JETHAX V311 vs. JETHAX-001 vs. Foxwell NT301: Is JETHAX worthy?

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An OBD2 scanner is a helpful piece of equipment for any home mechanic. The Jethax V311 OBD2 Scanner, Jethax-001 OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter, and Foxwell NT301 can read and clear any diagnostic trouble code from an OBD2-compatible vehicle.

So what’s the difference between these OBDII scan tools—and which one is right for you? Let’s look at their functions and features side by side to answer that question.

Let’s first see how they compare with each other.

Jethax V311 vs. Jethax-001 vs. Foxwell NT301

Editor's PickBest affordablePerfect for Professionals
Jethax V311
Jethax V311
Check Price
Check Price
Foxwell NT301
Foxwell NT301
Check Price
Customer Rating
PriceLAUNCH CR319 priceKungfuren priceFoxwell NT301 price
Product Dimensions8.9" x 4.4" x 2.4"4" x 2.5" x 1"8.7" x 3.1" x 6.7"
Item Weight12.8oz1.6oz1.05lbs
Read & Clear Codes
I/M Readiness--
Freeze Frame Data--
O2 sensor Test--
DTC LookupDepends on app
Live Data Stream
Vehicle InformationDepends on app
Support CAN
Software/Adapter CompatibilityWindows 7, 8, 10Windows, iOS, AndroidWindows 7, 8, 10
Vehicle CompatibilityAll gas-powered vehicles made after 1996 (no diesel).All vehicles made 1996 and later.Most vehicles made 1996 and later; some vehicles from 1994/1995.
ProsBacklit color screen is easy to read.
Provides most robust diagnostics One-touch I/M readiness and code lookup.
Easy and accurate code reading capability.
Displays live data stream and freeze frame data.
Compact and portable design.
Most affordable.
Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
Easy to connect and use.
Low power drain so you can leave it plugged in.
Works with a variety of diagnostic apps.
Wide vehicle compatibility.
Easily read and clear codes.
One-button I/M readiness test.
Lightweight and compact.
Wide vehicle compatibility.
Some OBD1 support for cars made in 1994 and 1995.
Can save and print diagnostic reports.
ConsNot compatible with diesel engines.
Cord is too short for comfortable diagnostics in some vehicles.
Can’t perform EVAP system tests.
Some apps require purchase.
Higher price.
.Requires Windows system for updates and printing.
Here's where you can get the complete comparison between the JETHAX V311, the JETHAX-001, and the Foxwell NT301
This article will give you the full comparison between the JETHAX V311, the JETHAX-001, and the Foxwell NT301

What do they have in common?

All three of these devices are affordable OBD2 scan tools. They’re designed primarily for home mechanics who want to know what’s causing their check engine light to come on. While you won’t get in-depth diagnostics available on professional scanners, they do their job well at great value.

Another thing these three devices have in common is their broad vehicle compatibility. While each has its unique advantages in this regard (we’ll go into that later), none of them are manufacturer-specific. For the price point, the broad compatibility is impressive.

Key differences between Jethax V311, Jethax-001, and Foxwell NT301

1. Design and specifications

The Foxwell NT301 is a compact handheld scan tool. Its 2.8″ color screen is easy to read, and the navigation interface is simple. Useful functions like a one-button I/M readiness test make it very easy to use.

Foxwell NT301
Foxwell NT301
It’s compatible with most vehicle and is an acceptable portable code reader for a professional on the road.

The Jethax V311 is similar in design to the Foxwell NT301. Like the Foxwell, the Jethax V311 is compact with a 2.8″ color screen. Its interface is even simpler, featuring a 4-button navigation and one-touch buttons for I/M readiness and DTC look-up.

Jethax V311
Jethax V311
It’s designed for home mechanics like the others but worth the extra money if you’re buying an OBDII scanner to test your vehicle’s emissions.

The Jethax-001 is the most unique of the three. This Bluetooth-enabled adapter plugs into your OBD2 port and communicates with any iOS or Android device. You can then download any OBD2 app, such as Fusion or DashCommand. It’s a convenient and affordable way to diagnose any vehicle.

It’s the best choice for home mechanics on a budget.

2. Basic features and functions

For reading and clearing codes, both the Jethax V311 and the Foxwell NT301 are excellent options. You can read all OBD2 trouble codes with a code definition function so you can make repairs and turn off your check engine light.

Both the Jethax V311 and the Foxwell NT301 also support useful OBD2 functions like oxygen sensor tests, I/M readiness tests, and reading live data.

You can read and clear codes with the Jethax-001, as well. While it won’t perform emission system tests, it does give you real-time live data monitoring.

3. Extra features and functions

For functionality, we prefer the options on the Jethax V311. It goes beyond the basics with functions like engine coolant temperature monitoring and Mode 6 diagnostics, which the other scanners on this list don’t offer.

The functions of the Foxwell NT301 are limited to OBD2-compatible diagnostics, including support for 11 monitors, like the EGR system, fuel system, and other necessary components. You can also save and print data using a Windows PC.

With the Jethax-001, which functions you get depends on which app you download. Many compatible apps offer DTC look-up, data printing, and other helpful features. Make sure you do your research when choosing your app if you’re looking for these particular functions.




4. Supported protocols

For the widest protocol support, you want the Jethax-001. It supports nine different protocols, including both 11 bit and 29 bit CAN IDs. The Foxwell NT301 and Jethax V311 support the most widely-used OBD2 protocols, including J1859, J1850, and select CAN protocols.

5. Supported vehicle makes

You can view the Jethax-001 as a universal code reader. It will read and clear codes in any vehicle compliant with OBD2, including all cars and trucks made after 1996.

The support of the Foxwell NT301 and Jethax V311 are each limited in their own way. The Foxwell NT301 supports most cars, trucks, and SUVs made from 1996 onward, including most diesel trucks. You can even use it with some OBD1 vehicles made in 1994 and 1995, provided you purchase an adapter.

With the Jethax V311, you can scan any gas-powered vehicle that supports OBD2 protocols, which is any made after 1996. However, it is not compatible with diesel-powered engines.

Jethax V311

Jethax V311


6. Software and updates

Updating the Foxwell NT301 is easy, and the instructions for how to do it are clearly outlined in the user manual. Similarly, updating the Jethax V311 is as easy as downloading the software and plugging your scanner into your computer’s USB port.

Keep in mind you will need a Windows PC to update both the Foxwell NT301 and the Jethax V311. Both devices only communicate with devices using Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Users of the Jethax-001 get free lifetime software updates. The Bluetooth connectivity guarantees you’ll get fixes and new features as soon as they’re available.

Who is each one made for?

All three of these scan tools are designed for home mechanics. The Jethax-001 is the best choice for home mechanics on a budget. Paired with a free app, it gives you code-reading ability for a very reasonable price.

The added features on the Jethax V311 and Foxwell NT301 are worth the extra money if you’re buying an OBDII scanner to test your vehicle’s emissions. They can perform I/M readiness, O2 sensor tests and provide freeze frame data for a more accurate diagnosis.

None of these car diagnostic tools would be sufficient as a professional’s main scanner. Having said that, the portability and fast diagnosis from the Foxwell NT301 make it an acceptable portable code reader for a professional on the road. Since it’s compatible with most vehicles, you can take it to diagnose vehicles on-site before taking them back to the garage for further investigation.

Foxwell NT301

Foxwell NT301


Jethax V311

Jethax V311






Can the Jethax V311, Jethax-001, or Foxwell NT301 read transmission, airbag, and ABS codes?

Not all of them. Some problems with these systems trigger trouble codes through the ECU as part of the OBD2 protocol, and those codes are readable by these scanners. System-specific codes related to the transmission, SRS, or ABS systems require a more sophisticated code reader.

How can I tell if my vehicle is compatible with OBDII diagnostics?

Any car made after 1996 is required to support OBDII functions. The easiest way to tell, though, is to locate your vehicle’s OBD2 port, which will be a trapezoidal port with 16 pins. It’s often located around the steering column or underneath the dash on the driver’s side of the vehicle. 

How do I use the Jethax V311 and Foxwell NT301?

Using a handheld scanner like the Foxwell NT301 or Jethax V311 is very simple:

  1. Plug the OBDII connector into your vehicle’s OBDII port.
  2. Turn the ignition on, but don’t start the engine. You’ll know your key is in the right position because electronic systems activate (such as the lights and radio).
  3. The code reader should turn on automatically when your vehicle turns on. If the screen doesn’t illuminate, verify that the cable is connected firmly and that the key is in the right position.

From there, you can choose to read codes or perform emission system tests by navigating to the correct menu using the buttons on the device. 

How do I use the Jethax-001?

Since you need to pair your device with the Jethax-001 adapter, the steps for getting started are a bit different than with most handheld code readers. 

  1. Plug the Jethax-001 adapter into the OBDII port on your vehicle.
  2. Download your app of choice, then scan the QR code on the Jethax box using your phone or tablet.
  3. Enable Bluetooth on your device. If it’s asking for a pairing code, enter 1234.
  4. Start the vehicle and proceed with the diagnostics through the app on your phone.

What is the best app to use with the Jethax-001?

That depends on your vehicle and what kind of device you use. Some diagnostic apps are only available for certain operating systems. Jethax recommends using ScanMaster-ELM or PCMSCAN for Windows. On iOS, Auto Doctor, Car Scanner, and OBD Fusion are great choices. Android devices can also use Auto Doctor and Car Scanner, though Torque and DashCommand are other popular programs. Some manufacturers also have their own proprietary diagnostic software. These often offer vehicle-specific repair advice and code definitions you won’t find on generic software. Some examples are the FORScan app (for Fords) and BimmerCode (for BMWs and Minis).

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