NEXPEAK NX501: I/M Readiness O2 Evap OBD2 Scanner With Mode 6 Review 

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The NEXPEAK NX501 is one of the best car scan tools ever in the market. The model reads and erases the engine and emission error codes.

The newest software UI and the optimized software algorithm make the NEXPEAK NX501 auto code reader diagnosis three times. It is faster than that of the other scanners. Also, NX501 allows for a lifetime update automatically from the PC.

Before buying this scanner, take a look at the comparison chart below to find if it’s the right choice for your vehicle.

nexpeak nx501 review
NEXPEAK OBD2 Scanner NX501 Code Reader
The NEXPEAK NX501 OBD2 Scanner is a car fault code reader designed for Engine system, featuring FULL 10 OBDII Modes diagnostic function to check all engine related trouble codes from car electronic ECU

NEXPEAK NX501 Vs. Foxwell NT301 Vs. Autel Al319 Comparison Chart

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Autel AL319
Autel AL319
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Customer Rating
PriceNEXPEAK NX501 priceFOXWELL NT301 priceAutel AL319 price
7.8" x 3.9" x 1.4"8.7" x 3.1" x 6.7"63" x 17.7" x 92.5"
Item Weight1.55lbs1.05lbs6.2oz
ProsDTCs definitions;
Helps turn off MIL;
Can perform O2 Sensor, Evap Test, I/M readiness status Test;
Can retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CIN & CVN);
Supports Mode 6.
DTCs definitions;
DTCs lookup library;
Helps turn off MIL;
Can perform O2 Sensor, Evap Test, I/M readiness status Test;
Can retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CIN & CVN);
Supports Mode 6.
DTCs definitions;
Helps turn off MIL;
Can perform I/M readiness status Test;
Can retrieve vehicle information (VIN, CIN & CVN).
ConsUpdate not compatible with MAC.Not supports Mac;
Possible compatibility problems (should check carefully before buying)
Cannot get the drivers updated with Windows 8 and older.
Bottom LineNEXPEAK NX501 suits any car owners who want to turn off the MIL and do simple tests on cars.FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 scanner is a good choice for average car owners or car DIYers.Autel Al319 is definitely designed for beginners to read and clear basic CEL codes.
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NEXPEAK NX501 Detailed Review

The main features of Nexpeak NX501
Four main features of Nexpeak NX501

NEXPEAK NX501 Car Scan Graphic Data Presentation

NX501 four-graphics data allows users to analyze the readings. You can accurately determine the fuel efficiency and emission-related errors.

The onboard monitor test focuses on the specific engine components. It is possible to check the emission status anytime and place.

Precise data presentation is the greatest strength for this feature.

The user can identify the health status of the engine and the battery. The graphics data presentation allows for the comparison variance within the engine.

NEXPEAK NX501, therefore, captures the state of the engine and streams the data on the screen information of a graph or numerals. The tool allows you to navigate through your engine and get a helpful response.

However, the feature has a weakness. It will not be active on people who cannot interpret graphs. The fault extends when you fail to take the necessary measures.

NX501 Exclusive UI Design Interface

UI design interface is the most critical feature of the NEXPEAK NX501 scanner.

It makes it possible for you to read the graphic representation. It features a 2.8″ easy-to-read screen.

The NEXPEAK NX501 has an extra-long cable, which makes the engine diagnosis flexible. The support languages are diverse, and this suggests that NEXPEAK NX501 is an international brand.

Furthermore, it is complemented by the soft silicone anti-shock and slip material. It is convenient and safe to operate the OBDII scanner.

You will be able to quickly fix the auto diagnostic tool into the OBDII port of your car and turn on the ignition. The scan tool then displays the engine troubles, and you will fix the issue.

The strength of the Exclusive UI design interface lies in its ability to give a bright outlook on the numeric and graphic presentation. The screen and the extra-long cable allow you to navigate through the engine.

You can set the interface language you understand better for natural interpretation of the display. It captures the voltage of your battery.

Language is a significant weakness that concerns the unit UI design. It may be a challenge if the user does not have a second language among those that the scanner supports.

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NEXPEAK NX501 UI Software

The newest UI software makes the car scanner stand out. The UI optimizes with the software algorithm.

The feature boosts the diagnostic ability of NEXPEAK NX501 thrice than the competing car scanners. With the new software, you can read and delete the engine codes.

The software makes it easy for you as a beginner to show the engine code definitions.

Precise caption displays the strength. The software serves both the experts and the new users. Were it not for the UI software, the new users may not be able to operate the unit.

The unit offers the code definitions for natural interpretation of the display.

The feature poses a weakness on the users with different varieties from those supported by the unit. It works best with the gas and engine vehicles. Its compatibility gains a boost from the universal scan tool.

NEXPEAK NX501 Lifetime Updates and Data Printing

NEXPEAK appreciates the changing needs of car owners. The car scanner could not be a worthy investment if it is not up-to-date.

NX501 supports the software updates automatically on your PC.

All you need is a sturdy internet connection. Search for the recent update from the manufacturer’s website.

Download the programs and install them on your PC. Press on the car scan tool and connect it to the PC to update the software.

The feature contributes to its strength as you can print out different status so that you will be able to refer in the future. The device allows you to keep track of the condition of the engine since the time of purchase.

Failure to support the MAC system is a significant weakness of the unit.

It may not be useful if you do not have a reliable internet connection. The data printing requires additional devices, which may turn out to be expensive.


  • It supports the battery monitoring and displays the voltage.
  • It is a mechanic by virtue as it reveals the defects of the engine.
  • You can update and print out the findings.
  • It is convenient to use and carry because of the portable case.
  • NX501 is an easy-to-use tool.
  • It guarantees perfect readings as it is easy to connect and diagnose.
  • It saves time as it allows you to read the data precisely.


  • The lifetime update is not compatible with the MAC system.
  • The device does not support ABS, SRS, Oil reset, and the service reset.
  • The manual may mislead the beginners since it not clear.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking for a quality car scanner tool at a damn good price?

NEXPEAK NX501 is the way to go. The unit will allow you to navigate through your car engine and identify the problem. The functions of the NEXPEAK NX501 outweigh the price.

If you own a good car, you should make a point of purchasing this car scan tool as it will help you identify the engine challenges in good time.

NEXPEAK NX501 is a must-have tool for car owners. You can check the engine light and assess the battery health status.

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