Innova 3150f: OBD2 Bluetooth ABS/SRS scan tool review

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The Innova 3150f OBD II Scanner is designed to work on a plethora of cars. Not only does it scan American vehicles, but also imports, hybrids, and larger vehicles like trucks.

Innova 3150f was made to scan error codes on vehicles, determine their cause and erase them.

Innova 3150f vs. Innova 3100j vs. Innova 3160g comparison chart

Innova 3150f
Innova 3150f
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Innova 3140g
Innova 3140g
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PriceInnova 3150f priceinnova 3100j priceinnova 3140g price
Product Dimensions10.2" x 8.2" x 1.5"10" x 8" x 1.5"10" x 7.2" x 3.8"
Item Weight1.45lbs1.2lbs4.08lbs
Reset Engine Light
Freeze Frame
Emissions Readiness
Engine, ABS/SRS Diagnosis
Charging System Test
Service Light Reset
Live Data
Oil Light Reset--
EVAP Codes--
Battery Reset----
EU ABS, SRS Diagnosis----
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Detailed review of Innova 3150f

innova 3150f review
Innova 3150f OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool with ABS & SRS
Innova 3150f can diagnose your vehicle and determine the parts that require attention. This will help the owner and even the mechanic decide the best action to be taken in the circumstances.


The Innova 3150f is compatible with a wide array of vehicles. These vehicles include both domestic vehicles and imported vehicles. The device is generally made to work with all types of vehicles that are OBD II enabled.

Innova 3150f recently launched a mobile application. The app is available for both Android and iOS. This app has a one-year free trial that gives you unfettered access to all the services offered by Innova 3150f.

From there, you can then make a purchase if the services of the company satisfy you. However, no version of this app has been launched yet for Windows mobile.

The Innova 3150f is compatible with all OBD II protocols.


Innova technology’s software is quite easy to use. It is also quite easy to code and reset, thus rendering it user-friendly.

Innova regularly sends updates to the software, thus keeping the customer updated with the latest technology. These updates are easy to download in the mobile Apps store of your device.


Vehicle diagnostics

The scanner can scan a large variety of vehicle errors and warning lights and take action to correct them. One such warning light is the ABS warning light. The tool can read the code via the car’s ECU and clear the code, thus eliminating the ABS warning light.

You can also reset the battery lights. Additionally, you can set the battery light schedule to light up when you need to service the battery.

Also, you have the option of resetting the oil light, which will help you clear the oil warning light. It can also help you reset this function.


FixAssist is a feature developed by the company. The purpose of FixAssist is to help the owner of the car clear codes.

Innova 3150f is an OBD II scanning device. An OBD II scanning device’s purpose is to assess and clear error codes, which is why the FixAssist was initiated.

FixAssist primarily helps you get tips on how to clear any error codes from your car easily. In addition, it performs a quick diagnosis of the car to inform the owner of the car’s status.

The Fix Assist also troubleshoots, thus maintaining your car at optimal health.

Free updates

Innova 3150f comes with a lifetime supply of free updates on the software. The benefit is that the tool is always updated with the most recent technology. So this renders the readings more accurate.

Advanced features

Innova 3150f has several advanced features. These make the tool more convenient even for professionals such as mechanics, saving money and time that could have been spent taking the car apart.

Reliable customer services

The Innova 3150f company has developed a dedicated team of customer care experts. They have an option of two languages, English and Spanish. The team is also fast and responsive, which is a quality that customers appreciate.

It is comprised of experts and technicians who work from Monday to Saturday, helping customers with potential problems.


Scanning error codes

FixAssist performs this exact function. It can read all of the potential codes, but the main codes that the software was designed to read are ABS and SRS codes. The device scans for the error and informs the driver of what the issue is.

Then, optionally, the driver may choose to clear these error codes so that the warning lights do not show.

FixAssist can read more codes than the ARS and SRS. Moreover, it can also read engine check codes and decipher the reason behind the engine warning light. This makes it useful for several codes.

Vehicle diagnostics

Innova 3150f can diagnose your vehicle and determine the parts that require attention. It can inform the owner of the exact reason for an SRS or an ABS warning light, which will help the owner and even the mechanic decide the best action to be taken in the circumstances.

The diagnostics help save you money and time that would have otherwise been spent opening up the vehicle. The device guides the mechanic to the exact cause of the fault.

These Innova 3150F diagnostics also help make sure you do not end up paying more for unexpected repairs. The tool will inform you which parts are likely to fail to help you plan your repairs budget beforehand.


The Innova 3150f is a device mainly for average car owners and DIY people. You may have difficulty understanding the product at first, but it works just fine and can easily accomplish all its tasks.

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