NEXAS NL102: Why many heavy-duty truck drivers are looking to buy it?

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Gone are the days when a mechanic would tell you about your car problems by just listening to the engine, thanks to the significant revolutions brought by the modern car scanners.

Many companies have come up with adorable car scanners designs to help you quickly identify problems in your cars. Today’s vehicles contain sophisticated designs that require informed diagnostics to come up with the possible problems they have.

With the modern Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool Nexas NL102, you will successfully figure out your car’s critical problem and acquire tips to correct them without necessarily contacting your mechanic.

But before you buy it, have a look at the comparison chart below.

NEXAS NL102 vs. Kzyee KC601 vs. Launch Creader HD Plus Comparison Chart

Editor's PickBest AffordableAlso Great
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Launch Creader HD Plus
Launch Creader HD Plus
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Kzyee KC601 HOBD
Kzyee KC601 HOBD
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Customer Rating:
Price rangeNEXAS NL102 Plus pricelaunch creader hd plus priceKzyee KC601 HOBD price
Product Dimensions10.1" x 7.2" x 2.7"10.2" x 7.2" x 2.5"10.5" x 7.5" x 3.4"
Item Weight2.2lbs1.9lbs2.4lbs
Supported ProtocolsJ1939, J1708, and J1587J1939, J1708, and J1587J1939, J1708, and J1587
Class4 to 84 to 88
Supported VehiclesHDOBD, OBDII: Heavy Duty Truck, Light Trucks (12v), Mini vans, CarsHDOBD, OBDII: Heavy Duty Truck, Light Trucks (12v), CarsHDOBD: Heavy Duty Trucks
Read or Rlear Engine Codes
Fuel System Diagnostics
Instrument Panel
Battery Power Monitor----
Cab Climate and Particulate Control Unit----
Body Controller----
The Bottom LineThis NEXAS NL102 heavy-duty truck scan tool is easy to use and works perfectly for any truck drivers.The Launch Creader HD Plus is suitable for use by truck drivers.Kzyee KC601 is ideal for DIYers and mechanics who want to see detailed information.
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NEXAS NL102 is one of the best heavy duty truck scan tools in the market.

NEXAS NL102 Detailed Review

Heavy Duty Truck Scanner NEXAS NL102 review
The hand-held reader can be used to Read /Clear codes,View live data in a text or graphics format for trucks. We provide two years warranty, so it is no risk to purchase it.


The heavy-duty truck diagnostic scanner is compatible with all cars, minivans, and light-duty mini-vehicles from 1996 onwards, American and Asian brands.

The scanner will also support heavy trucks in compliance with J1587, J1959, and 17089. The scanner will also offer vehicle support to cars like the Deroi, Caterpillar, John Deere, Mack, Paccar, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Scania, and many more.


The scanner will display a live graphics data stream, conduct a misfire check, leak check, and many more.

Besides, it can read and clear all pending and permanent codes and define the systems for you to repair your car quickly.

It also comes with a lifetime online software update and displays DTC definitions.


The scanner is compatible with multiple software. Thus it is a scanner that is good enough to identify and fix your car problems.

Features and Functionality

  1. Diagnosis problems in passenger cars (read and clear codes and offer you their solutions in light-duty and minivan cars), along with engine check-up, read and display your vehicle identification codes, even turn the engine lights on and off.
  2. Comes with 9Pin, 6Pin, and OBD 16Pin diagnostic features.
  3. 2.6 TFT color screen: the excellent screen of the display makes it user-friendly, gives a better view of your car problem areas and identified codes.
  4. DTC Definitions and multilingual menu include a vast number of languages like Spanish, French, and English.
  5. Featured with battery monitor function.

Who Is NEXAS NL102 Built For?

Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool Nexas NL102 is excellent for average car owners to detect problems in their cars and solve them. Along with conversing with the code displayed, it becomes easy for us to read and repair their car problems, identified by the scanner.

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The Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool Nexas NL102 has proved a great deal to many car owners thanks to its ability to read codes and offer solutions to its users. It saves you the cost of purchasing a new scanner since it serves you for a long time.

It saves you the cost of purchasing a new scanner due to a fact that it serves you for a long time.
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