LAUNCH CR-HD Plus Review: Cheapest Full-system Scanner for Heavy-duty Trucks

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Discover a heavy-duty truck scanner that won’t hurt your wallet – the LAUNCH Creader HD Plus. 

At under $200, this scanner offers various functionalities, from basic to advanced troubleshooting. 

It’s also easy to operate, making it suitable for beginners. 

Follow me as we explore the details and decide if this scanner is worth your investment.

Quick Review


LAUNCH Creader HD Plus


Price: $198.00

Scanner type: Full-system scan tool

Made for: Heavy-duty truck owners

Vehicle covered: Heavy-duty trucks

Connection type: Corded

Buy this product if you want to:

  • Perform full-system diagnostics
  • Prepare for smog check


  • Full system diagnosis
  • One of the cheapest on the market
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 3-year warranty


  • Small touchscreen
  • No storage case

Vehicle Coverage

When it comes to heavy-duty diesel trucks, the LAUNCH CR-HD scanner has you covered. 

This scanner is compatible with almost all 24V diesel trucks, including various protocols like SAE J1587, J1708, and J1939. 

Launch Creader HD Plus Vehicle Coverage

The package includes 6-pin and 9-pin adapters, allowing for compatibility with truck brands from multiple countries, such as the USA, Germany, and Sweden. 

Note: Compatibility might vary on different cars.

So, before investing in this tool, ensure you confirm its compatibility with your vehicle. To confirm vehicle compatibility, send a mail to [email protected].

Hardware & Design

1. Portable but efficient

LAUNCH CR-HD is a tiny scanner, measuring only 4.7x3x1 inches.

While some people find its portability convenient, I see it as a disadvantage.


The scanner’s small size could cause it to become lost or misplaced inside the truck.

Nevertheless, despite its small size, this scanner performs better than some larger ones.

2. Small screen

Due to its small size, the LAUNCH CRHD has a 2.8-inch screen which is also… well… small. This made it a bit difficult for me to read the results when I’m out under the sunlight.

I wish the screen were larger.

3. Responsive & easy to use

The LAUNCH Creader has 6 basic navigational keys that make it easy to operate. It also includes a user manual that serves as a guide for first-time users.

Now, truth be told, it’s not the fastest scanner out there. But, good luck finding a scanner that’s faster, yet cheaper.

It powers on and recognizes vehicles quickly. So you can scan and clear error codes within minutes.


The LAUNCH CR-HD Plus is high-performing and it’s sure to save you money and time you’d have spent visiting an auto repair shop.

Here are a few things I learned from my period of using the LAUNCH Creader HD Plus:

1. It can read and clear codes on all systems

Launch Creader HD Plus full system diagnosis

Using this scanner, I diagnosed why my check engine light was on. It gave a detailed report of the cause of the problem. And it also helped me reset the warning light.

By the way, the tool also has a code library. So if you’re a newbie DIYer, you don’t have to consult with Google before determining what a code means.

2. It’s great for beginners

The Creader HD Plus box includes a user manual that instructs beginners on how to use the tool effectively.

The most interesting part for me was that I never needed to specify what vehicle I was using it on. The tool automatically reads the vehicle model and can provide the VIN in seconds.

3. It also help you perform repairs and maintenance like a pro

LAUNCH CR-HD keeps you informed on everything with your vehicle and cuts your expenses on inspection fees.

It can check all your truck’s systems, read and explain any error codes, reset them, and even suggest solutions for some issues.

For example: It helped me discover fault codes on my Cummins ISX15 and reminded me that I needed to do some routine maintenance.

It’s pretty amazing how it works!

So …

If you’re even slightly handy, you’ll be able to fix most car issues yourself, and your mechanic might even miss you!

4. Show live data graphing 

Launch Creader HD Plus Live Data Function

This scanner costs under $200, but it comes with a feature usually found on more expensive scanners: live data and multiple PID graphing.

And that’s not all! The LAUNCH CR-HD Plus also does O2 sensor and EVAP special tests.

Price, Warranty & Update Fee

Launch CR-HD Plus features

At $179 only, the LAUNCH Creader HD Plus is one of the most affordable heavy-duty scanners in the market. And it packs a lot of value for that price. 

This scan tool includes a 3-year warranty and lifetime free updates. The seller also offers a 90-day free return or replacement.

You’re unlikely to find a better heavy-duty scanner at this price.

Key Takeaway

The LAUNCH CR-HD Plus Scanner is not the best scanner money can buy. But it’s a cost-effective option, and it gets the job done. 

The device is fast, accurate, portable, and easy-to-use.

My biggest issue with the scanner was its small screen— I often had to strain my eyes to see the text on the screen. 

So if you don’t mind a little eye strain to save some bucks, then this tool is worth it.


LAUNCH Creader HD Plus


Launch Creader HD Plus ’s Alternatives

#1: Nexus NL102 Plus: Affordable scanner for DPF Regen

Launch CR-HD Plus vs. NEXAS NL102 Plus

If you need something a little bit more, then this is it. 

The Nexus NL102 Plus would give you a bit more than the LAUNCH Creader HD Plus for a $50 increase in price. This tool can help with DPF regeneration and reawaken the power of your engine. 

The NL102P can also reset oil light, calibrate sensor and monitor battery condition. For the $50 increase, this tool can read your truck suspension module.

NEXAS NL102 Plus

Nexas NL102 Plus


Now that you’ve read this far, what do you think?

Is the LAUNCH CR-HD Plus Scanner worth your money?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and feel free to ask any questions you may have about this product.

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