Launch CRP909 Vs. CRP909E Vs. CRP909X: Never take it before reading this comparison

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For professional mechanics and advanced home repairs, the Launch CRP series of diagnostic scanners are among the most impressive. Every OBDII scanner in this product line performs all-system diagnosis and supports a range of service functions more robust than you’d expect to find at the price range.

After looking at what these three scan tools can do, you’re probably wondering just what the difference between them is—and how you can figure out which one is right for you. Admittedly, they are quite similar in both look and function. That said, some key factors set them apart from each other.

Want to know more? Let’s break down the differences in more detail.

Launch CRP909 Vs. CRP909E Vs. CRP909X: Complete Comparison Table

Editor's PickBest affordablePerfect for Professionals
Launch CRP909
Launch CRP909
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Launch CRP909E
Launch CRP909E
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Launch CRP909X
Launch CRP909X
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Customer Rating
PriceLAUNCH Creader 909 priceLaunch CRP909E priceLaunch CRP909X price
Dimensions16.7” X 14.1” X 5”16.6” X 14.2” X 5”16” X 14” X 4”
All-system diagnosis (Engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, etc.)
Oil Reset
TPMS Reset
Battery Maintenance (BMS)
Gear Learning
Fuel Injector Coding
Vehicle Compatibility80+ manufacturers (US, Asian, and European, 1996-2019)57+ manufacturers (US, Asian, and European, 1996-2020)54+ manufacturers (US, Asian, and European, 1996-2020)
Work with more vehicles from more manufacturers than other models in the line.A 5-year warranty for repairs or issues.
A 60-day no-hassle return policy.
The lightweight, compact design.
ConsIt's an older model.
Having the reduced compatibility.Having the reduced compatibility.
Comparing the Launch CRP909 with the CRP909E and CRP909X helps you find which best suits you
You’ll only find whether Launch CRP909 is a good fit or not after comparing it with the CRP909E and CRP909X

Launch CRP909 Vs. CRP909E Vs. CRP909X: Detailed Comparison And Review

Key Things In Common Of CRP909, CRP909E, And CRP909X

In terms of functionality, these three Launch OBD2 scan tools have a lot in common. All are capable of performing an all-system diagnosis. This includes full OBD2 functionality, as well as reading and clearing codes from non-OBD2 systems

The reset functions of these three Launch diagnostic tools are very similar, as well. Any one of these tools will give you access to all the repair functions a professional mechanic needs. The most impressive features are the IMMO key programming and coding/adaptation abilities. You won’t find these functions on most scan tools under $1,000, making all of these Launch tools an excellent value for the price. 

Key things in common of CRP909, CRP909E, and CRP909X
In terms of functionality, these three Launch OBD2 scan tools have a lot in common

Key Differences Of Launch CRP909 Vs. CRP909E Vs. CRP909X

Design And Specifications

The Launch CRP909 and Launch CRP909E are nearly identical in their design, both inside and out. Both use an Android 7.1 operating system controlled through a 7″ touch-screen interface. The only noticeable design difference is that the Launch CRP909E uses an HD display with higher brightness. This can make it easier to read and use, especially for those whose eyesight isn’t the best. 

From a design perspective, the Launch CRP909X is the most unique of the bunch. This is because it’s smaller, lighter, and more portable—about half the other two models’ weight. Since it’s just rugged and uses the same rubberized housing, it is an excellent choice for those who need to take their diagnostic tool on the road. 

Key differences of Launch CRP909 Vs. CRP909E Vs. CRP909X
What are the main differences between Launch CRP909, CRP909E and CRP909X?

Diagnostic Features And Functions

You can go beyond OBD2 with all three of these Launch scan tools. They’ll diagnose everything from emission-related OBD2 trouble codes to issues with systems like the locks, AC, and radio.

Launch CRP909
LAUNCH CRP909 Automotive OBD2 Scanner
Launch CRP909 is a great help in diagnosing engine problems, saving you the hassle of testing mechanical components individually.

Along with that, the Launch CRP909 has the option of bi-directional control of individual modules and components. This can be a great help in diagnosing engine problems, saving you the hassle of testing mechanical components individually. 

All three models can also generate diagnostic reports and send them to an external device via Wi-Fi. The main difference here is in the sophistication level of the information. With the Launch CRP909, you have to trigger the auto-detect diagnosis product yourself. The report is then automatically generated for export.

Launch CRP909E
LAUNCH CRP909E OBD2 Scanner Full System
The Launch CRP909E is the easiest to use in this regard since it has a one-click vehicle diagnostic health report.

The Launch CRP909E is the easiest to use since it has a one-click vehicle diagnostic health report. Along with a global test for problems, you’ll get a complete list of modules from the vehicle. If you want more specifics, you can manually select a designated system to test.

Launch CRP909X
LAUNCH CRP909X with 15 Reset Functions Diagnostic Tool
Launch CRP909X is an excellent feature for home mechanics since it can save you time, loading recent reports.

The Launch CRP909X uses a similar diagnostic report function to what you’ll find on the Launch CRP909. However, it also provides a Diagnostic History function, which lets you bring up past reports of tested vehicles. This is an excellent feature for home mechanics since it can save you time, loading recent reports, so you don’t need to start from scratch each time you scan your vehicle.

Reset Features/Functions

Like the diagnostic functions above, you’ll get the same special functions from the Launch CRP909, the Launch CRP909E, and the Launch CRP909X. This includes both common functions like resetting the dash warning lights for non-OBD2 systems and more advanced coding options, gear learning, and adaptation.

Compared with Launch CRP909 and CRP909E, Launch CRP909X can Display real time battery voltage as part of its BMS systerm.
Launch CRP909X can display real-time battery voltage as part of its BMS system.

The main difference here is that the Launch CRP909X gives more complete diagnostic feedback when using particular features. For example, it can display real-time battery voltage as part of its BMS system, something the other two won’t do. These differences may seem subtle but can significantly impact professionals who need to diagnose many vehicles quickly. 

Supported Protocols

The Launch CRP909 supports all OBD, EOBD, and JOBD diagnostic protocols, giving it extensive support. 

Both of the Launch CRP909E and the Launch CRP909X support most OBD, EOBD, and JOBD protocols but do have some gaps you won’t experience on the Launch CRP909. The best way to get a sense of where there are gaps in coverage is to contact the company through their website directly.

Supported Vehicle Makes

Launch CRP909 comes to different manufacturers, supporting more than 80 brands worldwide
Launch CRP909 supports more than 80 brands from around the world.

This is where you’ll see the most prominent functional difference between these three devices. The Launch CRP909 has the widest compatibility when it comes to different manufacturers, supporting more than 80 brands worldwide. However, it may not be compatible with the newest 2020 models.

Both the CRP909E and the CRP909X have more limited compatibility when it comes to models. Each supports between 50 and 60 manufacturers, much less than the CRP909. That said, they’re also updated to be compatible with the latest 2020 models, making them the best choice for those who need to diagnose and repair the newest cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

Software And Updates

With the Launch CRP909, you’ll get one-click updates via Wi-Fi. These updates are free but may not be as comprehensive as those on the other models since this is an older version of the device.

As Launch CRP909, Launch CRP909E get one-click updates via Wifi
Launch CRP909E updates quickly via Wi-Fi and free update for 1 year.

The Launch CRP909E also updates quickly via Wi-Fi. Updates are free for the first year, and after that will cost $75 a year. That’s still not terribly expensive compared to the cost to update scan tools from other brands. 

Similarly, you’ll get one-year free upgrades from the Launch CRP909X and will need to pay after that to continue updating the device. 

Recommendation: Who Is Each For?

All of these scan tools would be excellent choices for both advanced DIYers and professional mechanics. The Launch CRP909 is the best choice for those who work primarily on cars made before 2019 since the compatibility is more extensive. The Launch CRP909E is recommended for professionals who work on the latest model years, while the Launch CRP909X is ideal for mechanics who frequently travel or need to do on the road diagnostics. 


Will the Launch CRP909 work on hybrid vehicles?

Yes, this model will diagnose the engine and battery for most of the hybrid cars on the road. 

How can I verify that the Launch CRP909, CRP909E, or CRP909X will perform the function I need on my vehicle?

Launch has a vehicle coverage list on their website. You can check there to find out whether it performs the specific functions you need for your car or truck. 

Can the Launch CRP909E relearn crank sensors?

Unfortunately, no. This is one of the few repair functions that are absent from this series of scan tools. 

Does the Launch CRP909X support displays in other languages, or only in English?

All 3 of these models have the option of a multilingual display. This includes 8 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Japanese).

Does the Launch CRP909X have bidirectional control?

Unfortunately, no. Neither the Launch CRP909X nor the Launch CRP909E supports bi-directional control. If you’re looking for this function, your best bet would be to buy the original Launch CRP909. 

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