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Autel MaxiLink ML619: ABS & SRS Scan Tool (Upgraded AL619) Review

If you are searching for an OBD2 scanner that can diagnose and correct the ABS and SRS systems of your car,  Autel MaxiLink ML619 OBDII Scan Tool will be your best solution. This page will highlight how this Autel scanner identifies and corrects any errors with these systems.

Here's where you can get an in-depth review of the Autel MaxiLink ML619
If you’re looking for an in-depth review of the Autel MaxiLink ML619, this is the right place


Never take it before looking at the comparison table below.

Autel ML619 vs. Launch CRP123 vs. Autel AL619 Comparison Chart

Autel ML619
Autel Maxilink ML619
Check Price
Launch CRP123
Launch Creader CRP123
Check Price
Autel AL619
Autel AutoLink AL619
Check Price
Customer Rating
4.44.4 / 5
4.54.5 / 5
4.54.5 / 5
PriceAutel ML619 priceLaunch CRP123 priceAutel AL619 price
Product Dimensions7.3" x 10.2" x 3"9.4" x 8.4" x 2.7"7.8" x 4.1" x 1.5"
Item Weight1.95lbs1.75lbs2.05lbs
Reset CEL
DTC Lookup Library
FULL OBDII FunctionsPartial
Engine Diagnostics
ABS, SRS Diagnostics
Transmission Diagnostics----

Who Is Autel ML619 Built For?

Autel Maxilink ML619 is built for home mechanics, DIYers, and average car owners. That’s because it offers various functions but it’s very easy to use. Thanks to its versatile nature, it can be used to scan your car on a day to day basis.

Overview of Autel ML619

The Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) are very important in your car. The ABS system ensures that your car’s wheels maintain traction on the road upon braking. While the SRS system prevents any impact on your face and chest after a collision.

The Autel MaxiLink ML619 is a hand-held unit that can read error codes from the SRS and ABS systems. The code reader is capable of identifying what’s causing your ‘Check Engine’ light to stay on. It can also reset the monitors and clear any error codes too.

When any trouble occurs with these safety systems, freeze frame data is captured. This OBD2 code reader is able to access this data, read it and correct the errors. In addition to that, the unit can turn off the malfunction indicator light.

By using this code reader, you can gain access to a wealth of car information. The unit is able to read data such as the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), CVN and also the CALID. This information is highly valuable for record purposes or car tracking.

Autel MaxiLink ML619 Detailed Review

Autel Maxilink ML619
Autel Maxilink ML619 Auto Code Reader OBD II and CAN Car Code Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool
4.44.4 / 5
This Autel Maxilink ML619 OBDII Code reader can analyze both ABS and SRS systems. Correct them and help you to read your vehicle’s data too.

Comprehensive Data Reading and Streaming Capability

The Autel MaxiLink ML619 is able to read test data from the O2 sensor and perform dynamic data streams. It is also able to read the I/M readiness status of emissions and display the result of its monitoring efforts.

As such, by using this OBD2 code reader, you can identify the status information of the O2 sensor at any time you want.

Onboard Control of Components

This reader can actually be used as an onboard additional accessory for your car. Seeing as it is able to read the status of components and control them, you can perform on-board diagnoses with it on demand.

Thanks to this capability, you can use the device to perform emissions tests on the go and avoid any fines.

Presents Troubleshooter Code Tips

While using the Autel MaxiLink ML619, you get some code tips on how to troubleshoot the various electrical systems of your car.

This can help you or your technicians to get to the root cause of your car’s problems much quicker. This saves the time used for diagnosis or repair.

Multilingual In Nature

This device is able to support information display and presentation in various languages. You can set it to display data in English, Spanish, and even French. The reader displays menus and DTC definitions in the language that you choose.

Coverage for Multiple Vehicle Models

This code reader can operate comfortably when connected to quite a wide range of vehicle models. As long as a vehicle model was released in 1996 and later, this code reader can work with it.

Examples of the models which it can analyze include Volvo, Toyota, BMW, Land Rover, Nissan, Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen, Renault, Jaguar, Hyundai Honda, Ford, and Chrysler.

Printing Capability and Automatic Updating

Autel ML619 can read, store and playback live PCM data and sensor data.

The software within this OBD2 code reader can be updated on demand throughout its lifetime at no extra charge. You can simply use a USB cable and connect it to your computer and then update it.

Moreover, you can print out its results on paper in case you need to consult other experts on the condition of your car.

Ergonomic and Compact Design

The Autel MaxiLink ML619 has an ergonomic design which makes it fit in your palm quite comfortably.

In addition to that, the main device unit is compact, its connector can be demounted and it comes with a fitting bag.

Thanks to this form of packaging, you can store it in your trunk, glove box or toolbox.

Cons of Autel MaxiLink ML619

Difficulty in Updating

Some consumers have tried to update the device with no success. After connecting it to their computers, they were unable to connect to the website containing the update software of this OBD2 reader. As such, updating was impossible.

Small Screen

It has a 2.4-inch color screen. Despite being vivid, the screen is a bit small when compared with other readers in the market. As such, drivers and auto mechanics cannot read the information quickly with a glance.

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The Bottom Line

Autel ML619 OBD2 scanner is one of the most productive automobile diagnosis devices available.

It has a collection of qualities which make it more user-friendly and it is also compatible with many different vehicles.

After purchasing this device, you can enjoy a one year manufacturer’s warranty as well as comprehensive customer support.

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1 thought on “Autel MaxiLink ML619: ABS & SRS Scan Tool (Upgraded AL619) Review”

  1. I had also problems whith updating the ml619 but i have found the solution by trial and error.
    Download maxi pc suite on the autel site after registrering on the site.
    It is the program in the middle of the download list.
    Register in maxi pc suite whit your login credentials.
    And take the sd card out of the ml619 and place it into your computer.
    Do not use the USB cable beacause this does not work! After you have placed the sd card the program wil find it automaticly and wil ask you wich files to update.
    The rest is easy.

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