TryAce SR950: OBD2 Automotive Diagnostic Tool Review

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Having a reliable OBD2 scanner is all car owners’ or DIYers’ dream. TryAce SR950 OBD2 Scan Tool will help you all.

Comparison of TryAce SR950 vs Foxwell NT301 vs PLX Kiwi 3

TryAce RS950
TryAce RS950
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FoxWell NT301
FoxWell NT301
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Check Price
Customer Rating
PriceTryAce RS950 priceFoxWell NT301 pricePLX KIWI 3 price
Package Dimensions10" x 7.4" x 2.6"8.7" x 3.1" x 6.7"8.7" x 3.1" x 6.7"
Item Weight1.45lbs1.05lbs0.64oz
ProsTryAce SR950 OBD2 Scanner offers:
Live PCM data stream;
Freeze frame;
O2 sensor test
Evapsystem test;
Battery check;
One-click readiness key;
On-board monitoring test:
DTCs lookup library.
Various and reliable functions;
Can read and erase engine fault codes with DTC definitions;
Tests I/M readiness status;
Has a built-in DTC lookup library;
Turns off CEL; Retrieve VIN;
Can Read Mode 6 data.
Plug and play making it faster to launch;
Compatible with more models of vehicles;
Instant plug and play device.
Compatible with all types of operating systems;
ConsAlmost none for an OBD2 Scanner at this price range.Not supports Mac;
Possible compatibility problems (should check carefully before buying)
Extra fee for the app;
Poor customer support;
Possible Connection Problem with iPhone 6S/X.
Bottom LineTryAce SR950 OBD2 Scanner is great for car owners or DIYers.The FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 scanner is a good choice for average car owners or car enthusiasts.PLX Devices Kiwi 3 is for DIYers and car owners with an iOS, Android, and/or Windows device.
This review of the TryAce SR950 helps you decide whether this OBD2 scanner is suitable for your needs
If you are wondering what scan tool to buy, this article will help you determine whether the TryAce SR950 is it

TryAce SR950 Overview

TryAce SR950
TryAce ODB2 Scanner, OBDII Auto Diagnostic Code Scanner
This automotive scanner with unique one-click I/M readiness status design, which fast to scan vehicle’s engine healthy status. Exclusive O2 Sensor Test, EVAP Test of Fuel Tank System(Mode 8) and Advanced On-board Monitoring(Mode 6)

The TryAce SR950 OBD2 scan tool is one of the most accurate and reliable scanners. If you are any car owner or DIYer, the TryAce SR950 scanner can help you cut the cost of repairs significantly.

To better understand why TryAce SR950 is a trusted scanner, read this comprehensive review.

TryAce Sr950 Detailed Review

Functions and Features

One-click accurate I/M readiness test


Before taking your vehicle for the annual emission test, it is always advisable to perform an I/M readiness test, which will save you the trouble of having your vehicle rejected after failing the emission test.

TryAce SR950 scanner is a first choice OBD2 scanner for performing I/M readiness test. You will be able to test up to 11 emission-related systems using this scanner. Some of the systems that can be comprehensively tested using TryAce SR950 include oxygen sensor and catalytic converter.

Other systems include a secondary air system, air conditioner system, heated O2 sensor, heated catalytic, and spark plug.

All these I/M readiness tests are performed with one click. It is incredibly effective.


In order to obtain an accurate I/M readiness reading, you need to perform no-load racing for at least 15 seconds.

It takes more than the normal plug-and-play when performing the I/M readiness test using TryAce SR950.

Supports Diagnosis Service System (DSS) diagnosis


When it comes to accurate diagnosis, you can always count on TryAce SR950You will be able to perform even the seemingly complex diagnosis easily and accurately.

Although this is a professional OBD2 scanner you will be surprised to know that even an average car owner can use it comfortably to diagnose his car.

This is because it has step-by-step on-screen instructions as well as the definition of Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

The DSS functions that can be performed effectively using TryAce SR950 include reading and clearing DTCs, reading system dynamic DataStream, reading VIN, and turning-off MIL.

Basically, it will take care of most of your scanning needs.


One major limitation of this scan tool is that it does not support Airbag and ABS tests.

Lifetime free update


You will only incur the initial cost of buying this OBD2 car diagnostic tool and thereafter you will be able to access everything else for free.

This is because TryAce SR950 comes with a lifetime free update. It is advisable to update your software regularly.

This will help to fix existing bugs as well as add new diagnostic parameters.

When you need to update the software, connect the OBD2 scanner to your PC and download the software. Use the cord available to connect your PC and the scanner.

Once you have established a connection download the software. Follow the easy on-screen instructions on how to update the TryAce SR950 software.


You will not be able to update the software using MAC.


TryAce SR950 excels beyond expectation when it comes to compatibility.

You will notice that it supports nearly all vehicles manufactured in the USA from 1996 and all other later models.

TryAce SR950 is a professional scan tool that can perform basic and advanced functions.
Users can scan all the OBD 2 models using TryAce SR950.

Also, you can scan all the OBD 2 models using this scanner.

TryAce SR950 supports a number of protocols that include:

  • J1850-10.4
  • J1859-41.6
  • KWP2000 (ISO 14230)
  • ISO9141, and CAN ISO 11898.

When it comes to software, SR950 is compatible with most of the windows software. And if you are not proficient in a given language, you can switch to another language as it supports up to 8 languages.


  • Multi-language support (8 languages).
  • Support all U.S cars manufactured from 1996.
  • Support I/M test but not Airbag, ABS, and Oil reset
  • Lifetime software update


  • TryAce SR950 does not support the Airbag, ABS and Oil reset functions.
  • Does not support wireless connectivity

Who Is It For?

If you are a mechanic or a professional tech, TryAce SR950 is primarily built for you. However, it comes with incredible ease of use.

As a result, such a scanner can be used by DIYers and even average car owners.

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The Bottom Line

OBD2 scanners are here to stay as they currently play an important role in vehicle maintenance and repair. However, not all scanners function in the same way. TryAce SR950 is a professional scan tool that can perform basic and advanced functions. The incredible thing is that you can establish your emission status with one click while using the TryAce. It will check all the 11 emission tests accurately. The good news is that you can get it at an affordable price.

TryAce SR950 is a scanner that you can recommend to your friends or colleagues with a lot of confidence.

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