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OBD Scanner Brands: The Complete List 2019

There are tons of OBD scanner brands out there. And each OBD manufacturer markets its products as the best. That sort of leaves buyers at a loss.

It makes it hard to know the actual strengths of a brand. Today we’ve taken the liberty of identifying the top OBD scanner brands and their strengths. Hopefully, this can make your work easier the next time you’re comparing one brand with another.

Note that they are organized in ascending order, not according to their popularity or strength.

Top OBD Scanner Brands


Ancel is an OBD scanner brand under the company OBDSPACE Technology Co. Although it’s headquartered in China, OBDSPACE has offices and operations worldwide, including in the USA. More importantly, Ancel is one of the highest rated and top selling brands of OBD scan tools.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Solid construction
  • A wide range of products. Scanners include basic code readers and professional-grade scan tools
  • Ancel offers a warranty for each product and free software upgrades for some scanners
  • Generally a trusted brand of OBD tools

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD1 scanners
  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools
  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • ELM327 adapters

Website: anceldirect.com

Highly Recommended Product Ancel AD410

The Ancel AD410 not only supports all OBD2 protocols but also works on almost all OBD2-compliant vehicles. Functionally, this OBD2 diagnostic tool can scan the engine, turn off the MIL, diagnose the EVAP system, check for I/M readiness, display live data streams and pull freeze frame data.

The ANCEL AD410 OBD Scanner will give you a brief description of what a trouble code means

Ancel AD410 reads & erases error codes, reset monitor when CEL comes on.

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The founders of AstroAI started the company with the aim of providing affordable automotive accessories to Americans and other citizens of the world. While the company has expanded its product portfolio, its OBD scanners are arguably the most loved products.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Produces simple-to-use tools
  • Products are incredibly affordable, yet practical
  • It’s a US-based OBD manufacturer
  • Solid and durable products

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: astroai.com

Highly Recommended Product – AstroAI OS720

A reasonably priced OBD2 scan tool, the AstroAI OS720 is compatible with most OBD2-compliant vehicles. The scanner supports all OBD2 protocols.

Primarily an engine code reader, the OS720 can tell you why the MIL is on. You can also use to reset the light (MIL). Besides, it can pull live PCM data and freeze frame data. Additionally, this device performs smog test, O2 sensor test, EVAP system test, battery diagnosis, and onboard monitoring test

A reasonably priced OBD2 scanner, the AstroAI OS720 is compatible with most OBD2-compliant vehicles
AstroAI OS720 works on most gasoline vehicles sold in the USA since 1996.


Audew is not a household name just yet; at least not in OBD. That’s probably down to the fact that this OBD scanner brand features only one diagnostic product. The company does, however, have several other products, including air compressors, seat cushions, battery switches, etc.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Develops only one OBD scanner. The makers can focus on making this one scanner as good as it possibly can be.
  • The Audew scanner works on all OBD2-compliant vehicles
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Compact device

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: audew.com

Highly Recommended Product – Audew Car Wi-Fi OBDII Reader

This is, in fact, the only OBD scanner made by Audew. A multi-platform adapter, the Audew Car Wi-Fi is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. In other words, you can use it with any phone or tablet. With you can read and clear engine codes. Each code comes with a definition for your information. Additionally, the adapter displays live data streams from the engine

This OBD2 scanner is an essential tool for your car.
Multi-functional in one, Audew Car Wi-Fi is a powerful and intelligent reading of your car


Autel is one of the big boys in OBD manufacture. Founded in 2014, the Germany-based company specializes in the manufacture of diagnostic tools and other automotive accessories.

Strengths of the Brand

  • A strong brand with a reputation for quality
  • Has so many models of diagnostic tools to choose from
  • Makes tools for all types of users; from professional mechanics to ordinary car owners
  • Most Autel scanners come with free updates and a solid exterior

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD1 scanners
  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools
  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: auteltech.com

Highly Recommended ProductAutel ML619

The ML619 is capable of retrieving engine, ABS and SRS codes on almost all OBD2-compliant vehicles. Being built for car owners and DIYers, this OBD2 scan tool also supports viewing of live data and freeze frame data. What’s more, you can graph the data and even print your diagnostic results via PC.

Autel Maxilink ML619 OBD scanner is an ideal choice for DIYers and mechanics

Autel MaxiLink ML619 is easy to read codes and vehicle information. 

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Automatic Pro

Based in San Francisco, Automatic Pro seeks to empower ordinary drivers by producing affordable and simple-to-use adapters. While the prices could get lower, Automatic Pro adapters are undoubtedly simple.

Strengths of the Brand

  • It’s an American-based OBD scanner brand
  • The company focuses on making practical devices
  • Automatic Pro diagnostic scanners are sleek and beautiful
  • The company’s free diagnostic app is much better than some other brands that are offered at a premium rate

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: automatic.com

Highly Recommended Product Automatic Pro

When used with Automatic Pro’s app, this OBD2 adapter can perform engine light diagnostics and turn off the MIL. It has several handy features, including a trip guide, crash alert, integrated GPS, maintenance reminder, driving history and so much more

Automatic Pro is an adapter that plugs into almost any car to provide unlimited monitoring with zero fees
Automatic Pro offers Trip Guide that helps users know where their car is at all times.


Established in 2010, Autophix focuses on creating technology that can help car users to perform DIY diagnostics. With a product range that includes wireless adapters and stand-alone scanners, the company wins its customers through competitive pricing.

Strengths of the Brand

  • The company focuses on car diagnostics only
  • Autophix scanners are simple and usable by ordinary car owners
  • Vast experience in developing OBD2 tools since 2010
  • Focuses exclusively on the development and manufacture of scan tools

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • ELM327 scanners

Website: autophix.com

Highly Recommended ProductAutophix OM126 OBD2 Code Reader

With a wide vehicle coverage that includes all OBD2 cars and light trucks, the Autophix OM126 supports all five main OBD2 protocols. It’s an engine code reader that reads and clears all engine codes. Additionally, the scanner supports dynamic data streams, freeze frame data, EVAP system tests, O2 sensor tests, on-board monitor tests and so much more.

The Autophix OM126 is an affordable and innovative solution for the average DIYer

When you erase the codes from the car’s subsystem, the engine light will automatically turn off. 

BAFX Products

BAFX Products is the company behind the BAFX OBD2 adapter. With a USA-based support center, this OBD manufacturer focuses on customer satisfaction. That’s why BAFX adapters come with a 2-year warranty as a guarantee of quality.

Strengths of the Brand

  • The company has only one product in OBD; the FIXD sensor
  • Excellent customer service for US-based as well as global customers
  • The company offers an impressive warranty of 2 years
  • BAFX products are designed for the ordinary consumer. They are generally very simple to use

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapter

Website: bafxpro.com

Highly Recommended Products: BAFX for iPhone & BAFX for Android & Windows

The difference between BAFX for iPhone and BAFX for Android & Windows is the platform. While the latter work on Android and Windows-based smartphones, the former is compatible with iOS-based devices.

Either way, this OBD2 scan tool allows you to read and reset Check Engine Light codes, view and graph live sensor data from the engine, run smog tests and so much more.

A Video Review about BAFX Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Android:


Bluedriver is one of those OBD scanner brands with only one OBD tool in their product line. In this case, it’s the Bluedriver Bluetooth OBD2 scanner. Undoubtedly one of the most popular (if not the most popular) diagnostic adapter, this dongle has earned its solid reputation because of its compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

Just in case you’re wondering, Bluedriver has other products besides the scanner. They also have a compression tester kit, fuel pressure tester kit, and multimeter.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Has just one OBD product which is continually improved toward perfection
  • Uses the latest technology in diagnostics, including wireless connectivity
  • Certified and licensed by Android makers and Apple
  • It’s an affordable American-made scanner brand

Types of OBD Scanner It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: bluedriver.com

Highly Recommended Product Bluedriver Bluetooth OBD2 scanner

The Bluedriver adapter works exclusively with the Bluedriver app to bring diagnostics to your phone or tablet. Compatible with iOS and Android, this dongle can read and clear engine codes on all OBD2-compliant vehicles and enhanced codes on select car brands (BMW, Chrysler, Ford GM, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and VW).

It also supports live data, freeze frame data, smog check and Mode 6.

One of the major advantages of the BlueDriver OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is that all its components are manufactured in America.

Bluedriver offers in-app Repair Reports created by certified professional mechanics. 


Carista is an OBD brand that offers an adapter and app. It’s probably the most specialized OBD producer out there seeing as it only has one device and one app.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Has a very powerful OBD adapter
  • Offers a complete package in the form of adapter and app
  • Very affordable despite packing premium functions
  • Carista adapter is one of the best looking

Types of OBD Scanner It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: caristaapp.com

Highly Recommended ProductCarista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter

Carista is an unbelievably affordable OBD2 adapter. Yet it offers some of the best features you may need to perform diagnostics successfully.

For instance, it supports the diagnosis of all available modules. Here you are looking at the ECU, ABS, SRS, transmission, SAS, EPB and any other system. In some vehicles (like VAG) it can show emission readiness, pull ECU info and perform EPB retraction.

But you may need to subscribe to the premium version of the app to enjoy these services. Otherwise, it’s a worthy acquisition for any car owner.

Carista is an unbelievably affordable OBD2 adapter

Carista always be on top of your car’s health


Carly is a German OBD scanner brand that makes not only wireless adapters but also diagnostic software. It’s only logical because adapters can’t work without diagnostic apps or software. Currently, the company focuses on apps that are compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Provides OBD adapters and their apps under one roof
  • Has apps for specific car brands. E.g., if you have a BMW you may use Carly for BMW
  • Carly adapters are simple plug-and-play tools while the apps are easy to navigate
  • The perfect tool for owners of German-made cars.

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: mycarly.com

Highly Recommended ProductCarly Gen 2 Bluetooth Adapter for Android

Designed for Android smartphones and tablets, this version of Carly’s OBD2 adapter is compatible with BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Renault, and Toyota cars.

With it you can run OBD2 diagnostics on available systems, view live data in the form of gauges, pull freeze frame data, perform service resets, DPF regeneration, analyze the battery and finally do coding and adaptation.

Carly Gen 2 BD scanner can perform diagnosis of several electrical aspects of your car
Carly Gen 2 gives you the convenience of a diagnostics checks at any time. 


FIXD is an OBD scanner brand whose sole product is the FIXD OBD2 adapter. With over a million adapters sold worldwide, it would be accurate to say that FIXD is one of the most popular brands.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Focuses on one product only; the FIXD adapter. That makes it easier to perfect the product.
  • Has a dedicated diagnostic app called FIXD app
  • Wide vehicle coverage. Works on all 1996 and newer cars that use gasoline and 2008 and newer cars that use diesel
  • The FIXD adapter is competitively priced

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapter

Website: fixdapp.com

Highly Recommended ProductFIXD Car Health Monitor

The FIXD Car Health Monitor pairs with your iOS or Android device using Bluetooth. Alongside the FIXD app, this OBD2 scanner pulls engine codes and lets you know why the Check Engine Light is on.

Each code comes with tons of helpful information. The app will tell you what the code means, how severe it is and possible solutions to the problem. Additionally, FIXD displays live sensor data and maintenance reminders

The main function of the FIXD is to inform the user of the reason behind the check engine light.

Although the displays of various devices vary, the application mostly looks the same across devices.


Foseal is an OBD manufacturer that also makes other car accessories such as air compressors and rainproof car rear-view mirror films. More importantly to our context is the fact that the company makes OBD2 compliant scan tools. It primarily caters for people who own 1996 or newer models of cars and light trucks.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Makes very affordable scan tools
  • Has wireless as well as stand-alone scanners for buyers to choose
  • Offers extremely reliable customer service, especially via Amazon
  • Practical scanners that offer the essentials; like engine diagnostics, codes and live data

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • ELM327 adapters

Website: foseal.com

Highly Recommended ProductFoseal Car Wi-Fi OBD2 Scanner

This is an improved version of the original Foseal OBD2 adapter. In addition to doing everything that the original Foseal scanner does, the newer version features indicators for LEDs. That’s crucial for anyone who doesn’t know what each LED means.

In terms of diagnostics, this new version supports reading and erasing of engine codes. It can tell you why the MIL is on, and even proceed to reset the light. Additionally, the scanner is capable of displaying real-time sensor data.

Foseal OBD2 WIFI Scanner diagnoses all car models that have OBD II protocols
Foseal supports Windows, Android, iOS and other apps.


Foxwell invests at least 20% of its revenue in the research and development of new OBD technology. Unsurprisingly, the Foxwell OBD scanner brand is one of the most raved and highly reputable.

The company’s product line includes a top shelf, high-end OBD scanners to basic code readers for the ordinary car owner.

Strengths of the Brand

  • It’s among the most reputable brands of OBD
  • Foxwell have distribution and customer support centers worldwide, including the USA
  • An impressive range of high-end scanners for professionals and experienced DIY mechanics
  • Most products come with free software upgrades and lengthy warranty periods

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD1 scanners
  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools
  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • ELM327 adapters

Website: foxwelltech.com

Highly Recommended ProductFoxwell NT630 Elite

The NT630 Elite is a well-rounded OBD scanner that not only reads and clears ABS, SRS & SAS codes but also performs ABS bleeding as well as ABS and SRS active tests. It works on a vast number of vehicles, including the most common domestic and foreign brands like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, BMW, VW, and Audi.

NT630 Elite is yet another Foxwell OBD scanner that combines basic diagnostics and advanced functions

NT630 provides an accurate and professional diagnosis of ABS and airbag faults. 

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iCarsoft distributes its OBD scanners to over 60 countries worldwide. But that’s not the fascinating thing. This OBD manufacturer mostly develops brand-specific tools.

Meaning you get a device that’s configured to perform diagnostics on your particular car make. It does have some multi-brand tools as well so your options are open.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Makes OBD tools that are vehicle-specific
  • All iCarsoft are sleek and eye-catchy
  • Has tools for beginners, DIYers, and professionals
  • Not the most expensive brand of OBD scanners
  • Provides software updates for its tools free of charge

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools
  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: icarsoft.com

Highly Recommended ProductiCarsoft MBII Professional Diagnostic Tool

The iCarsoft MBII can is one of the most excellent scan tools out there. Being Designed for OBD2 vehicles, this device can read and erase codes in all the available systems. It supports a wide range of service functions, including oil light service, EPB reset, SAS calibration and many more.

Additionally, the MBII can display live data streams, pull freeze frame data and perform O2 sensor tests. And that’s just a highlight of what this mid-range tool can do.

iCarSoft MB II display is wide at 4.0 inches TFT LCD display with 480*320 screen display

iCarSoft MB II offers a variety of useful features. 


Innova is among the industry leaders in the manufacture of automotive diagnostic scanners. Based in the USA, the OBD producer boasts up to 20 years’ experience in the field. It supplies OBD scanners across the world.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Highly reputable brand of OBD scanners
  • Based in the USA and has operations across America, Canada, and other continents
  • Uses safe and environmentally friendly materials
  • Innova scanners are generally top performers that are well built

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • OBD1 scanners
  • OBD2 Scanners

Website: innova.com

Highly Recommended ProductInnova 3040E

A simple and straightforward scan tool, the Innova 3040E is compatible with domestic and foreign OBD2 vehicles. It can read and erase engine as well as ABS codes.

As such, you can use it to reset the MIL and ABS warning light. Besides, the 3040E can reset the oil service light, read live data and diagnose a car’s battery and alternator.

If you’re a beginner or an average car owner, Innova 3040E never fails you.

The all-in-one display screen of Innova 3040E can provide you with 25 different bits of information. 

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Since its foundation in 2015, JDiag has grown to become quite a popular OBD scanner brand. That mainly boils down to the company’s low-cost scan tools. As a matter of fact, most are code readers and adapters that an ordinary car owner may need.

Strengths of the Brand

  • JDiag scanners are practical to car owners and DIYers
  • The company makes very affordable tools
  • Has scan tools that work on all types of vehicles, domestic and foreign
  • So far all JDiag scanners are small, compact, portable handheld devices

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • Wireless adapters
  • OBD2 adapter cables

Website: jdiag.com

Highly Recommended ProductJDiag JD101

A brightly colored scanner, the JDiag JD101 supports 5 OBD2 protocols. With it, you can pull codes, erase them, read live PCM data, view freeze frame data, check I/M readiness status, and view vehicle information (VIN, CIN, and CVN).

All those are functions that ordinary car owners and some DIYers need to keep cars running smoothly.

the JDiag JD101 OBD2 scanner provides a brief explanation of the exact cause of the check engine warning light.

JDiag JD101 is mainly designed to read the causes of check engine warning light


Kobra Products is an OBD scanner brand that also features several other products. From iPhone screen protectors to herb grinders and even LED bulbs, Kobra has them all. More importantly, the company makes some very popular OBD2 wireless adapters for ordinary car owners and DIYers.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Attractive price tags
  • Offers a money-back warranty of up to one year
  • Makes wireless adapters only; which is good for people who prefer wireless diagnostics
  • Practical tools that offer the necessary features like engine diagnosis

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • ELM327 adapters

Website: kobraproducts.net

Highly Recommended Product – Kobra Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Android and Windows

A very affordable tool, this OBD2 Bluetooth adapter works on Android and Windows devices. It is compatible with virtually all OBD2-compliant vehicles.

In terms of functionality, the OBD2 diagnostic tool is capable of displaying and erasing engine codes, turning the MIL off and pulling live data streams. Overall, it’s an excellent tool for any car owner who desires to perform diagnostics using their phone or tablet.

It is compatible with virtually all OBD2-compliant vehicles.

Kobra WiFi OBD Scanner works on all vehicles 1996 and newer.


KONNWEI is the OBD scanner brand for the company Shenzhen Jia Wei Heng Xin Technology Co. Established in 1998, KONNWEI specializes in making car diagnostic tools and code readers. The Chinese-based company partners with tech giants like Panasonic to produce high-grade diagnostic devices.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Excellent customer support
  • Each tool is delivered with all required adapters and lengthy warranty (up to 36 months)
  • Utilizes top-drawer technology
  • Partners with renowned makers of electronics like Panasonic to ensure good quality products

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • ELM327 adapters

Website: konnwei.com

Highly Recommended ProductKONNWEI KW850

Designed for passenger cars and light trucks, this OBD2 scanner can read and erase engine trouble codes. It has a lookup library with over 8000 code definitions. Even better, the device supports O2 sensor tests, onboard monitoring tests, and EVAP system tests. It also doubles up as a battery analyzer

Konnwei OBD2 KW850 is a small adapter that makes finding the cause of the check engine light warnings or trouble codes become evidently much easier.
KONNWEI KW850 supports full OBD II functions


Based in Guangxi province, China, Kzyee was established in 2006. Besides years of experience in the industry, perhaps the best thing about this OBD producer is that they focus solely on making vehicle testing tools.

All their resources, as well as R&D, go into the development of tools that car owners need. The company’s OBD scanners are generally small, sturdy and straightforward to use.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Makes some of the sturdiest OBD scanners
  • Has almost all types of scanners in its product line, ranging from small units for beginners to more powerful ones for professionals
  • Multilingual customer support (primarily English and Chinese)
  • Invests heavily in R&D, so products are most practical to the target users

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools

Website: kzyee.com

Highly Recommended Product – Kzyee KC601

Designed for class 8 heavy-duty trucks, the KC601 comes with one 6-pin and one 9-pin cable for maximum compatibility. It supports a wide selection of functions, ranging from reading DTCs, clearing DTCs and displaying live data streams to diagnosing the diesel particulate filter. Simply put, the KC601 is a perfect companion for any truck driver or owner.

It supports a wide selection of functions
Kzyee KC601 only supports heavy duty truck.

Launch Tech

Launch Tech is among the world’s leading OBD scanner brands. With operations in the USA, Europe, and Asia, the company takes pride in having a wide product line of OBD scanners.

Additionally, Launch Tech uses software that not only ensures extensive vehicle coverage but also supports basic, intermediate and professional-level diagnostics. In other words, there’s a Launch scanner for every type of user.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Strong reputation for making quality scanners
  • Wide selection of scanners, including beginner, DIY and professional-level tools
  • Launch scanners are fairly priced
  • Has US and UK-based distributors to serve the two markets effectively

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD1 scanners
  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools
  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: launchtechusa.com

Highly Recommended Product – Launch Creader VII+

A full OBD2 scanner, the Launch Creader VII+ supports all the ten modes of OBD2. It’s capable of reading and erasing engine, ABS, SRS and transmission codes.

Additionally, the OBD2 scan tool supports live data streams, freeze frame data, smog test, O2 sensor test, I/M readiness, EVAP system test, and on-board monitor tests.

The Creader VII+ helps users read and clear codes and view live data in engine and transmission
Launch Creader VII+ OBD2 Scanner supports full OBD2 funtions.

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NEXAS makes OBD scanners for the cost conscious consumer. While they are lowly priced, these scanners are by no means cheap.

In a bid to ensure that each product meets consumer needs, NEXAS invests at least 20% of its revenue in research and development.

Strengths of the Brand

  • It’s an affordable OBD scanner brand
  • Products are consumer-oriented. They are designed for ordinary car owners
  • The brand has various types of OBD scanners, ranging from basic code readers to diagnostic tools for heavy-duty trucks
  • Has an online presence where customers can lodge complaints and make inquiries

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy-duty trucks diagnostic scanners

Website: nexastech.com

Highly Recommended ProductNexas NL102

Although it’s primarily a heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool, the Nexas NL102 can also scan OBD2-compliant cars and light trucks. It supports the diagnosis of the engine, SRS, ABS, transmission, instrument panel, suspension, ESP, EPS, and many more systems.

NEXAS NL102 heavy-duty truck scan tool is easy to use and works perfectly for experience DIYers or enthusiasts.
Nexas NL102 has a battery health check feature


Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Nexpeak is an OBD manufacturer that also makes car electronic accessories. One of the best things about this company is that it focuses on quality. It operates based on ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004 quality management systems.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Has a super-user program for members who sign up. Privileges include loyalty rewards, an extension of warranty periods and exclusive discounts.
  • Makes OBD tools for all users, ranging from professionals to DIY car owners
  • Nexpeak scanners are built with quality
  • Reliable online customer support and after-sale service

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • ELM327 adapters

Website: nexpeaktech.com

Highly Recommended ProductNexpeak NX501 OBD2 Code Reader

Essentially an engine code reader, the NX501 reads and clears codes related to the MIL. It’s an OBD2 scanner that supports up to 5 OBD2 protocols. More impressively, this tool covers all 10 OBD2 modes.

Which means that it can test O2 sensors, display I/M readiness, show live data, show freeze frame data, run EVAP sensor tests and so much more. Besides the OBD functions, the scanner also performs battery analysis.

NEXPEAK appreciates the changing need of the car owners

NEXPEAK NX501 is easy to operate, read results in seconds and no need app installed


nonda is a Californian-based company that provides smart devices. The company’s extensive product line includes one OBD adapter. And while it may not be the most popular diagnostic dongle, the adapter does pack uniquely smart features.

Strengths of the Brand

  • It’s an American company
  • Makes arguably the smartest OBD adapter on the market
  • Fairly affordable pricing
  • Focuses on products for ordinary consumers like car owners; not complicated tools for professionals only

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: nonda.co

Highly Recommended Productnonda ZUS Smart Vehicle Monitor

The most exciting thing about this tiny dongle is its engine analyzer. It uses a predictive algorithm to pinpoint potential issues and warn you before they occur. That’s quite a contrary to most other scan tools which report after a problem has occurred.

It does have the traditional diagnostic functions like codes and data streams. More specifically, it can pull engine codes and display live powertrain data. Each code comes with a brief description.

ZUS Nonda Smart car health monitor is a necessary device for all car owners.
ZUS Nonda has a compact size that is ideal for many car owners.


When it comes to wireless diagnostic adapters, OBDeleven is perhaps the most popular OBD scanner brand. The company makes not just an adapter, but accessories for the adapter as well. That includes a carry pouch, phone holder and extension adapter.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Focuses on the single product and its accessories
  • Has PRO tools for specific brands of vehicles
  • Provides regular software updates that incorporate the latest diagnostic features
  • Offers outstanding warranty. The PRO version comes with a 2-year warranty

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: obdeleven.com

Highly Recommended ProductOBDeleven Pro Edition for VW and Audi

This particular OBD2 adapter is made for VW and Audi cars. It comes with the OBDeleven app for Android devices. Combined, the two (adapter & app) allow you to run diagnostics, read live data, do coding, perform programming and access service functions (like oil service and brake pad replacement).

The OBDeleven Pro is a diagnostic scanner meant for the VAG group of vehicles

OBDeleven Pro supports a variety of advanced diagnostic functions. 


OBDLink is, in fact, a brand under the company OBD Solutions. The latter makes a wide range of OBD products, including diagnostic software, interfaces, and cables. All scanners are produced under the brand OBDLink.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Makes wireless scanners that are compatible with third-party apps
  • There’s at least one scanner for Android, iOS and Windows devices
  • Has a good quality if American products. The company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona
  • All OBDLink scanners are small, compact and unobstructed

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: obdlink.com

Highly Recommended ProductOBDLink MX Bluetooth Scanner for Windows and Android

This wireless OBD adapter uses Bluetooth to connect to Android or Windows devices. It comes with the OBDLink app (for Android) and OBDWiz (for Windows). Those two allow you to diagnose the ECU, ABS, SRS, and transmission. They also provide live data and freeze frame data.


OBDStar is a Chinese-based OBD scanner brand that was founded in 2007. That makes it one of the oldest OBD manufacturers. With experience comes quality; which is evident in OBDStar’s products.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Tons of experience under its belt
  • A wide range of products that includes high-end tools for professional use as well as entry-level and mid-range scanners for DIYers and car owners
  • Has both brand-specific and multi-brand tools
  • Most scanners come with free online updates

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners

Website: obdstar.com

Highly Recommended Product – Xtool IOBD2 Mini Scanner

The IOBD2 Mini Scanner is an OBD2 adapter that works with iOS and Android devices. Featuring Bluetooth 4.0, this device connects quickly and relays diagnostic data instantly.

It supports reading and clearing of engine codes, displaying of live data streams, freeze frame data, onboard monitoring tests, O2 sensor tests, component tests and pulling of vehicle information. Undoubtedly one of the best adapters for the price.

XTOOL iOBD2 Mini scanner reads the parameters related to the ECU

XTOOL iOBD2 Mini scanner compatible both iOS and Android system


Currently, a part of the Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, OTC started as an independent company. In its early years, the company mainly made tools for farmers and service stations.

When cars became staples in American households so did the need to repair them. And OTC was there in handy to manufacture OBD tools. To this day, the company makes diagnostic tools in addition to other aftermarket automotive tools.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Founded in the mid-1920s. That makes it an experienced and reputable OBD producer
  • Michigan-based. Scanners have a good quality of American products
  • Offers extensive warranties, promotions, and discounts
  • Has some of the sleekest scanners on the market

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD1 scanners
  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools

Website: otctools.com

Highly Recommended ProductOTC 3418 Heavy Duty Code Reader

This scanner reads and clears DTCs on light, mid and heavy-duty trucks (up to class 8). It provides access to the ECU, transmission and ABS systems. Each code comes with a brief description.

OTC 3418 HD Reader is a reader that is best suited for experienced enthusiasts and professionals.
OTC 3418 works on almost all heavy-duty vehicles and systems.


The good people at Oxgord make more products than OBD scanners. The company also manufactures auto parts, pet supplies, and gardening tools. Despite the lack of specialization, Oxgord products are unquestionable of good quality; especially OBD scanners.

Strengths of the Brand

  • It’s a fully American company
  • Manufactures affordable and practical scan tools
  • Has several other products besides scan tools. You can buy all your auto accessories under one roof
  • The company has distribution facilities across eight states, including California, Texas, New Jersey and Florida

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • OBD2 Bluetooth adapters

Website: oxgord.com

Highly Recommended Product – Oxgord MS309

Featuring a small and compact size of 2.75 x 1 x 4.25 inches, the Oxgord MS309 is an engine code reader. As such, it can read and erase trouble codes related to the engine. With it, you not only get to know why the Check Engine Light is on but also turn off the light.

Besides, the OBD2 scanner displays code definitions, live data streams and vehicle information (VIN).

Not only does the OBD II Scan Tool MS309 read & clear codes, it also retrieves the VIN
Oxgord MS309 both read & clear generic and manufacturer error codes.

PLX Devices

Founded by Paul Lowchareonkul, the PLX Devices brand boasts 16 years of experience in manufacturing automotive aftermarket devices. As far as diagnostics, this OBD producer specializes in the making of OBD2 adapters for professionals and enthusiasts.

Strengths of the Brand

  • PLX Devices is an award-winning brand
  • Products match the innovation of California’s Silicon Valley where the company is located.
  • Each PLX adapter is designed with sturdy materials
  • Buyers enjoy reliable customer support

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: plxdevices.com

Highly Recommended ProductPLX Kiwi 3

An award-winning OBD2 adapter, the Kiwi 3 is a cross-platform scanner that’s compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. You can use it with the Kiwi OBD app or a third-party app of your choice.

Depending on the app, you may read and erase engine codes, turn off the MIL, view live engine data (up to 125 parameters) and monitor fuel economy.

PLX Kiwi 3 supports cross-platform compatibility that gives you more options

PLX Kiwi 3 supports a wide variety of features 


Besides OBD scanners, SEEKONE also makes home and gardening tools. They have everything, from ear otoscopes to heat guns and everything in-between. And while they don’t specialize, they don’t compromise on quality either. That’s especially true when it comes to their OBD scanner.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Offers friendly prices on products
  • Makes OBD accessories like cables. You can buy everything under one roof
  • Free lifetime updates for each OBD scanner
  • Limited lifetime warranty and a full refund

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners

Website: seekone.com

Highly Recommended Product – SEEKONE SK860

This is the only OBD scanner made by SEEKONE. Being made with car owners in mind, the device allows users to investigate the MIL. It is capable of reading and clearing engine codes.

Additionally, the SK860 can display live data from the engine. The scanner resets powertrain monitors, checks I/M readiness and retrieves the VIN automatically.

This obd scanner can quickly read and erase DTC
SEEKONE OBD2 Scanner is a professional vehicle doctor for car owners with OBDII 16 pin connector.


Snap-On is the oldest and arguably largest OBD scanner brand. The company has been making automotive, aviation, aerospace and construction tools since 1920. It boasts over 65,000 stock keeping units (SKUs), 12,600 employees and associates & $3.7 billion in sales.

Strengths of the Brand

  • One of the most trusted OBD producers
  • American-based OBD manufacturer
  • Vast experience in the making of OBD tools
  • Strict adherence to environment and health safety measures

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD1 scanners
  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools

Website: snapon.com

Highly Recommended ProductSnap-On Solus Ultra

While not a premium-grade scanner, the Snap-On Solus Ultra packs impressive oomph in its functionality. It has a one-touch full vehicle scan feature that allows you to pull codes and clear them instantly.

The scanner supports live data, graphing of PIDs, TPMS function, SAS calibration, EVAP system tests, DPF regeneration, relearns and adaptations. It has the best balance of basic and advanced functions.


From its humble beginnings in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, SUAOKI has grown to become a global OBD scanner brand. In addition to making diagnostic tools, the company also manufactures home and gardening tools as well as a wide range of electronics.

Founded in 2015, this OBD producer is one of the few companies recording up to $100 million in sales.

Strengths of the Brand

  • It’s a budget-friendly brand, as is typical with most Chinese brands
  • Makes simple-to-use products that are ideal for the ordinary person
  • Provides 24-hour, multilingual support to all buyers of its OBD tools
  • Has only one scanner in its product line

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners

Website: suaoki.com

Highly Recommended ProductSUAOKI OM123

Currently, the OM123 is the only OBD tool from SUAOKI. An entry-level scanner, this device offers just enough to help you check the health status of your vehicle.

It can read and erase engine codes, display code definitions, turn the MIL off, stream dynamic data, display freeze frame data, check the I/M status and pull vehicle information. These are all functions that car owners need at one time or another.

Convenient as it is, the SUAOKI OM123 OBD2 code reader is far from perfect

SUAOKI OM123 is designed for OBD2-compliant vehicles.


Headquartered in Xixiang District (China), Topdon is an OBD producer that makes and supplies professional, DIY and specialty diagnostic tools. The company also makes apps that go with its wireless products. To put it simply, it’s a fully-fledged OBD manufacturer with consumer-oriented products.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Affordable scan tools
  • Makes innovative diagnostic products like the ArtiPad I
  • The product line features a wide range of scanners that are tailored for different types of users (professionals, DIYers, and exclusive specialty)
  • Has customer support centers and distribution centers around the globe, including the USA and UK.

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 Scanners
  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: topdon.com

Highly Recommended ProductTT Topdon TD309

Designed for 12V cars, the Topdon TD309 works on most domestic and foreign OBD2 vehicles. With the ability to read and clear engine codes, it can tell you why the MIL is on and how to turn it off. Additionally, the OBD2 scanner displays freeze frame data and I/M readiness monitor status.

Topdon TD309 is designed and built for any beginners who want to turn off the MIL

Thanks to the built-in DTC lookup, the code will be explained in plain English. 

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VeePeak is a brand of affordable OBD scanners that are designed for car owners and enthusiasts. As an OBD producer, VeePeak mainly focuses on making adapters, although the company has a few stand-alone scanners. Either way, with this OBD scanner brand you’re guaranteed of good quality at an affordable price.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Has adapters and stand-alone scanners
  • All products are affordable
  • Scanners are designed to cover as many vehicles as possible
  • All scanners are easy to use. They’re designed for the ordinary person

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: veepeak.com

Highly Recommended ProductVeapeak OBDCheck BLE

The Veapeak OBDCheck BLE is a Bluetooth adapter that’s compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. It doesn’t have a dedicated app. On the upside, this dongle works with virtually all third-party apps. Overall, it supports reading and clearing of engine codes, resetting the Check Engine Light, viewing

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Vgate is an OBD scanner brand that’s under the company called OBD Innovations. Based in Silicon Valley, OBD Innovations was founded in 2013.

The sole objective of the company is to make creative and user-friendly OBD tools that can be used by everyone; be they average car owners or professional mechanics.

Strengths of the Brand

  • It’s an American-based company
  • One of the best makers of OBD adapters
  • Gives extensive money-back warranties of up to a year
  • Highly rated by users of its products

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters
  • ELM327 adapters

Website: obdinnovations.com

Highly Recommended Product – Vgate Wi-Fi iCar2 for iOS and Android

This OBD2 scan tool is perfect for reading and clearing codes as well as pulling live data streams from the engine. In addition to telling you why the MIL is on, the scanner can turn off the light.


Like many other OBD manufacturers of this age, Vident is located in the Shenzhen metropolis of China. Built on the philosophies of collaboration, innovation, pioneering and excellence, the company makes both basic and enhanced OBD scanners.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Has a moderate number of scanners; each designed for a particular target demography
  • Opens doors for third-party distributors who are interested
  • Scanners come with free software updates
  • Reasonably priced products considering they offer premium diagnostic functions

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD1 scanners
  • OBD2 scanners

Website: videnttech.com

Highly Recommended Product – Vident iLink400 Auto Multi-System Scan Tool

Vident’s iLink400 is one of the few entry-level scanners that can diagnose all the major systems of a vehicle. It is capable of reading and clearing engine, ABS, SRS, transmission and EPB codes.

On top of that, this OBD2 scanner supports all 10 OBD2 modes. It can display live sensor data, graph PIDs, turn off warning lights, check the EVAP system, diagnose O2 sensors, configure the battery and so much more.

This OBD scanner allows you to control all the sensors and lights on the vehicle
Vident iLink400 supports Quick Test function to test most common vehicle systems.


The one thing that makes VXDiag a unique OBD scanner brand is its use of cloud technology. Every VXDiag scanner can log data to the cloud; which in turn means you can run diagnostics from any location. If you don’t fancy that you may still use a VXDiag in the traditional, offline method.

Strengths of the Brand

  • The company makes brand-specific OBD2 diagnostic tools
  • All VXDiag scanners support Cloud-based as well as offline diagnostics
  • Specialists in small, compact and wireless scanners
  • Fairly affordable scanners

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Highly Recommended Product – VXDiag VCX Nano GDS2

Website: vxdiag.net

The VXDiag VCX Nano GDS2 is a PC to vehicle interface that works with Windows computers. It’s compatible with OBD2-compliant cars, SUVs and light trucks.

With this OBD2 scan tool, you can read and erase codes, view freeze frame data, pull vehicle information, perform reset functions and retrieve previous diagnostic data. More impressively, the device supports cloud diagnostics as well as programming. For the latter, you would need to subscribe to VXDiag’s premium services.

With this OBD scanner, you can access to vehicle data for maintenance or management reports

VXDIAG VCX NANO Box is PC-to-vehicle interface compatible with multiple software applications

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Founded in 2010 in Shenzhen China, Xtool has grown to be a global leader in the manufacture and supply of automotive accessories. The company boasts a product line that consists of over 20 models of scanners.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Focuses on OBD2 scanners. That makes the development of products easier, and it’s evident from the high-quality scanners offered by Xtool.
  • Most, if not all, scanners come with free software updates
  • Makes premium-grade tools that are sturdy and durable
  • All Xtool scanners support the latest protocols, like UDS and CAN BUS

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • OBD2 scanners
  • Heavy duty scan tools
  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: xtooltech.com

Highly Recommended Product – Xtool X100

The X100 is a medium-range scan tool that works on domestic, European and Asian cars that are OBD2-compliant. Sold as a full package with all cables and adapters, this scanner performs basic as well as advanced diagnostics.

It can read codes, perform OBD2 diagnostics, reset oil, reset TPMS, do throttle body adaptation, reset the battery, program keys and reset IMMO. It’s undoubtedly one of the most fully-fledged tools on the market today.

X100 Support remote access, record and playback live data
The X100 is a medium-range scan tool that works on domestic, European and Asian cars that are OBD2-compliant


Xtuner is not the most popular OBD scanner brand, but it does have some premium tools in its product line. Founded in 2016, the Shenzhen-based company makes OBD scanners that use wireless connectivity.

Strengths of the Brand

  • Offers customer support using multiple platforms, such as call, email and even Skype
  • Scanners use wireless diagnostics thus allowing users to take advantage of their phones and tablets
  • Makes solid and sturdy diagnostic tools
  • Offers mid-range prices for premium tools

Types of OBD Scanners It Offers

  • Heavy duty scan tools
  • OBD2 wireless adapters

Website: xtuner.org

Highly Recommended Product – Xtuner V9.3 E3 Easydiag OBD2 Scanner

A Wi-Fi diagnostic adapter, the Xtuner V9.3 E3 works on over 78 car brands worldwide. It’s compatible with all versions of Windows from XP all through Windows 10.

In terms of functions, this device scans major systems like ECU, transmission, ABS, and airbag. It also supports service functions like throttle adaptation, SAS calibration, ECU initial startup, bleeding, oil change, EPB, TPMS, battery analysis, etc. Additionally, the scanner can perform several reset functions like oil service reset, DPF reset, and EPB reset, just to name a few.

Xtuner V9.3 E3 is Extensive vehicle coverage for more than 78 brands worldwide

Xtuner V9.3 E3 works on over 78 car brands worldwide

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