Launch Creader 6001: Oxygen sensor testing scan tool review

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Should you go to a mechanic every time a light on your car’s dashboard turns on?

Well, nowadays, it isn’t necessary. You can easily use the Launch Creader 6001 to scan for errors and perform maintenance checks on your vehicle.

This OBD II scanner has a simple design that makes reading and clearing trouble codes fast and easy.

It can also provide you with reliable information about your vehicle and grant you access to more enhanced features.

Here is a brief review of yet another useful scan tool and oxygen sensor made by Launch.

Launch Creader 6001 vs. Creader 4001 vs. Autel AL519 comparison chart

Launch Creader 6001
Launch Creader 6001
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Launch Creader 4001
Launch Creader 4001
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Autel AL519
Autel AL519
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Customer Rating
PriceLaunch Creader 6001 priceLaunch Creader 4001 priceautel al519 price
Product Dimensions11.7" x 11.7" x 1.7"4.7" x 0.8" x 3"7.8" x 4.1" x 1.5"
Item Weight11.2oz7oz2.05oz
ProsAn affordable OBS2 scan tool that adequately performs all the advertised functions;
Free Internet updates;
Can work on 12V diesel engine cars;
Live data.
Can read and clear DTCs;
Performs I/M Readiness Test;
Shows live data stream;
Can turn off (MIL).
Supports full OBDII Diagnosis;
Includes DTC Lookup library;
Performs I/M readiness Test;
Internet updates;
Can perform mode 6 test.
ConsNo Battery;
No wireless connection.
Almost none (at this price range).Compatibility problems (check carefully before buying)
Bottom LineLaunch Creader 6001 is for small-scale users like beginners, DIYers, and car enthusiasts who have a key interest in the workings of a motor vehicle’s computer.Launch Creader 4001 is built for car owners who want to turn off CEL and perform some simple test on their cars.Autel Al519 is perfect for DIYers and average car owners.

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Here's where you can get an in-depth review of the Launch Creader 6001
If you’re looking for an in-depth review of the Launch Creader 6001, this is the right place

Detailed review of Launch Creader 6001

Creader 6001
Launch CR6001 Creader 6001 OBD2 Scanner Car Code Reader Scan Tool
The hand-held  obd2 scanner supports protocols iso9141, 2, iso14230, 4, saej1850, iso15765, 4, works on most 1996 us, based, 2001 EU…


The Launch Creader 6001 is compatible with all vehicles made in the United States since 1996. It also functions on European and Asian cars with OBD II protocol and is built from 2001 to date.

Moreover, this scan tool supports ISO 9141-2, ISO 14230-4, SAE J1850, and ISO 15765-4 protocols.


This code reader’s display consists of:

  • A TFT- type, 2.8-inch LCD screen.
  • A colorful and graphics display.
  • A reliable backlight that enhances good visibility in low lit areas.


It has a built-in DTC look-up that enhances quick problem identification.

The Launch Creader 6001 has quick and responsive OBD-II PIDs (onboard diagnostics Parameter IDs) used to request data from a vehicle.

The gadget has onboard diagnostic hardware and software to work on all OBD II compliant vehicles.

Features and functionality

OBD II parameters and functions

Launch Creader 6001 is for small-scale users like beginners, DIYers, and car enthusiasts who have interest in a motor vehicle's computer's workings.
The Launch Creader 6001 has all the necessary OBD II functions (Mode 1 to Mode 9).

The Launch Creader 6001 has all the necessary OBD II functions (Mode 1 to Mode 9)

  • It performs tests, checks on the vehicle’s oxygen sensors and EVAP system.
  • It provides I/M readiness tests, enabling one to prepare for and quickly pass a vehicle emission test.
  • It also queries and displays freeze frame data and displays real-time engine data.

DTC look-up

The diagnostic trouble code look-up function helps you get the correct explanation of each code read from the vehicle. This function aids in providing fixes for the trouble codes.

The type of codes this scanner can read and clear include current codes, pending codes, and permanent codes. Most importantly, it can read generic and manufacturer specific codes.

Supported languages

-The Launch Creader 6001 supports English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese.


This gadget has four major hotkeys. They include:

  • ER key – This key is for erasing or clearing trouble codes.
  • DTC key – This hotkey is for reading trouble codes.
  • I/M key – It checks the vehicle’s emission status and determines whether it is ready for an emission test.
  • Help key – It shows you the diagnostic trouble code (DTC) definition, the part that has malfunctioned, and helps you with the repair procedure.

Below the hotkeys are four navigation keys, a back key, and an OK key. These keys allow for quick access to their respective functions.


You’ll get a data-link cable used to connect the Creader 6001 to the car’s OBD II port.

It also has a USB port and cable used to get updates from the internet when connected to a personal computer.


The Launch Creader 6001 is for small-scale users like beginners, DIYers, and car enthusiasts who have interest in a motor vehicle’s computer’s workings.

If you’re a professional mechanic who requires a diagnostic scan tool on a daily basis, this particular one isn’t for you. A professional auto-technician needs a scanner with a more extensive fix code database (up to 26 million fix codes) and more system functions.

This scanner is also perfect for average car owners who regularly use their vehicles and require routine maintenance checks.

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The bottom line

If it’s your first time using a scan tool, you don’t have to worry. The Launch Creader 6001 is fun, comfortable, and easy to use. It has every feature required from a standard OBD II scanner. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its blazing scan-speed.

All in all, the Launch Creader 6001 allows one to fully understand and effectively troubleshoot a vehicle’s computer.

This device is simply one of the most affordable and best-performing scanners on the market. It can always be relied on for quality work.

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