VXDAS EL-50448: Best Affordable GM/Ford TPMS Tool Review

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If you love freedom, you want a VXDAS EL-50448 TPMS Relearn Rest Activation Tool in your shop. This fine instrument helps you keep your vehicle’s tires running correctly without the high cost of dealer service.

VXDAS Ultimate EL-50448 vs. VXDAS EL-50448 vs. JDIAG EL-50448 Comparison Table

VXDAS Ultimate EL-50448
VXDAS Ultimate EL-50448
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Check Price
JDIAG EL-50448
JDIAG EL-50448
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Customer Rating
PriceVXDAS Ultimate EL-50448 priceVXDAS OEC-T5 priceJDIAG EL-50448 price
Product Dimensions6" x 2.4" x 1.6"1.6" x 6.4" x 2.7"6.5" x 2.6" x 1.6"
Item Weight5.3oz2.08oz6.4oz
Car Makes SupportedFord
Mustang Lincoln Mercury GM BMW Audi Renault Toyota Nissan Honda Mazda Mitsubishi Subaru
Buick Cadillac Chevy GMC Opel Ford Mustang Lincoln MercuryBuick Cadillac Chevy GMC Opel Saab Pontiac Hummer Saturn Ford Mustang Lincoln Mercury
Models SupportedAll modelsAll modelsAll models
Activate TPMS Sensors
Read TPMS Sensor Data
Reprogram TPMS
Auto-VIN Technology
Relearn TPMS ECU
Signal Indicator
Dedicated Off Button
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What the VXDAS EL-50448 Brings to the Table

VXDAS EL-50448
VXDAS EL-50448
The VXDAS EL-50448 brings you back to the good old days when you could relearn tire sensors with just a DIC and the user’s guide.

Fortunately, the VXDAS EL-50448 is explicitly made to help Ford and GM owners diagnose and troubleshoot issues with their vehicles. It will scan and decode the trouble codes for your car without needing a professional mechanic. The VXDAS EL-50448 brings you back to the good old days when you could relearn tire sensors with just a DIC and the user’s guide.

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Professional-Quality Diagnostics for Your Garage

The tool offers the same functions you will find on TPMS tools you can only get if you are a dealer. You tap the sidewall of your tires, and the tire information will start filling the screen. This information will, in turn, help you hunt down the problem so you can repair it quickly and in confidence. While this doesn’t sound like much, it will save your life from small non-visible leaks and improper sensor installations.

VXDAS EL 50448 is priced to move as well. You cannot find a better TPMS tool with as many functions for any cheaper. The device also has a lot simpler than most tools as well. Everything happens with just one click, perhaps its biggest strength.

Even when something requires more work, it is simple and easy to do. For instance, you only need three steps to use the VXDAS EL50448 to reprogram your vehicle’s ECU to use new TPMS sensors. You just put the car in TPMS Learn Mode. With that down, you just press “Learn” on this tool while holding the device against the tires’ sidewall. The ECU will then reprogram itself.

When done, the tool will even let you reset the TPMS MIL. Regardless of the issue that triggered it, the VXDAS EL-50448 will do it all: switching or replacing tires, tire rotation, sensor malfunction, and everything in between. You reprogram the ECU to remove the light.

Vehicle Compatibility

The VXDAS EL-50448 does not only offer some great functionality for its price. VXDAS also offers some of the best vehicle compatibility in the industry. While we call the device a Ford and GM TPMS relearn tool, the VXDAS El 50448 will work on any car from BMW, Honda, Audi, Mitsubishi, Renault, Subaru, Mazda, and Toyota, provided the vehicle was made after 2007. The tool will not work on trucks, but it will work with 315 and 433 MHz TPMS.

Who is the VXDAS EL-50448 for?

As mentioned before, if you love freedom, you will love this tool. The VXDAS EL-50448 TPMS tool is the tool for ordinary GM and Ford owners who want control over their vehicles and activate or reprogram it themselves. While a professional shop could reasonably find a use for it, this tool is suitable for those who do not have the options for more proprietary scan tools.

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  • Very affordable for its features list
  • Simple, fast operations
  • Powered by a 9-volt battery, no need to charge
  • Easy to use TPMS reprogramming and activation
  • Compatible with both types of TPMS
  • Compatible with other vehicle brands


  • Some compatibility issues on cars newer than 2013
  • Does not work with trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tool work with Audi or BMW vehicles?

Yes and no. You will need the Ultimate version to handle brands other than GM and Ford. Ultimate EL-50448 can hand any TPMS from such vehicle brands as Audi, Renault, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.

Why is there no battery or charger in the package?

This TPMS tool uses are a standard 9-volt battery. 

Can the tool tell me which tire is low?

Unfortunately, the EL-50448 tool cannot read TPMS codes, and therefore cannot tell which tire triggered the light. You can use a pressure gauge along with the device to read each tire’s pressure directly.

What does it mean if the tool takes more than a few minutes to connect?

For most people, connection issues do not indicate a problem with the vehicle or the TPMS tool. The most likely issue is the position of the device. To correct the problem, just place the end of the antenna on the tire next to the valve stem near the rim’s edge.

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A video of VXDAS EL-50448.

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