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ICarSoft MB II: Smart Diagnostic Tool for Mercedes Review

If you own a Mercedes Benz, it is important to have an iCarSoft MB II Smart Car Diagnostic Tool. In this review, we will take a look at the specifications, features, and compatibility of this Mercedes scan tool.

Let’s see the competition between iCarsoft MB II and its competitors below before you take any of them.

iCarsoft MBII vs. iCarsoft i908 vs. Launch Creader VII+ Comparison Chart

iCarSoft MB II
iCarSoft MB II
Check Price
iCarsoft I980
iCarsoft I980
Check Price
Launch Creader VII+
Launch X431 Creader VII+
Check Price
Customer Rating
4.34.3 / 5
4.24.2 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
PriceiCarSoft MB II priceiCarsoft I980 priceLaunch Creader VII+ price
Product Dimensions26" x 19" x 6.5"9.4" x 5.6" x 2.4"9.2" x 7.8" x 1.7"
Item Weight1.1lbs1.1lbs1.28lbs
ProsDiagnoses and resets fault codes for most Mercedes Benz systems including transmissions and Airbag.Can read and erase codes of engine, transmission, ABS, airbag, etc.Launch Creader VII+ can diagnose and clear the codes of the main system such as Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag on different car makes.
ConsIt is not compatible with old models of pre-1996;
Works only with models with a 38 pin connection.
Not work on some US market Mercedes Benz. (Should check compatibility before buying)May cumbersome to register.
Bottom LineiCarSoft MB II is the right scan tool for any Mercedes owners to read and diagnose all the fault codes.This scanner is ideal for troubleshooting issues on Mercedez Benz Vehicles.Launch Creader VII+ is excellent for DIYers and car enthusiasts.
iCarSoft MB II will read and clear all faults of vehicles from 1996-2002.
iCarSoft MB II scanner tool is an ideal quality tool for your Mercedes Benz.

iCarsoft MBII Overview

In the middle of your daily activities, your car can suddenly show the engine light on. It is important not to ignore the sign. That is where the iCarSoft MBII diagnostic tool comes in to help troubleshoot your Mercedes Benz problem.

Mercedes Benz is equipped with a state of art electronics and equipment and that is the reason they are sensitive. Your car could be operating just fine but that does not mean you should not get worried about the engine light on.

iCarSoft MB II is specifically made for Mercedes Benz. The device is important in covering a large number of Mercedes Benz models. The device is easy to use.

Reason? See below!!

iCarsoft MBII Detailed Review

iCarSoft MB II smart diagnostic tool
iCarSoft MB II for Mercedes Benz/Sprinter/Smart Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool
4.34.3 / 5
The iCarSoft MB II Scan Tool is an ideal quality tool for your Mercedes Benz. Not only will it make you stop the workshop visits but it is handy to use anywhere and at any time a fault arises.

Compatibility of iCarSoft MB II for Mercedes Scanner

The iCarSoft smart diagnostic scanner covers most models built after the year 2000 that don’t require the 38 pin connector.

Examples of car Mercedes Benz models compatible with this tool:

  • A Class: 168
  • C Class: W203
  • G-Class: 463 and 461
  • CL-Class: 216 and 215
  • B Class: 246
  • E Class: W211, W212, W207
  • CLK-Class W 209
  • GLK –Class: 204
  • CLS –Class: W218 and W219
  • GL Class: W 166 and W 164
  • M-Class: 164,163 and 166
  • SLK-Class 172 and 171
  • R-Class 251
  • S-Class 221 and 220

Car Brands

The tool is compatible with Mercedes Benz car brand.

The available languages in the tools are Portuguese, English, Spanish, Korean Germ, Dutch, French, and Russian.


iCarSoft MB II display is wide at 4.0 inches TFT LCD display with 480*320 screen display that is considerably wide for crispy clear viewing as you troubleshoot your car.

It enables you and the technicians to accurately diagnose Mercedes Benz problems.a


The tool delivers Mercedes Benz diagnosis with the new Bluetooth 4.0. This tool troubleshoots all your car faults with the help of the Bluetooth communication between the Data Link Connector and the phone terminals.

List of iCarSoft MB II features:

  • Resets the oil light, steering angle sensor, reset brake pad function, resets electronic transmissions control.
  • Features a 4.0 inches LCD display.
  • Does full ECU diagnosis.
  • Applies to the entire models of MB equipped with OBDII
  • Tests and monitors I/M readiness, performs EVAP system test and O2 sensors.
  • Reads data stream and clears codes of the many systems like the engine, ABS, transmission,  Airmatic, instrument cluster, airbag and Parktronic
  • Supports multiple languages like French, English, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Korean.
  • Receives software’s updates.

Functions of iCarSoft MB II Scan Tool

I/M Readiness

The I/M readiness will indicate whether various emissions related to the system on the Mercedes Bens are operating properly and if they are ready for maintenance testing and inspection.


Closes and opens the brakes pads, reads and clears SBC/ EPB trouble codes.


ICarSoft MBII can diagnoses the SRS system and ABS codes. It also reads and clears all the codes of SRS/ABS system and turns off the SRS/ABS warning lights.

Moreover, this scan tool also performs the bi-directional test like cycling the solenoids of ABS, retrieving it and ECU information.

Freeze Frame

When emission faults occur certain conditions of a vehicle gets recorded by your onboard vehicle computer. This recorded information is called freeze frame data.

It is the data of the snapshot of your vehicles operational condition at the time when the emission-related faults occur.

O2 Sensor tests

This tool option allows viewing and retrieval of O2 sensors for the recently performed tests on the vehicle from the onboard computer.

In other words, it is getting the freeze frame information and analyzing it.

On-Board Monitoring

This function is used to read the vehicles results from the onboard monitoring tests for the specific components or systems.

Evap System Tests

This function enables you to initiate a leak- test for the vehicle EVAP systems.

However, before you work on this test, refers to the manual of the vehicle repair and access the procedures that are essential to stop the tests.

Vehicle Information

This option displays your vehicles identification number (VIN) and the calibration verification numbers and any other information of the tests done on the vehicle.

Equipped Systems

The iCarSoft MB II is equipped with repair functions like:

  • Transmissions control unit
  • Headlights
  • Seat control modules
  • Door control units
  • Shifter module
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Airbag control unit
  • Anti-lock Brake systems
  • Tire pressure monitor and Airmatic suspension

More detailed information

The power is 9V-18V with a storage temperature of -20degrees-70 degrees. The operating current is 150Ma @ 12V with power consumption of 1.8W.

The product dimensions are 205mm*110mm*31mm weighing 350 g.

Package contents

TF card, USB cable, Nylon carrying case, TF card reader and user’s manual.


  • Advanced troubleshooting right at your hands. No need to visit the garage.
  • Displays actual sensors, the readiness of status and stream live data.
  • The tools show stored and current codes that are typically available to dealer’s scanner.
  • The tool is affordable.


  • Lacks programming capability
  • Does not reset service reminders on all the Mercedes models.
  • It is not compatible with old models of pre-1996. Works only with models with a 38 pin connection.
  • The tool does not store codes. The fault codes are viewable when the scanner gets connected to your vehicle. Ensure you write the fault codes before disconnecting the scanner


The question many Mercedes owners have is which is the best Mercedes scanner to buy.
First, the best scanner tool depends on your budget and your needs.

 If you are working on a tight budget and the only need is to troubleshoot your vehicle, then consider purchasing the iCarSoft MB II to read and diagnose all the fault codes.

It will read and clear all faults of vehicles from 1996-2002.

Check Price at Amazon

The Bottom Line

Overall, the iCarSoft MB II scanner tool is an ideal quality tool for your Mercedes Benz.

Not only will it make you stop the workshop visits but it is handy to use anywhere and at any time a fault arises. The tool allows you to access Engine controls, open and close brake pads and almost all the cars systems.

Ideally, this tool is a good investment for beginners, car enthusiast, and Mercedes Benz owners. When you purchase the iCarSoft MB II scanner tool, think of the endless trips it had replenished from now onwards.

More so, the tool is affordable and one diagnostic scan is equal to the price of the iCarSoft scanner tool. Therefore, do the math.

A short video about iCarSoft MB II for Mercedes Benz Professional Diagnostic Scan Tool.

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