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Innova 3100i – Affordable and Useful

Sometimes making an initial investment in a tool can help save you hundreds or thousands of dollars down the road. When you buy the Innova 3100i, you’ll be making an investment that will pay for itself after just a few uses. The Innova 3100i isn’t the bottom-of-the-line OBD reader, so it’s slightly more expensive than… Read more »

Vgate Maxiscan VS890 – Inexpensive and Effective Scanner

Everyone wants to save a dollar or two nowadays. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a mechanic to scan codes on your vehicle, why don’t you do it yourself? When you have the Vgate Maxiscan VS890, you’ll have in your hands an inexpensive option to get the job done effectively. Just simply plug… Read more »

Launch CRP129 Scanner: Professional Scanner with Loads of Features.

If you work on cars a lot, then you know how important a good code scanner is. Every top quality mechanic has a diagnostic tool to read codes fast, so they can go straight to making the repair. Launch has a ton of top products, and CRP129 is one of their flagships. Mechanics all over… Read more »

Autel MaxiScan MS300 – Cheap & Easy Scanner To Use.

You like making car repairs at home or simply just want to save money from having the mechanic scan the codes. By having MaxiScan MS300 at hand it allows you to quickly find out what is wrong with your car, so you can get fixing it yourself or know to take it to your mechanic. As you know,… Read more »

Autel Scanner: The 7 Best On The Market 2017

Do you ever feel tired or confused when buying a Scanner? I think Yes. This is very common because there are so many brands to choose from! Today I will save you a lot of time doing your own research, since I’ve done a lot of it for you. And one of the best brands… Read more »

Five Best Actron Scanners On The Market

Hi, Tim again, You probably already know that Actron manufactures some of the best OBD-II scanners on the market. However…. With so many of them available, it can be difficult to distinguish the differences sometimes. You’ve landed on my page because you want to buy a vehicle scanner, so I’m going to tell you why… Read more »

Five Best Innova Scan Tools on the Market 2016

Hey Guys, I know buying a scan tool can be difficult. There are so many brands and options at different price points. So today, I will offer all you guys a good choice for shopping. That’s Innova Scan Tool which is one of the best and widely known brands of scan tools, so I’m going to give… Read more »

Video: How to Reset Maintenance Required Light in a Toyota

Hey guys, In case your maintenance required light comes on. But you have no time to bring your car to a repair shop? Don’t worry! Today, I’m going to show you the WAY to reset the “maintenance required light” on your Toyota. Here we’ll be using a Toyota Tacoma as an example. (But this will work… Read more »

OBD2 Code Reader: Top 5 Best Choices

All you need to do is read and clear codes? If NO, Click Here! If right, code reader is a great tool to have. But which models are the contenders for the best? Well today I’m going to show you top 5 best obd2 code reader for car that you should to buy. Let’s See The Comparison… Read more »