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Launch CRP123 vs CRP129: Honest Review and Comparison

Do you want to see the Launch CRP123 vs CRP129 in detail? Then, you’ve landed on the right page!

This is a definite comparison between Launch CRP123 and Launch CRP129. Never buy any of them before studying the chart below.

Launch CRP123 vs. CRP129 Comparison Chart

Launch CRP123
Launch CRP123
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Launch CRP129
Launch CRP129
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Customer Rating
4.54.5 / 5
3.93.9 / 5
PriceLaunch CRP123 priceLaunch CRP129 price
Product Dimensions9.4" x 8.4" x 2.7"5.9" x 1.2" x 2.4"
Item Weight1.75lbs1.65lbs
Read/Erase Codes
Full OBDII Functions
ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission Diagnostics
EPB, SAS, Oil Reset--
Life-Long time Free update Online
Bottom LineLaunch CRP123 is a helpful tool for average car owners & DIYers.Launch CRP129 is a fast and efficient scanner designed for Beginner Mechanics and Experienced Enthusiasts.
Launch CRP123 vs CRP123
If you are wondering between Launch CRP123 vs CRP123, this article will make your choice easier.

Launch CRP129: For Professional Mechanics & Experienced Enthusiasts

The Launch CRP129 Professional OBD2 code reader is fast and efficient in scanning, durable and packed with invaluable diagnostic technology.

CRP129 review
Launch CRP129 OBDII EPB SAS OIL Service Light Reset Code Reader
44 / 5
Launch CRP129 is able to read and erase codes for all vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later.

Covers OBD2 Vehicles

The Launch CRP129 reads and erases codes for all vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later.

That includes:

  • American car models (GM, Chrysler, Ford)
  • Asian car models (Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru, Nissan)
  • European car models (BMW, Jaguar, Benz, Audi, Volkswagen)

Extensive Functionality

Launch CRP129 supports all the test modes of OBD2 (total of 10).

Simply put, this scan tool covers the full diagnostic function of OBD2 (and EOBD as well).

It also supports additional functions like SAS, EPB, oil service, lamp, ABS, and airbag system.

Intuitive Interface

With a 3.5-inch color display screen, the Launch CRP129 is quite simple to interact with. It relays data codes and related information. The Launch CRP129 is internet enabled.

Other than furnishing with online support, you can automatically update the software to match the latest technology.


  • Uses the latest technology
  • Very fast and efficient when reading/erasing codes and running tests
  • Covers all OBD2 test modes
  • Compatible with a wide variety of vehicles
  • Provides room for accessing online resources and updates


  • Could be a bit complex to navigate, especially if you are new to professional OBD scanners.

Who Is It Built For?

The Launch CRP129 is mostly designed for professional mechanics.

If you own an auto repair shop you must have the Launch CRP129 as it covers all OBD2 test modes and various vehicle models.

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A short video about Launch CRP129 Auto Code Reader

Launch CRP123: For DIYers & Average Car Owners

The Launch CRP123 is yet another high-profile OBD2 scanner from Launch Tech. A cheaper alternative to the Launch CRP129, this device offers almost similar benefits and is just as compact.

CRP123 review
Launch CRP123 ABS SRS Tranmission & Engine Code Reader
4.24.2 / 5
Launch CRP123 is simple to use. Also, it supports three different languages, English, Spanish and French.

Wide vehicle coverage

The Launch CRP123 covers OBD2 vehicles manufactured from 2006 onwards. It supports all brands, including:

  • US-made cars (Ford, GM)
  • EU-made vehicles (Benz, BMW, Chevrolet, Volkswagen)
  • Asian brands (Toyota, Subaru, Lexus, Nissan, Mazda)

 Full OBD2 functions

The Launch CRP123 supports all OBD2 diagnosis protocols (all of 10).

This means you can use it to read/erase codes, stream data, view freeze frame and run several tests like an on-board monitor, EVAP system and O2 sensor tests.

Additionally, the CRP123 can diagnose the 4 main components like ECU, ABS, airbag system and automatic transmission.

You can also use it to retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CID, and CVN).

 Simple to use

One of the reasons why the Launch CRP123 is a popular scan tool is because it is simple to use.

It is fitted with a 3.5-inch high definition LCD screen and rubber buttons for navigation.

Also, it supports three different languages, English, Spanish and French.


  • Works very fast when reading/erasing codes
  • Comes with one year warranty and free lifetime software upgrades
  • Features a sleek and compact design
  • Can store data on the memory card
  • Internet-enabled
  • Covers all OBD2 test modes


  • Doesn’t support OBD2 compliant vehicles made before 2006.

Who Is It Built For?

The Launch CRP123 is suitable for DIY and average car owners.
It can save you a lot of money otherwise spend getting your car diagnosed at the shop.

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A short video about Launch CRP123 Code Reader


All in all, the two scan tools are amazing. If you are an experienced enthusiast or a beginner mechanic you could consider purchasing Launch CRP129.

But if you completely have to choose one then there’s a simple way of deciding which one it should be.

Consider your budget and needs. In case you are cash strapped you can go for the Launch CRP123, it is cheaper.

Launch CRP123 is a great pick for average car owners or DIYers.

But if you want a wider functionality and coverage then the Launch CRP129 should be your priority.

The Bottom Line

Both scanners are good and you will get real value for money regardless of the one you choose.

But remember, while the Launch CRP129 covers almost all OBD2 vehicles, the Launch CRP123 only supports those made in 2006 and later. Don’t choose the latter mistakenly if your car isn’t compatible.

In terms of functionality, you will get almost the same features. But the Launch CRP129 has a few more advantages than the Launch CRP123 which in turn is cheaper.

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  1. I just purchased the Launch CRP 123. Software updates are free for life? Also will this unit tell me if the ECM is programmed correctly or there is fault? I have a rough constant idle and the steerin g wheel vibrates when the engine is cold, but improves when warm. Drivability is ok. Engine mounts are Ok. Can you answer these questions. Were can i get a free user manual. I see them on the Internet with about 45 pages but may cost?

    thanks EJR

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