KOBRA ELM327 wireless OBD2 car code reader review

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How many times have you visited a local car repair shop to diagnose what’s malfunctioning in your vehicle?

Well, please stop wasting your time and money.

You can now accurately diagnose all types of car problems with this excellent tool. That is KOBRA ELM327 Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader.

Leveraging the latest technology, this vehicle code reader lets you diagnose more than 3,000 code definitions. Its vast database includes both manufacturer-specific and generic trouble codes. The best part is — this top-notch scan tool is extremely easy to use.

It’s cheap and affordable. It offers a plentiful of features and functionalities that will make your car diagnosis process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

KOBRA ELM327 vs. Foseal vs. VEEPEAK comparison chart

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Check Price
Veepeak OBDCheck BLE
Veepeak OBDCheck BLE
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Customer Rating
PriceKOBRA ELM327 priceFoseal priceVeepeak OBDCheck BLE price
Product Dimensions3" x 2" x 1.2"3.5" x 2" x 1"1.6" x 2" x 0.9"
Item Weight0.80z1.6oz2.4oz
ProsEasy to use;
More than 3,000 DTCs;
empowers you to diagnose all car problems;
For Android, iOS, and Windows devices;
Compatible with several apps for ODB2 vehicles;
Reasonably priced.
Supports Windows, Android, iOS and other apps;
Quick and easy connection ensuring fast transfer of data from the sensor.
Compatible with both Android and iOs devices.
An advantage for multiple car owners.
ConsCompatibility problems on some models;
Wifi Connectivity Issues at time.
Wifi, not Bluetooth;
Possible connection issues.
May automatically lost connections after 2-3 minutes.
Has certain compatibility issues with few cars.
Bottom LineWhether you are a car owner, a beginner, or a car enthusiast, KOBRA ELM327 will be an excellent accessory for you.Foseal Wifi Car scanner is great for beginners to turn off CEL and do simple diagnosis.VEEPEAK OCDCheck BLE is highly recommended to the beginners and DIYers with cars and/or light trucks.
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Detailed review of KOBRA ELM327

Kobra elm327 review
KOBRA ELM327 Wireless OBD2 Car Code Reader
Whether you are a car owner, a beginner, or a car enthusiast, KOBRA ELM327 will be an excellent accessory for you.


As mentioned earlier, this is a WiFi car code reader that needs to be connected to a compatible device. The most exciting feature of this product is its versatile compatibility.

You can easily connect this device to all Android, iOS, and Windows gadgets. All you’ll need is to establish a WiFi connection between this vehicle scan tool and your gadget. Next, you are ready to diagnose all car-specific problems like a Pro.

Also note, this scan tool is compatible with all OBD2 vehicles. KOBRA ELM327 Wireless Vehicle Code Reader perfectly works fine with cars and small trucks (designed in the US) manufactured in 1996 or later.


This WiFi car code reader converts your simple smartphone/tablet into a robust vehicle diagnostic tool. It would be best if you used the display of your gadgets (smartphones or tablets) to scan and examine the trouble codes.


This advanced car scan tool will automatically detect the WiFi connection to your smartphone or tablet. Once you establish the connection between these two devices, you can now easily monitor your car, its performance, and problems (if any). Note, ELM327 powers the model, which is an efficient and advanced programmed microcontroller.

Features and functionality

1. Comprehensive database

This advanced car scan tool features a comprehensive and vast database with more than 3,000 code definitions.

Therefore, whenever your car is malfunctioning and it’s not working as expected, connect this scan tool with your portable mobile gadget.

Next, with the help of KOBRA ELM327, you can diagnose the trouble codes and take adequate actions (if any).

2. Great compatibility

WiFi car scan tools are readily available nowadays. But, the major problem is — they are either compatible with the Android platform or iOS gadgets. On the contrary, this car scan tool is compatible with all Android, Windows, and Apple smartphones/tablets.

3. Car compatibility

If you own an ODB2 car, then this scan tool will be quite apt for you. Using this tool, you can quickly diagnose your vehicle and inspect its trouble codes.

As mentioned in the previous section, it’s compatible with all vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later.

4. Easy to use

This car scan tool is very easy to use. The best part is that you do not need to have any prior experience or expertise to use this car code reader.

5. Compatibility with other apps

Please note, this car scan tool is compatible with various popular vehicle scanner apps, such as OBD Auto Doctor, DashCommand, Torque Pro, and OBD Fusion.

Combining KOBRA ELM327 and one of the apps mentioned above, you can scan your car and its performance with great accuracy.

6. Warranty options

This model comes with a “money back guarantee” for one year. If this automotive diagnostic scanner doesn’t meet your expectations, then you can easily claim your purchase amount back (within one year).

Apart from that, the manufacturer even offers you prompt and helpful customer service assistance.


Whether you are a car owner, a beginner, or a car enthusiast, KOBRA ELM327 will be an excellent accessory for you. It’s cheap and affordable. Additionally, it offers many features and functionalities. So this tool will make your car diagnosis process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Therefore, if your car suddenly stops operating or it’s malfunctioning, do not visit a car repair shop anymore. Instead, you can easily save your hard-earned money by using this auto scan tool.

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The bottom line

You have already revealed that KOBRA ELM327 wireless car code reader is superior to its two rival products in the comparison section. KOBRA ELM327 is one of the best products in its category in terms of functionality, usability, and compatibility.

Moreover, the product is extremely reasonable and reliable too. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase this fantastic wireless car code reader and diagnose your vehicle on your own.

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A full demo video of KOBRA ELM327 Code Reader

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