Vgate Maxiscan VS890 – Inexpensive and Effective Scanner

Everyone wants to save a dollar or two nowadays. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a mechanic to scan codes on your vehicle, why don’t you do it yourself?

When you have the Vgate Maxiscan VS890, you’ll have in your hands an inexpensive option to get the job done effectively. Just simply plug it in, get your code and decide whether you can fix the problem yourself or if it requires a mechanic’s expertise.

Vgate is known as one of the most popular and reputable manufacturers of OBD scanners. They have several different products on the market for consumers to choose from.

Today, I would like to discuss with you why the Vgate Maxiscan VS890 needs to be considered by every vehicle owner.

What Makes the Vgate Maxiscan VS890 Special?

The main things you want with an OBD scanner is convenience, ease of use and cost effectiveness. The Vgate Maxiscan VS890 has all of those features and more.

Not only does the VS890 identify the problem with your vehicle, but it also shows you the possible reasons why there was a problem to begin with. This way, you can know whether the issue was caused by you or just a result of parts becoming faulty over time.

With just a few buttons on the device itself, even the casual user can figure out how to use the VS890. The easy-to-use design combined with the detailed information it provides makes the VS890 an attractive option for any vehicle owner.

Plus, the Maxiscan VS890 will pay for itself in just a few uses, and sometimes a single use. When you can run the scan yourself and provide a mechanic with the code, it saves a lot of time and money. It’s a reliable device that gets to the root of the issue instead of having to put your trust in a mechanic to tell you the truth about what’s really wrong with your vehicle.

Pros for the Vgate Maxiscan VS890

The Vgate Maxiscan VS890 gives you the opportunity to fix the problem in your vehicle yourself, or significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for a mechanic to work on it.

When you can accurately diagnose the issue before even taking it to the mechanic, you may be able to save an hour or two in labor costs, which can translate into several hundred dollars. And seeing the problem for yourself gives you the peace of mind that you know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle and can get it fixed accordingly.

The 3” LCD display screen is plenty large enough for you to read the codes the device gives you. Whether you have a dark shop or are in direct sunlight, you won’t have any problems reading the display. It is also vibration proof, so if you have it sitting on your hood or other spot with intense vibrations, you won’t have to worry about damaging the device.

One neat thing about this device as well is it offers multilingual options. So whether you speak English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Italian, French, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish or Danish, the Maxiscan VS890 has you covered.

And speaking of versatility, the Maxiscan VS890 supports several OBD protocols, including SAE, CAN, VPW, PWM, ISO or KWP. It works on most vehicles made in 1996 and later, as long as the vehicle is OBDII compliant and made in the US, Europe or Asia.

The Maxiscan VS890 is also reasonably sized and weighs just 1.5 pounds. This means you can easily store it in your glove box or toolbox so it’s always accessible in case of an emergency.

Cons for the Vgate Maxiscan VS890

There aren’t many things not to like about the Maxiscan VS890. However, as with many comparable OBD scanners, this one isn’t compatible with all vehicles. You’ll need to read up on it before you purchase to ensure it will work with your specific vehicle.

Also worth noting is that it is not compatible with the Windows 10 system, so keep that in mind if that’s the system you operate on most often.

From a functionality standpoint, though, there really isn’t anything to complain about with this OBD scanner. The most complaints come from people who didn’t do their homework to see if their vehicle was compatible with the device. As long as you verify that ahead of time, then there really aren’t any cons.

Who Should Buy the Vgate Maxiscan VS890?

This OBD scanner is a dream for the average DIY’er, but not so much for the experienced mechanic. Anyone who likes to work on cars as a hobby, or just likes to diagnose and fix their own vehicles, will love this scanner.

You can actually learn a lot from this scanner, since it will tell you what is wrong with the vehicle instead of just giving you a code and making you figure it out yourself.

Anyone who is on a budget will appreciate the versatility that this scanner offers. And the fact that it will essentially pay for itself makes it even more attractive for the person who likes to work on vehicles recreationally.

Get Yours Today!

Now that you are familiar with what the Vgate Maxiscan VS890 can do for you, you can make the best decision on whether it’s right for you. Again, the main thing to do first is to do your homework to make sure your vehicle is compatible with the device.

Once you’ve determined that it will work, there’s not a better investment you can make for your vehicle. It’s great for the average DIY’er who likes to diagnose problems, and maybe even fix problems themselves.

Mechanics may not wish to purchase this device because it is limited in the amount of information it can provide on a single screen. But it is suitable as a backup option in case the main OBD scanner breaks or stops working.

However, for anyone wishing to save a few dollars here and there and learn more about their vehicles, the Vgate Maxiscan VS890 will save you some trips to the mechanic shop. Don’t wait for something to go wrong with your vehicle before making the investment. Get yours today so you are prepared.

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