U0107 – Lost Communication With Throttle Actuator Control Module


There’s no communication between the throttle actuator control (TAC) module and other control modules.

Main Symptoms:

One of the U0107 code's symptoms is the Check Engine Light
The Check Engine Light coming on might be an indicator of the U0107 trouble code
  • Check Engine Light comes on
  • Electronic throttle control light comes on or flashes
  • No throttle response

Possible Causes:

  • Open in CAN bus + or – circuit
  • Short to power or ground in either + or – CAN bus circuit
  • Defective TAC module (least likely)

Diagnostic Steps:

  • Using a bidirectional scan tool, control TAC module and see if it responds. If it doesn’t probe it further
  • If it responds then check all the wires, connectors and fuses that make the circuit
  • With key on engine off, check the voltage of CAN C+ and C-. If the readings don’t match manufacturer’s specs then the communication circuits are bad

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