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SUAOKI OM123 Classic Enhanced Universal OBDII Code Reader Review

SUAOKI is not quite a household name, at least not in OBD tools. But the brand has been gaining popularity in recent times. One product that has put the company on the map is the SUAOKI OM123 OBD2 code reader.

Designed mainly for car owners, this device is meant to help you reset the Check Engine Light (CEL) or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL).

But how does it perform? I put it to test, and this review gives my experience with the scanner.

SUAOKI OM123 Classic Enhanced Universal OBDII Code Reader
55 / 5
SUAOKI OBD II comes with a user-friendly code reader, fast scan, show you the code and tell you what the code means directly,

SUAOKI OM123 Detail Review

The SUAOKI OM123 OBDII Scan Tool is as basic and straightforward as they come. No complicated features or tons of menus to navigate. Here’s what you get when you buy this code reader:

Read and Clear Trouble Codes

It scans trouble codes for the engine control unit (ECU). In addition to pulling the codes, you can use the device to erase them. Once all the codes are erased the CEL or MIL will turn off.

Besides the fault code, the SUAOKI OM123 OBD2 scanner will also give a brief description of the problem. That means you won’t have to go online and search for the code meaning. That’s a handy feature for anyone who doesn’t have the code meanings memorized.

SUAOKI OM123 is one of the best Universal OBD2 Scanner that read and clear trouble codes
The main function of SUAOKI OM123 is to read and clear trouble codes

Plus when you understand a problem you will be better placed to judge whether it needs professional attention or if it’s a do-it-yourself kind of issue. So the scanner will potentially save you a few bucks that you would have spent getting a diagnosis at the shop.

Offer Multiple Data

Alongside trouble codes, the SUAOKI OM123 OBD2 code reader provides a few additional and important data. For starters, it can pull vehicle information. Meaning you can use it to see a car’s VIN. That’s important if you are buying a second-hand car.

Additionally, the scanner can display the I/M status of your car. This info basically shows whether the car meets state and federal requirements for emissions. If it doesn’t meet the standard then you will know there’s a problem with the EVAP system.

SUAOKI OM123 is a Car OBD II Scanner
SUAOKI OM123 is an OBD2 scanner with many functions.

Finally, you can use the SUAOKI OM123 OBD2 code reader to view dynamic data stream and freeze frame data. While dynamic data shows current problems, freeze frame data indicates the exact time in history when a problem was first recorded by a car’s OBD system.

Practical Construction

One of the best features of the SUAOKI OM123 OBD2 scanner is its simplicity. It has 4 buttons only. One is for scrolling up and a second for scrolling down. The third button, labeled ‘ENTER’ selects an item while the fourth is labeled ‘EXIT’ and is for going one step back from the current menu item.

Perhaps the best part is that the scanner starts running diagnostics automatically. It displays existing fault codes and their descriptions on the 128 x 64 screen. You can switch languages between English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Wide Vehicle Coverage

This code reader is designed for OBD2-compliant vehicles. More specifically, it covers 1996 and newer US-based cars, 2000 and newer EU-based cars and 2000 and newer Asia-based cars. The vehicle must have a voltage of not more than 18V, so basically we’re talking about cars and light trucks.

The scanner supports 5 of the main OBD2 protocols. The 5 are CAN, J1850 PWM, J1850 VPW, ISO9141 and KWP2000.
SUAOKI OM123 is an OBD II Code Reader that supports 5 of the main OBD2 protocols
SUAOKI OM123 is designed for OBD2-compliant vehicles.

Shortcomings of SUAOKI OM123

Convenient as it is, the SUAOKI OM123 OBD2 code reader is far from perfect. Here are the things that you probably won’t like:

  • Lacks some functions that are very basic, like the ability to pull codes from ABS, SRS and transmission systems
  • Doesn’t diagnose any other system apart from ECU
  • Doesn’t support some essential advanced functions like data graphing and comparison

SUAOKI OM123 vs. ANCEL AD410 vs. BAFX Comparison

We’re not going to jump the gun and assert that theSUAOKI OM123 OBD2 code reader is the perfect tool for you. Because let’s face it, no OBD scanner is flawless. So in case, you find that this device is too flawed for your liking you can consider one of its two closest alternatives: ANCEL AD410 or BAFX Products.

SUAOKI OM123 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Car Code Reader
ancel ad410
ANCEL AD410 Multi-Systems OBD2 Scan Tool
BAFX Products
BAFX Products Bluetooth Diagnostic OBDII Reader/Scanner for Android Devices
Customer Rating
55 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
4.44.4 / 5
Pricesuaoki om123 priceancel ad410 pricebafx products price
Pros5 OBD2 protocols;
Support freeze frame data and emission tests; Display the I/M status ; Show Multiple Data;
OBD2 cable connection
Reading freeze frame data; Retrieving VIN; Support all OBD2 Functions; OBD2 cable connectionOffers various diagnostic functions;
Work smoothly with third-party apps;
Bluetooth connection
ConsOffers limited essential advanced functionsLimited Code Information.Not support iOS devices.
Bottom LineSUAOKI OM123 Code Reader is ideal for any car owners.ANCEL AD410 OBD2 Scan Tool is a great choice for beginners or average car owners.Bafx products is suitable for beginners and average car owners.

Who Is It For?

We’ve already stated that this device is a basic code reader. It is suitable for car owners who may want to check why the Check Engine Light is on or if they meet emission standards. A professional mechanic or DIY auto technician will certainly find it lacking because it doesn’t support advanced diagnostics.


1. Is the SUAOKI OM123 compatible with my car?

If your car is OBD2-compliant then it may be compatible. It works on 1996 and newer US-based cars, 2000 and newer EU-based cars and 2000 and newer Asia-based cars.

2. Which systems can I check using this scanner?

You can scan the engine control unit (ECU) and emission sensors (I/M readiness)

3. Can I use it to turn off the Check Engine Light?

Yes. When you clear ECU codes the scanner will reset the CEL.

4. Does it display fault codes and their meanings?

Yes. Each code comes with a brief description of the problem.

5. What is the input voltage?

9V to 18V

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