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How to Read OBD2 Freeze Frame Data

obd2 freeze frame data
OBD2 Freeze Frame allows you to diagnose any fault with your car and fix it by either addressing the issue or replacing your sensor.

The essence of freeze data interpretation is to give drivers a guideline that helps them avoid duplicating conditions. Many drivers don’t understand the data given, all they want is to have the light off so that they can pass inspection.

This article will help you answer the questions “What is OBD2 freeze frame?” and “How to read it?”.

What is OBD2 Freeze Frame Data?

Most of the vehicles manufactured today are compatible with this system. OBD-II means onboard diagnostics. Back in 1970, several automotive manufacturers started using computers to monitor and regulate the powertrain function. This was done as a way of complying with the government standards for controlling new cars’ emissions. OBD2 is, therefore, a set of standards created by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and approved for implementation since 1996 by CARB and EPA. In Layman’s language, a freeze-frame allows you to diagnose any fault with your car and fix it by either addressing the issue or replacing your sensor.

The first time you look at OBD2 freeze frame data, you might find that it means almost nothing to you but a list of codes with numbers, symbols, and acronyms. Primarily, it is hard for someone that is a beginner car DIY to understand what an OBD2 freeze frame data means.

Freeze frame data is the data grasped when an issue happens. It is like a crime scene that gives you helpful information about the PID’ values when a DTC was triggered, which means that freeze frame data tell you how the other parameters or components were performing when the ECU stored the fault code. It is when the crime scene was shot. The data interpretation is useful in determining the causes of any emission system’s fault.

How to Read OBD2 Freeze Frame Data

As said above, once the OBD II freeze frame is available for a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), you can identify it by a camera icon on the scan tool. It comes with DTC code, description, and status. Click the “View Freeze Frame” tab and a window with detailed information, compare side-by-side options, and control reports will open. Compare side-by-side option helps you access data from numerous freeze-frame types side by side by splitting your screen vertically. To save time when scrolling through different DTCs to check whether any has a camera icon, ensure View Freeze Frame button is used only when Freeze Frame information is accessible to your DTC.

Other Common Elements On an OBD2 Freeze Frame Screen:

  • You can also check the freeze frame history which displays your previous data. It is available from the screen on your mobile devices.
  • Refresh the page containing the latest data.
  • View DTC article: opens an All data troubleshooting article hence giving specified DTC.
  • Clear active codes for removing all active codes that your car’s ECU has. You can also use it to reset your emission readiness monitor.
OBDII Freeze Frame
OBD2 Freeze Frame Data.

OBDII Freeze frame data and their meaning:

  • P0 420 error occurs twice a month and it means readiness codes are reading well.
  • Fuel SYS 1 CL means fuel injection bank is in closed-loop mode.
  • Fuel SYS 2 N/A means there is no fuel injector in bank 2. This means it is an inline 4/6 cylinder engine.
  • Load PCT 92.2 indicates that the air entering the engine is below 100%.
  • ECT (F) 221 for engine coolant temperature.
  • Rpm means the RPM (engine) when the data was captured.
  • VSS (mph) 52 indicates your car’s engine at the time information was recorded.


The OBDII Freeze Frame system is a very simple and practical diagnostic scanner that meets the needs of drivers of all age brackets and expertise together with their vehicle(s). Best of all is the ability to connect to the internet as well your PC hence the perfect product to solve any car diagnostic fault.

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  1. Ochieze Chukwuemeka George

    Thanks Tim, but i really want to know if the bluedriver OBD II will be able to pin point the particular component that is faulty or if it will provide a code that show a faulty component. i9f so i will like to know the diagnostic tool that shows a faulty component in a vehicle.
    p.s i await your response
    [email protected]

  2. George, NO scan tool tells you if a component is faulty in most situations. An open wire to a sensor and an open sensor will often generate the same code.

    You still need to perform basic diagnostics. You still need to know how to read a wiring diagram. You still need to understand basic electricity and electronics.

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