KONNWEI KW818: OBDII car diagnostic tool review

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If your car is OBD/EOBD compliant, then KONNWEI KW818 Scanner is a must-have diagnostic tool.

But before buying it, you must study the comparison chart below.

KONNWEI KW818 vs. ANCEL AD410 vs. Autel AL519

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Autel AL519
Autel AL519
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Customer Rating
PriceANCEL AD410 priceKONNWEI KW818 priceAutel AL519 price
Product Dimensions9" x 6.3" x 1.6"10.1" x 7.4" x 2.5"7.8" x 4.1" x 1.5"
Item Weight12oz1.63lbs2.05lbs
ProsReading freeze frame data; DTC lookup; Retrieving VIN; Support all OBD2 FunctionsCan clear CEL from a wide range of vehicles;
Supports over-voltage protection;
Supports data playbacks; live data stream;
Lifetime update;
Printable diagnostic reports.
Supports full OBDII Diagnosis;
Includes DTC Lookup library;
Performs I/M readiness Test;
Internet updates;
Can perform mode 6 test.
ConsLimited Code Information.Possibility of Compatibility issues.Customer support issues;
Compatibility problems (check carefully before buying)
Bottom LineANCEL AD410 OBD2 Scan Tool is a great choice for beginners or average car owners.KONNWEI KW818 pro suits any average car owners.Autel Al519 is perfect for DIYers and average car owners.

Who is it for?

Average car owners find KONNWEI KW818 extremely helpful.

This is because it is fundamentally built for car owners who want to perform basic diagnostic functions.

It has buttons that can help you perform a scan with ease and quickly clear codes.

Here's where you can get an in-depth review of the KONNWEI KW818
If you’re looking for an in-depth review of the KONNWEI KW818, this is the right place

KONNWEI KW818 overview

Have you ever wondered why a loose gas cap can cause the Check Engine Light to pop up? If you do not have a diagnostic tool, it means that you will be making numerous trips to the mechanic. At the same time, you will spend a fortune on minor repairs that you can fix equally.

Luckily KONNWEI KW818 scanner can help you identify and fix these problems.

Want to find out the diagnostic capabilities of KONNWEI KW818? Then read this comprehensive review featuring strengths and weaknesses based on user experience.

Detailed review of KONNWEI KW818

KW818 review
KONNWEI OBD2 KW818 Scanner Code Reader Car Diagnostic Tool Auto Universal for Check Engine Automotive Vehicle Breakdown System
Supports over-voltage protection, real-time battery monitoring (check battery status before driving or diagnostics).

Features and functionality

KONNWEI KW818 scan tool has some features that allow you to perform some specific functions. These functions include:

Perform I/M readiness test


KONNWEI KW818 scanner has special I/M readiness features that can help you establish your car’s readiness status. The diagnostic scanner has three highly effective I/M readiness status LED indicators.

  • The first I/M LED indicator is the Green LED indicator. When you run an emission diagnostic test using KONNWEI KW818, and you end up with the Green LED, what does this mean? It means that your car will pass the emission test as it is in good condition.
  • However, if KONNWEI KW818 displays a yellow LED, then it means that there are some emissions issues to be fixed. Besides, it would be best if you cleared emission DTC.
  • The last indicator is the Red LED indicator. If you end up with a Red LED after checking for I/M readiness status, it means that your car has some serious emission problems. Unless you fix these issues, your vehicle will not pass the emission test.


It does not retrieve the specific diagnostic trouble codes of I/M readiness tests but gives general emission status.

Over-voltage protection


Over-voltage protection is another essential function that KONNWEI KW818 is designed to perform. Before driving or performing any diagnostic functions, it’s often recommended to check your battery status and other functions.

KONNWEI KW818 is often recommended to check your battery status and other functions.

With KONNWEI KW818 diagnostic tool, you will be able to establish your battery in under a minute.

Why do you need to perform over-voltage protection? Well, driving or performing diagnostic functions with excess voltage can damage your car’s electronic components. 

Over-voltage can degrade the components of your car or cause circuit malfunctions, or even cause a fire. The comforting thing about KONNWEI KW818 is that it can help you avert all these problems by checking your battery’s status.

Simply put, KONNWEI KW818 scan tool plays an important safety role in protecting your vehicle.


It can only diagnose 12 Volt petrol cars. It does not support diesel 24-volt vehicles, trucks, as well as electric vehicles.

Perform oxygen sensor tests

When malfunction indicator light comes on, it usually points to many issues. One of these issues includes a faulty oxygen sensor.

  • Typically, when the oxygen sensor detects elevated oxygen levels within the exhaust system, it sends a signal to the onboard computer.
  • A diagnostic trouble code is stored on the onboard computer, and you can retrieve the code using KONNWEI KW818 diagnostic tool. The DTC will point out if there is a problem with the fuel system or if the oxygen sensor itself is faulty.

If you are a car enthusiast, you can fix the problem or take it to a mechanic if the problem is serious.

After fixing the problem, you can use KONNWEI KW818 to clear the malfunction indicator light.


KONNWEI KW818 scanner is compatible with OBD2 and CAN vehicles manufactured after 1996.

Besides, the vehicles should be 12 V petrol vehicles that include SUVs and passenger cars.

These vehicles can either be domestic or imported.

However, KONNWEI KW818 does not support 24 V diesel trucks and heavy vehicles.

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The bottom line

Diagnosing your car using KONNWEI KW818 has many benefits.

  • You will reduce the trips to the mechanic shop as well as save money.
  • It has comprehensive coverage and updatable software making it possible for you to scan future makes and models.
  • It is also easy to use with an excellent user interface.

KONNWEI KW818 scanner is a diagnostic tool recommended for all average car owners.

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