Veepeak BLE vs. BLE+: Which Is The Better Bluetooth Adapter To Buy?

Tim Miller

Veepeak BLE vs. BLE+: What’s the difference? Is spending over $10 on BLE+ worth it?

In this comparison review, I’ll delve into the details of Veepeak BLE and BLE+ to uncover their distinctions, similarities. 

This way, you can make a smart choice about whether the upgrade to BLE+ is justified by the additional cost.

Let’s discover which option is the best fit for your needs.

Veepeak BLE vs. BLE+: Detailed Comparison Chart

veepeak ble
Veepeak BLE
Check Price
Veepeak BLE+
Veepeak BLE+
Check Price
Supported devices
Android/ iOS
Android/ iOS
Full OBD2 functions
3-rd party app
OBD2 functions
Engine codes
Enhanced codes
Live data
Digit, Graph, Gauge
Digit, Graph, Gauge
Smog check
Check used cars
with Carista, BimmerCode
with Carista, BimmerCode
ELM327 Command supported
Auto sleep mode
OBD2 cars
OBD2 light trucks
Hybrid & electric vehicles
Dimension (inche)
‎1.61 x 1.97 x 0.87
‎1.61 x 1.97 x 0.87
Bluetooth version
Wake-up button
Indicator lights
Hard protective case
Free updates
1 year
1 year
Customer support
Check Price
Check price

Veepeak BLE vs. BLE+: Key Differences

The only difference between BLE and BLE+ is the commands they use.

  • BLE+ uses the newer ELM327 v2.2 command.
  • BLE uses the v1.4 command.

However, not many apps can handle the new v2.2 command yet.

So, for most OBD2 apps, Veepeak BLE with v.14 command is sufficient and works just as well as Veepeak BLE+.

Today’s best Veepeak BLE price:

Today’s best Veepeak BLE+ price:

Veepeak BLE vs. BLE+: Similarities

As we talked about earlier, BLE+ and BLE only differ in their commands.

Now, let’s dive into what makes these two scanners similar and see if Veepeak is worth your while.


The great thing about BLE and BLE+ scanners is how reliable they are. They work smoothly with both Android and iOS devices, offering a fast and dependable Bluetooth connection.

For iPhone users, here’s a handy tip: Skip pairing in iOS Bluetooth Settings. Just open your OBD2 app, let it find the VEEPEAK device, and tap “connect.” It’s that simple.

Some users have had connection issues on iOS, and this tip can help troubleshoot.

I’ve tried both scanners with different cars and phones. They work well.

When it comes to reading codes, Veepeak BLE+ and BLE are lightning fast and accurate. They provide quick updates on your vehicle’s performance.

So, whether you go for BLE or BLE+, they’re fantastic for saving you time and money by:

  • Identifying potential problems and even fixing simple ones at home.
  • Giving mechanics a head start in diagnosing issues.

How much these adapters can do depends on the OBD2 apps you use. 

If you’re not sure which app to use, check out the table below. I’ve listed some apps that are totally worth trying based on my own experience:

OBD2 AppPriceSupported VehiclesRecommended for
Car ScannerFREEAll car brandsDiagnostics 
Torque LiteFREEAll car brandsDiagnostics 
Garage Pro$39/yearAll car brandsABS and other special functions
OBD Fusion$10/LifetimeAll car brandsEffortless diagnostics and vehicle customizations
BimmerCode $40-$50BMW, Toyota, …Vehicle customizations
Dr. PriusFreeHybrid Toyota/Lexuscheck the engine light codes, reset battery light, and test the hybrid battery
JScanFreeJeepEffortless diagnostics and vehicle customizations

Today’s best Veepeak BLE price:

Today’s best Veepeak BLE+ price:

Design & Hardware

BLE and BLE+ are like twins – they look exactly the same! Both are made to be easily plugged in. And when you’re done, unplugging is a breeze

But here is the coolest thing: the Bluetooth connection. When you connect the scanner to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth, you can see real-time car data and diagnostics right on your device.

No need for extra screens or displays—everything you need is on your phone or tablet.

Plus, since it’s wireless, you won’t have wires messing up your dashboard. It’s neat and tidy!

Today’s best Veepeak BLE price:

Today’s best Veepeak BLE+ price:

After-sales services

No matter if you choose BLE or BLE+,  you’re covered for a whole year with the warranty.

Veepeak’s customer support is really solid. 

Anytime I had concerns or questions, their response was speedy and effective.

For instance, when my first BLE had an issue after just 2 months, they promptly sent a free replacement.

Veepeak truly care about keeping customers satisfied.

Today’s best Veepeak BLE price:

Today’s best Veepeak BLE+ price:


After considering the comparison, it’s evident that the only difference between BLE and BLE+ lies in the supported command. 

Based on this, I suggest opting for BLE to save $10-$15.

Today’s best Veepeak BLE price:

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