Launch CRP123X vs. CRP129X: Which suits your needs?

Tim Miller

Between CRP123 and CRP129, which one is better? Actually, neither.

Both CRP123 and CRP129 are outdated. The manufacturer stopped updating new functions for those 2 scanners a long time ago.

Instead, focus on CRP123X and CRP129X. They’re the latest versions packed with lots of great features.But don’t worry, turn your attention to CRP123X and CRP129X. 

In this review, we’ll compare CRP123X and CRP129X, laying out their differences and helping you pick what suits you best.

Let’s get started now!

Launch CRP123X vs. Launch CRP129X: Full Comparison Chart

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Launch CRP129X
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Four-system diagnostics
Live data
Text, Graph
Text, Graph
Smog tests
Full OBD2 modes
Oil reset
SAS reset
Throttle reset
TPMS reset
BMS reset
EPB reset
DPF reset
Injector coding
OBD2 car/light truck
Connection type
Screen size
Touch screen
Android OS
Android 7.0
Android 7.0
Free update
5 years
5 years
Customer support
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Launch CRP123X vs. Launch CRP129X: Key Differences & Quick Comparison

Even though Launch CRP123X and CRP129X are from different series, they share the same hardware and software. 

The only difference is in the number of service functions they offer:

  • CRP123X has 3 reset functions: Oil Reset, SAS Reset, and Throttle Relearn.
  • CRP129X has 5 extra functions compared to CRP123X. These are: EPB Reset, TPMS Reset, DPF Regen, Injector Coding, and BMS Reset. So, the total functions of CRP129X are 8.

So here is my quick recommendation:

If you want more options for fixing your car at home, go with CRP129X. It offers 8 reset functions.

But if saving money is your priority, CRP123X is around $70 cheaper and still covers essential tasks like Oil Reset and Throttle Relearn.

Launch CRP123X

Launch CRP129X

Launch CRP123X vs. Launch CRP129X: Key Similarities


Like I mentioned before, except for the number of service functions, everything else about CRP123X and CRP129X is the same.

To begin, both can scan 4 main systems: Engine, Transmission, ABS, and SRS.

What’s really cool is that the full scan speed for CRP123X and CRP129X is impressive (around 12s to 30s, depending on the vehicle). No long waits for results at all!

And the live data feature is a highlight too. Their 5” horizontal screens make it easy to see live data in clear graphs.

Graph live data on CRP123X.
Graph live data on CRP129X.

There’s a tiny downside though, neither of these has ABS Bleeding. Even the 8-service-function CRP129X doesn’t have it, which was a bit of a letdown for me.

Now, Launch does offer the option to buy ABS Bleeding from the Mall, but it’s a bit pricey at $50 per year. 

Today’s best Launch CRP123X price:

Today’s best Launch CRP129X price:

Design & Hardware

Whether it’s CRP123X or CRP129X, both have touchscreens. These touchscreens are really smooth and super quick to respond. They even work if your fingers are a bit oily or if there’s any car liquid on them.

Now, I bet you’ve got a bunch of touchscreen benefits in mind. But let’s make sure we’re not missing anything:

  • With just one tap, you can update your scanner using the touchscreen. No more dealing with complicated updates via computer.
  • The scrollable screen makes it a breeze to find the function you need, saving you time. No more endlessly clicking through pages.

But here’s what I love the most: those buttons on the side of the diagnostic tool. I know the touchscreen’s cool, BUT these physical buttons are a lifesaver when you’re wearing gloves. They also keep your screen safe from oil and dirt.

No matter what you prefer, the design of CRP123X and CRP129X is all about making you happy and giving you the best experience. 

Today’s best Launch CRP123X price:

Today’s best Launch CRP129X price:

Vehicle Coverage

According to Launch, CRP129X and CRP123X can handle over 60 car brands, mainly focusing on OBD2/EOBD/JOBD vehicles produced after 1996.

I didn’t get tons of chances to try out both scanners on various cars, maybe around 5-7 on customer vehicles. They smoothly identify VIN, read codes quickly and precisely.

Overall, both CRP123X and CRP129X scanners offer me a great experience. 

After-sales service

Both CRP129X and CRP129E are backed by a cool 5-year warranty from Launch. But remember, the base warranty lasts for just one year, not the full five.

  • First year: You’re covered for free maintenance for quality issues and software help.
  • Next 4 years: You’ll get software technical support only. Manufacturer’s defects are not covered.

CRP129X and CRP129E are global models, so Launch Tech China is your go-to for support. Any issues? Just send an email to [email protected]. That’s where help will come from.

These products offer lifelong free updates. That means each year, you can refresh your scanner with the latest supported car models and new functions. Absolutely no extra charge! 

Today’s best Launch CRP123X price:

Today’s best Launch CRP129X price:


CRP123X and CRP129X can easily meet the needs of most Advanced DIYers/Home mechanics. They offer 4-system scan, commonly-used service functions, and live data, all displayed on a spacious 5” screen.

So, here’s what I suggest:

If you prefer doing more of your car fixes and maintenance at home, CRP129X is the one for you. It packs 8 reset functions to cover your needs.

Launch CRP129X

But if you’re looking to save some cash, the smart choice is CRP123X. It’s about $70 cheaper than CRP129X and still provides you with Oil reset, SAS reset, and Throttle relearn.

Launch CRP123X

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