huge advantage. That is because a quick vehicle diagnosis is possible whenever an issue arises.

Otherwise, this scanner can read and clear check engine light errors, have a backlight for more comfortable night time usage, and come with excellent technical support to ensure that you enjoy all its unique features.


Innova 3030h can read and clear check engine light codes for cars from 1996 onwards.
Innova 3030h has a very user-friendly user interface.

In general, the scanner has a very user-friendly user interface. The screen can display 25 essential pieces of information.

The display is well lit, even in the dark, thanks to the backlight feature.


The company offers good customer support to buyers of this gadget. As a matter of fact, the support is available in English and Spanish 6 days a week. More importantly, this assistance comes from well-trained and certified professionals.

Who is it for?

Innova describes this scanner as an entry-level gadget for DIY (Do It Yourself) users. And that is true. The device features a decent selection of features that make it very handy for DIY’ers.

Actually, with the Innova 3030h, DIY’ers have all they need to develop professional-grade solutions to their car issues. That is because Innova offers the RepairSolutions service to the customers.

The web feature makes it easier to diagnose car problems more efficiently and with greater ease. That is because it provides verified fixes, cost estimates, repair difficulties, and so forth.

Still, the 3030h offers an easy user experience. This, in addition to its ability to detect and clear check engine light errors and diagnose ABS issues, makes it suitable for beginners too.

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The Bottom line

When it is all said and done, the Innova 3030h offers a solid user experience, all thanks to its fantastic selection of features. The scanner provides its users with a painless user experience, and its protocol and vehicle model support is impressively broad.

Even users reported that the device had excellent performance with vehicles beyond what is on the manufacturer’s list. Compared to similar devices, Innova 3030h stands out for the incredible value proposition it offers its buyers.

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