OTC 3418 Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool Review

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Want to read the honest review of the OTC 3418 Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool? Then you’ve landed on the right page.

The OTC 3418 HD Reader is a professional OBD II code reader. It’s mainly built for professionals. Moreover, it reads a wide array of DTCs for all types of cars.

These include heavy-duty as well as industrial vehicles.

Here's where having some information about OTC 3418 HD Reader
OTC 3418 HD Reader is a professional OBDII scanner that is built for professionals

Detailed Review of OTC 3418 HD Reader


The OTC 3418 HD Reader is compatible with all CAN protocols. As such, it works on a wide array of vehicles. However, the OTC 3418 HD Reader is mainly for heavy-duty vehicles.

Accordingly, OTC 3418 HD Reader works best on vehicles like tow trucks and cement trucks. Other suitable vehicles include; recreational cars, municipal trucks, conventional trucks, and refrigerated trucks.

Apart from trucks, the code reader also works on heavy machinery. All power plants that are compliant with Heavy-Duty standards are included on this list. Such plants include construction power plants, Marine plants, and agricultural plants.

For maximum compatibility, the OTC 3418 HD Reader comes with both 6-pin and 9-pin Deutsch cables.


The OTC 3418 HD Reader software a product of OTC. Its primary purpose is to give the user a plethora of diagnostic tools at their disposal. As a result, these tools are what render the readings from the device accurate.

An accurate reading means you will get the right fix for your vehicle, therefore, saving time and money. The software has SAE J1587, which is a protocol standard developed for medium and heavy-duty cars. Moreover, this protocol mainly promotes a standard mode of serial communication among modules that have microcontrollers.


OTC 3418 HD Reader has a black and white display that is lit by LEDs. The readings and figures are shown in a bold black color that is easy to read. Therefore, the OTC 3418 HD Reader display gives you all the information you require in one display.

However, the display is rather backdated. It resembles the display of earlier models of phones or calculators. As a result, this makes it seem obsolete and in need of an upgrade.



For most readers, analyzing the results can only be done when the reader is connected to the vehicle. The OTC 3418 HD Reader is different. You can power the device using batteries and remove the connection from the car.

This feature enables you to view and analyze readings remotely. The benefit this offers the user is the convenience of remote monitoring of vehicle status.


OTC 3418 HD Reader is suitable to read a wide plethora of Data Trouble Codes. These trouble codes include those from heavy-duty vehicles and also those from medium-duty vehicles.

To give it this ability, the device has HD J1587 HD J1708 and J1939. These are protocols that are standardized for all Heavy-duty vehicles and machines. As a result, having all these protocols enables the OTC 3418 HD Reader to read and accurately diagnose DTCs.

OTC 3418 HD Reader can access a broader range of DTCs, which is why it is an ideal tool for all Heavy-Duty compliant vehicles. The device covers trucks between classes 4 and 8.

The protocols enable it to read trouble codes from the engine, transmission, and other vehicle systems.

Internet updates

The device also has regular system updates that you can find easily on the OTC website.

To update your device, connect your device to your computer via a USB cable. Then, download the upgraded software from the website and upload it to your device. Software updates give you more diagnostic tools and broader vehicle coverage.


Scanning and clearing of error codes

OTC 3418 HD Reader is a CAN scanning device. So, its primary purpose is to scan for and clear DTC error codes. For this ability, it has several protocols that enable it to scan for effectively and clear error codes in Heavy-Duty Vehicles.

After scanning for error codes, this device presents them and their meaning. Then, the user may choose to clear the particular error code. Clearing of error codes helps the machine or the vehicle to function better.

Vehicle systems diagnostics

OTC 3418 HD Reader is suitable for scanning several vehicle systems. The device is compatible with CAN protocols. It also reads a wide plethora of vehicle systems.

These include transmission systems, engine systems, SRS systems, ABS systems, among several others. Moreover, OTC 3418 HD Reader makes a scan of all these systems at a go and reports the issues to the user.


  • It can read several types of error codes
  • The device works on almost all heavy-duty vehicles and systems
  • The DTC definitions on the screen makes repairs and assessment much easier.
  • It comes with a three-year warranty for the user


  • It is not compatible with OBD HD systems as reported by some users
  • Some users report that codes might be hard to understand. This makes it more suitable for technicians

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Who is it for?

OTC 3418 HD Reader is a reader that is best for professionals. The language might be harder to understand for regular people. Also, it has a variety of tools that are best suited for professionals.

Additionally, the OTC 3418 HD Reader is best for professionals dealing with Heavy Duty equipment. The heavy-duty equipment that the reader deals with is not limited to heavy-duty vehicles. This scanner comes in handy with machines too.

It offers the user a solution to the issues that might be plaguing their heavy machines. The language adopted by the device is best suited for professionals, which is why most regular DIY people might find it harder to use.

The Bottom Line

Vehicle Systems scanners appear to be in the market to stay. However, there are very few scanners that can scan and diagnose Heavy-Duty vehicles and machines.

Most scanners can only scan and clear DTC error codes from cars with smaller batteries of 12V.

The OTC 3418 offers solutions that most other scanners find hard to. It has accurate readings for heavy-duty vehicles above 24V capacity.

It also scans industrial machinery compliant with HD standards, making it a must-have for most mechanics and industries.

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